Edeline Baker - Journeyman (Washed Out)


Doge Keeper
Minecraft name: Sizzix
Character name: Edeline Baker
Link to normal character profile: http://hollowworld.co.uk/threads/edeline-baker.38347/

Current Rank/Proficiency
Apprentice. (washed out)

Overall Rank: Journeyman (Washed out)

Spell Points: 50

Active Student: Yes

Active Teacher: No.

-Evelyn Veileth - Animancy

Protege(s): None.

-Overenthusiastic Empathy: Whenever the bearer of this knack casts an Induction, they must roll against the same DC as their target or suffer the same effect.

Sustained Effects:
- Perceptive to the emotional state of others.

Current Magical Status:
-Washed out

Known spells

Successful Casts: 6
Failed Casts: 2


-Fetish: Malaprop; Shadow:
Successful Casts: 1
Failed Casts: 0

-Fetish: Ward; Fire:
Successful Casts: 3
Failed Casts: 3

-Fetish: Malaprop; Stone:
Successful Casts: 2
Failed Casts: 3

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