Hollow World Podcast!

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That's right folks it's coming! Myself and Fitz will be hosting this every week in order to keep the people of Altera in the know how.

Hopefully a new episode up every Friday, each themed and catering to a different point. The largest part so far though is the community interaction we will be having to get on a one to one scale with our players and help them feel right at home.


*Player answered questions
*Player of the week announcements
*What's going on in the RP background
*Featured towns (voted for)
*RP themes
*Admin banter (What's going on in the background)
*Guest speaker speakers from the player base

Much more to come as this develops so keep an ear out and remember to keep supporting your server!

(First mock episode will hopefully be this week)


Lord of Altera
For anyone who isn't on Teamspeak frequently or doesn't know half the stuff that gets talked about, you'll not want to miss this for two reasons.

1. It'll actually be very very helpful and useful for new players and oldbies alike to get to grips with our server and whats going on around the place.

2. It'll be hilarious. Honest.


<3 Hollow World
Have a listen to GamerDork UK - they are on iTunes, use to listen to them a lot, that format works brilliantly. Structured but utterly chaotic at the same time :p


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I would love to be a guest speaker, although i could only talk, as i dont have any video recording devices.


<3 Hollow World
Scoobys player of the week should be a guest :p

Oh and obligitory one of you has to scream like a girl occassionally, just like Yogcast.. Oh Alpha is in it.. that problem is solved then ;)
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