Finished [March 25] Linlea's Market Festival

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Linlea's Market Festival

An invitation goes out to individuals or trade affiliates of Linlea and their people:

Olive Smurf
Linlean Citizens
Arget Isles Lady Alec Immerael
Astrum Isles Icanra oveny
Kharuz-Korog Piratep00f I am Wake (Though I oocly know Gromm's not being played again-)
Council of Blessed StarWillow2000 Jazzper Cymic_ godfather1
Natri'Evar Cukie1
Crow's Perch Niko

You are hereby invited to attend an Open Market Festival in the waters of Linlea. Despite worries of undeath and plague at the borders of our lands, it does not mean we should not enjoy some moments of our lives.

The following are our Main Hosted Activities

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[Noon PST]

The Auction: Enter an item/s to auction for the audience. Schedule ahead of time. (Send solusrequiem a convo with deets). The items will be held in the castle vault until the time of auction, or if the entrant wishes- they can bring it themselves. The announcer will allow guests to bid and the highest bidder will win. 90% of coin will go to the entrant and 10% to the host.
+Currently 3 Items up for Queue

[12:30 pm PST]

Canoe Race: Two (or one) festival goers per canoe will be able to enter the race. They must row around a sailing course around Linlea and compete against other entrants. First ones back will win prize money.

1st place: 2k each
2nd place: 1k each
3rd place: 500r each

The number of races will depend on crowd interest.. (And my willful bank)

Course Hard:

Course Easy:

[1pm PST]

Bonfire: Once the races are over, a single raft of wood will be tied to the middle of the market bay. It will be lit to fire near sunset to burn for the rest of the eve as the crowd will undoubtedly settle. Meats and drinks will be sold to enjoy the moment.

The host will explain some symbolic meanings intended for the bonfire; religious to the Lady..

There will be stalls open throughout the festivities.

Floating Markets {On boats/Red}
+A | Lemon Fruit Stall
+B |
+C | Cooked Fish
+D | Southern Dyes
+E | Ting'ze'ma'senta Wunof'evar {Silver Serpent Winery} ShaolinPunk
+F | The Gravekeeper's Wares
+G |

Stalls {On land/Green}
+A | Sweets & Tea
+B | There was no B stall...
+C | Tankards & Mead
+D |

Those who wish to sell goods from their lands may set up their stalls ahead of time. (This is mostly an rp market, but ooc is fine, too- for flavor)

Those who come with chaos, disorder and plague will be met with justly.
Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek

OOC: I wrote a strange explanation paragraph, but no one needs to read that. Core reason for this is I just wanted a boat race... Estes241
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I am Wake

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Aye.. It's unfortunate that Gromm will have passed long before this. It seemed like an event he would've greatly enjoyed :(

I hope you folks have fun ^_^


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solus is literally scrooge mcduck
I could have a betting pool be prize money, too.

Aye.. It's unfortunate that Gromm will have passed long before this. It seemed like an event he would've greatly enjoyed :(

I hope you folks have fun ^_^
That's all fine- thanks!


This is an open festival by the way- so if news gets out, I figure more folks can attend that weren't named- 3 weeks away, too. Just attempting to manage a little of who comes at first so no fights break out like Storm's Landing tends to when it's free for all. Can't manage moderating if that happens, yes


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|Oh awesome! I hope I can make it, got something during the day but perhaps I got the time in the night! Dunno why I didn't get an alert to that tag :eek:
It's Kharuz-Korum :)


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Estes and I've been working on the markets~ I plan to start adding in goods and chests to some free stalls. If anyone's interested in setting something up, feel free to contact us and I'll aid in setting things up even for rp or ooc, or both. Race course is still being decided on and I'll be plucking some Linlean stuff for the Auction if we don't get anyone entering in.


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Last call on having stalls or auction items is tomorrow! I've posted Course Hard and Easy and will mark with red/blue banners respectively for those in the races. I'll explain rules on the races in-game. (ie, will possibly have people go around course 2-3 times, depending on crowd.) Auction items I'm up to 3 for now, but always interested in more entries.


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It's still going to happen... I think 5ish hours? I might be wrong with the time... but it hasn't happened yet, so some point today.