Jaspers Doodles, and free sketches.


I think I might like it here
Hello Everyone! I'm sort of new to the server/forums. I thought a great way to introduce myself would be to present my sketches, and maybe meet other artists here.
Now that my application has been accepted, I decided to make a new skin based on my RP character, Jasper. Then I sort of doodled her. xD I see you guys can sell art here, not sure if anyone really buys. But a price check would be wicked! I'll also take some requests if anyone wants art of their Hollowworld RP characters! Thanks so much for your time!

A free doodle of Bewpys' Nimue!

A doodle of abbeyvies' Abbey!

itzzaboys' Itzza :D! Clearly I am Merfolk biased LOL

Gibbles98s' Lynexa

Bluebird157s' Sirena. She was the last mermaid here, so I figure why not finish the crew?

Valcusts' Sajek, I really tried to make a cat person, I really did x'D


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It'd be cool if you could sketch my avatar for a pic, I'll pay you around 1000 rads. Just some info for the sketch if it happens, make him drunk and holding a bottle of wine or some alcohol. Also, the necklace should have a sword hanging down instead of a gem. He's also angry and exhausted most of the time due to working in mines and living in a temple filled with lava. Ooo and white gloves and black boots too :p

Trouble Kelp

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Amazing! You're going to be a huge star on this forum, I can tell you already....I'd love a sketch of my character! My RP profile link is in my signature, feel free to express your artistic desires and draw Corvus any way you want to. As for a position...maybe he could be looking outwards over a hand of cards with an eyebrow raised suggestively.
EDIT: Oh, and as for payment, I can offer you 500 rads....Im trying to start a town right now and am tight in the monetary department.


I think I might like it here
xD Haha! I hope you guys don't mind if I choose randomly! I really love the mermaids here! I was day dreaming about one earlier and I was really pleasantly surprised that I got requests to draw some!

@mcellgan, thanks so much! Not really selling, just looking for price checks haha! But thanks for the interest!

@floopguy10, Ah!! He looks really awesome :U! Might sketch him out later on.

@Trouble Kelp, Do you have an image of your character? (sorry for not doing the reply thing, not quite sure of how to do it Dx)

@VideEvangelist, XD haha, it'll be difficult for me to do yours. I'm not really sure what sort of skin that is. What is he suppose to be, besides being human lol.

@abbeyvie, I'll be probably draw her, since I'm in a mermaid mood :D!


I think I might like it here
can i show you mine.... im not real good with computer drawings and stuff but i do like to hand draw stuff.... i know im a guy but i like to draw girls .... >.> weird i know .... im not the best but i hope you like mui.jpg


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I've been looking for someone to draw a Nakat for a while now, and your drawings look amazing!
I would be so amazingly ecstatic if you could draw one of them :3
Here're a few of them!
Sajek Alkam :3 (Male) -Reserved -Polite -Social

Eminu Marnxa :3 (Female) -Bissfully oblivious -Kind -Distractable
*also has deep scars on her shoulders, uncovered by fur or clothing

They are an ocelot (cat) based species and such, with tails, ears, whiskers and all :3
I'd love if you could sketch them ^w^


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Oh my! Your sketches are amazing! Since I'm new to the server I only have 1000 rads but if you need more I am more than happy to earn it and pay it to you, name the price I guess? Can I please have him wearing black and red with dark brown hair, coincidentally enough I'm aiming for something similar to my profile picture. Also for a position can I have him slightly holding one side of his hood (standing up) and you can see his two blue eyes glowing (also can I have a slight shadow over his face from the hood to make the eyes glowing stand out?) if this is two hard you can do whatever you think will look best (you're the expert after all). Also if you can, can he please be wearing a glowing purple gem necklace (or ring). If you can do this, I'll pay whatever >.<!



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I don't normally respond to art threads asking for a drawing of my character, but for this thread I make an exception, because my god these things are amazing...
If you would be so kind as to make a drawing of my character I'd be extremely happy.

My character is a human, he is also the leader of a cult to Kilrox, and enjoys killing things with an axe.
Therefor I ask you if it'd be possible to draw him with an axe, possibly bloodied.

skin mc.jpg

And even if you don't like to draw my character, please draw others' because they're absolutely beautiful so far.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: quick linky to Character Profile in case you want to take any inspiration from that: http://hollowworld.co.uk/index.php?threads/markisbeests-character-profile.11552/


I think I might like it here
Would you please sketch me? Click "Abbey's Tail" for the look, or just look at my avatar. Thanks :)
xD here's a bigger version of Abbey!

@Aman1211, That looks adorable! Reminds me of a manga I once read! Keep drawing :D! and thanks so much for sharing with me :'D

@bewpy, So glad you like it xD! I love mermaids! Haha and your doodle is hilarious. I use to troll my friends by intentionally making stick figures for them.

@Valcust, :U! No one has ever asked me to draw an animal/human before. I don't really know if I can do it.lol

@TheBlur27, Thank you so much! Not really doing it for rads at the moment xD. Just randomly selecting people.

@Markisbeest, D'oh, thanks! To me they are just quick doodles. I'm much harder on myself with my real art.
I'm picking randomly though, lol.


I think I might like it here
My gosh this is really beautiful, do you have anywhere else you post your art to? I'd love to browse :3
I wish there was an emoticon that could express how beautiful I think these pictures are. It's nice to see you doing some pictures for others too :D they look wonderful.