Finished [Feb 22] The Wall


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If there's a slot open
Ign: alduindie
Character Name: Ramiel
Organization or Allegiance: House Silveira
Inventory & Attire: armor, mace, heater shield, crossbow


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Are other people who aren't on the list allowed to attend?
I'd like to keep the number of people to handle to 6 for now- If someone can't make it, we'll up the queue for more to attend. (I'll make an exception for Ruu to be 7 as she's part of Linlea's citizens)


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+Lavendula @Cukie1
+Jonathan @BoredBrit
+Salazar @Azur
+Leofaren @Shankster
+Ayda @Ayda
+Podric @Luam
Brit seems to be out-

Tentative if others don't make it:
+Ajax @Cymic_
+Kethron @Heie
+Ramiel @Lavilethorn
I may stick to 6 people still. If someone shows up in the middle of it, I do not mind. I'd still like to keep it simple and may do more in the future if people are eager. Sorry and thanks for everyone's interest in this


Lord of Altera
For ig before I forget very quickly
Ign: Venterain
Character Name: Niluith
Organization or Allegiance: Uh Ministry of the Grey Lady
Inventory & Attire:
- bandages
- basic aid kit ( thread, needle, bottle of rum, not overly decked but it’s something )
- waterskin
- stiletto
- neat hat
- pouch of 20 radiants exactly
- a small silver pendant of the GL’s scales around her neck, not important but it’s there me lads


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It completes! I hope everyone had fun.
Thanks for coming Ayda Cukie1 Azur Luam Shankster Ruu Lavilethorn
And the report taker now soaked Estes241

Please let me know how I did with some critique. I am doing another event (more different themed) later on, and want to know what I should be working on.

For those curious- here is a rough draft of how I planned this one in written form. Not all of this made it in action and everything else was improvised!


*A server approaches the group during the evening, wearing a leather chest piece, a teal cloak and grey robes. His arms and knees line with iron pouldrons and kneecaps. He raises his hand, an ivory horn tucked under the other. Lines wisen around his mouth and under his eyes, his dark hair cut short and precise. “Mok. .. and Kreesh’mok.” He proceeds to explain their duties, as average job as any. That they’re there to protect the wall, that there is expectation of doing their job well, albeit without much strain. The lands aren’t as in a dangerous situation at this time. He’ll end with a light tilt of his head, mentioning that the party is to split into two groups of three and that they may decide amongst themselves which group will take first watch and whom the second. He plans to return during watch shift. The moor turns, trudging his way back towards the Citadel, leaving the group .. to the wall.

[Characters split into two temporary groups. 3v3.]

*Night falls as the air cools. Fog fumes around the corners of the Ashlands as the first watch lights blazers in the corners to view the landscape. The hiring guards today have been ordered to work on shifts. Three per shift. It’s expected that they take care of their own supplies, behave amongst each other and keep an eye on the horizon of the Ashlands. The wall itself is not too largely spanning - as it faces the only part of the Ashlands that Linlea connects with. The rest of the landscape is shielded by salt water and large mountain ridges covered in obsidian and gravel. Those taking the first watch walk along the tops of the wall and the others rest within the guard tower, playing cards, napping in chairs or otherwise brooding.*

Rp comenses. Ask for Perception rolls.

1st watch - DC 17 - *A dark shadow shifts among the fog, making its way across the farthest ridges of the Ashlands. From the vantage point of the first-watchers, they’re able to see its approach when the fog manages to thin around it.. It disappears once more as the fog thickens.*

>Combat commences if alarms are raised. Allow characters to emote positions. However long they prepare, the creature makes is advance quietly until someone emotes they’re watch for it. Skip to combat descriptions.

Else - *The air continues run between cool breezes and humid stillness from the volcanoes heat. A seagull caws from its perch by one of ridges, however- it is much quieter in this side of the bay. The Citadel’s looming presence tends to silence most sounds, muffling it against its stone walls and towers.*

If 1st watch didn’t get it- do 2nd watch. Creature/s advances.

Switch - *Time embs on as the moon finds itself at the height of its position above. Moonlight reflects down as a small bone-colored horn blows as the server returns. “Watch shift!”- He’d call out. This seems to be the expected shift as first watch makes to take a rest down below the tower, while second watch hikes up their helms or respective belongings and heads out.*

Creature had advanced during the shift. RP comenses. Ask for Perception rolls.

2nd watch - DC 13 - *A dark shape looms ever closer to the gate, crawling up its side. Eyes manage to spot it as the fog thins just for a moment, reflecting beady eyes back to the watcher. It hulks forwards with a soft screech and emits sounds of rapid padding against the stone.*

Else - *The night looms ever onwards, showing nothing amiss at this night. No shadows seem to loom, besides the dancing of the torchlight.*

Ambush - Fail DC’s on perception - *Thunk! The closes figure to the corner of the wall finds themselves face to face with a dark, hulking creature. Its thin, short-fur legs wrap itself around them.*

Combat Description -

*The fog thins to reveal the nature of what the guards face. It stands at twice the bulk of an average human. Eight black, short haired-furred legs support its height. Beady eyes glistening in the torch light. A trail of silver webs and dust coat its skin. It screeches in the direction of the wall, making its quick advance up and over, towards the light.. And a meal.*

(if player kill it too quickly: A brother of the first finds its way not far behind.)

Actions -
Bite - If successful into flesh, allow constitution checks against being poisoned.
Grab-Grapple/Web-spurt. Allow strength to resist.
If grappled - spin into web cocoon

Loot - One (or Two) Spider Carcasses; Short haired fur.

Rp comenses. Allow some investigation to occur.

Wrap up - *Seagulls caw once more as the skies lighten from the rain. Two giant spider carcass’s remain, stench protruding into the air around it. Dark blood oozes around a pool below. One leg continues to twitch in muscle repetition. The server approaches now, to relieve the guards from their shift.. And to his astonishment, he finds the current scene we find ourselves in..*