Upcoming [July 18th] Setting Sail



The time has come. Anhald sails, with or without the rest of the Northern Kingdoms.

Should new lands be found, der Kaiserreich will return to bring as many that still live over.

God With Us.


If you're coming with us, arrange with me ahead of time, IC or OOC.

Date: July 18th
Time: 4pm EST
Where: The fleet meets at Queensport and may stop at Heaven's Reach, I have to talk to my dude Axex.

I know it's a weird day, but if you miss the first or second events or know you will ahead of time hit me up and I'll work something out with you. This event chain is completely open to non-Anhald factions.​

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Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera
yeah we can RP tomorrow i'll hit you up on skype when i want to
aight hit me up with EST k

(I can do it right now but my men are less then I like, I'll see about further recruiting, thank you, if you'd like to right now I'll be on)


Lord of Altera
I love how though I'm only working two hours they are from 3 PM to 5 PM that day