New items available!


El programming zorro
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Some new items are being introduced on Altera!

Giving you all the details would strip all the fun, so we count on you to discover how to obtain them!

To make sure that you'll know when you find one, here's an information of importance: these items are not ordinary Minecraft blocks, they are custom heads :)

Some of them are craftable (with recipes that make sense!), some are sometimes dropped while breaking blocks or killing mobs... Let us know your findings! :D

Here is the complete list of new items:
Update n°1:
- a clock
- a lit lantern
- an unlit lantern
- an aquarium
- 2 different types of cannonballs
- a firecharge
- a stack of torches
- a crate
- a skull
- a green ore
- a cactus


Update n°2:
- some bread
- some cheese
- a cake
- a cup of milk
- a chocolat muffin
- a muffin
- a plate of cookies
- a cup of hot chocolate
- a cup of tea
- a baked potato
- a beer
- a ham
- a mushroom stew bowl
- a sweet roll
- a red bowl of noodles
- a blue bowl of noodles
- a chicken sandwich
- some chocolate
- a honey pot
- an apple pie

Update n°3:
- a beehive
- a pine cone
- a tortoise
- a bird
- a seagull
- a pig (head)
- a cow (head)


Update n°4:
- a potted plant
- a potted rose
- a potted salvia
- a potted daffodil
- a potted camelia
- a potted azalea
- a bookcase
- a bookshelf
- a pile of books
- a second pile of books
- a pile of old books
- a cabinet
- a candle
- an unlit candle
- a red candle
- an unlit red candle
- a red paper lantern
- a white vase
- a brown vase
- a pink vase
- a blue vase
- a decorated vase
- a game of chess


Update n°5:
- a crab
- a spider
- a bird
- an owl
- a parrot
- a frog
- a tortoise
- a skull
- a decorated vase
- a blue bird


Update n°6:
- a potted orchid
- a wooden decorated lantern
- a basket
- a crate
- a drum
- a paper wrapped package
- an old clock
- an iron lantern
- a red iron lantern
- 2 types of apiaries
- a red chest
- a jewel box
- and BrianAT16 's Pot of Soup! (winner of the July's Custom items contest!)


Update n°7:
- an egg
- a cracked egg
- a crab
- a penguin (just for you, Paint:D )
- a scorpion
- a fox
- a grey parrot
- a toad
- a sloth (removed)
- a black vase
- a green medical box
- a purple medical box
- a whetstone
- a bag of radiants
- an empty brown vase
- a brown vase filled with water
- 5 types of decorated pumpkins

Update n°8:
- red apple: unripe | ripe | rotten
- green apple: unripe | ripe | rotten
- coconut: unripe | ripe | rotten
- lemon: unripe | ripe | rotten
- plum: unripe | ripe | rotten
- orange: unripe | ripe | rotten

- peach: unripe | ripe | rotten
- strawberry: unripe | ripe | rotten
- tomatoe: unripe | ripe | rotten
- lettuce: unripe | ripe | rotten
- purple grape:unripe | ripe | rotten
- red grape: unripe | ripe | rotten

- a cabbage
- a melon
- a pumpkin

Update n°9:
- a goat
- a cotton
- a cantaloupe
- a beetroot
- an ink vial
- a stool
- a rope
- a pile of bright clothes
- a pile of dark clothes
- a pile of dull pants
- a haybale
- a backpack
- a green backpack
- a white backpack
- a cactus in a basket

Update n°10:
- a brown owl
- a dark owl
- a raven
- a light egg
- an empty jar
- a jar of fireflies
- a sack of saffron
- a chalice with blue gem
- a blue feathered helmet
- a silver helmet
- a poisoned cauldron

New items will appear at regular intervals, so keep an eye out!

And to reward you of your patience and to fuel your research fever, here's a totally legit Doge altar :)

(nobody said that it will be available on the server... :p)
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El programming zorro
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Update n°11:
- a crystal ball
- a grey mouse
- a magenta teacup
- a purple teacup
- an orange teacup
- a jar of jelly
- a chopped spruce wood
- a cut spruce wood
- a chopped oak wood
- a cut oak wood
- a chopped darkwood (Removed)
- a cut darkwood
- a clamchowder bowl
- a red chalice
- a cyan drum
- a red drum

Update n°12:
- a redstone pot
- a strawberry cake
- a blueberry cake
- a pumpkin muffin (dubbed puffin)
- a pumpkin pie
- a cyan clay cup
- a purple clay cup
- a music box
- a black dice
- a red dice
- a white dice
- a diamond chalice
- a wine goblet
- an axe on a stump

Update n°13:
- a black spool of yarn
- a grey spool of yarn
- a light grey spool of yarn
- a white spool of yarn
- a brown spool of yarn
- a red spool of yarn
- an orange spool of yarn
- a gold spool of yarn
- a yellow spool of yarn
- a lime spool of yarn
- a green spool of yarn
- a cyan spool of yarn
- a light blue spool of yarn
- a blue spool of yarn
- a purple spool of yarn
- a magenta spool of yarn

Update n°14:
- a blood phial
- a heart in a jar
- a brain in a jar
- a chalice of absinthe
- red azaleas
- a jack'o'lantern
- a pumpkin
- a skull mask
- an inkwell

Update n°15:
- a hedgehog

- a potion of poison - I realized we already have a green bottle. So I renamed it to poison and changed it's core ingredient. Previous was a green dye.
- an empty tankard
- a tankard of mead
- a tankard of rum
- a tankard of cider
- an encased unlit lantern
- an encased lantern
- a quartz pot of daisies
- a quartz pot of tulips
- a quartz pot of roses
- a heart cake
- a white teddy bear
- a brown teddy bear
- a quartz column
- a quartz chiseled

- a pink healing potion

Update n°16:
- a turtle shell
- a yellow chicken
- a white chicken
- a brown chicken
- a ball of stone rock
- a chiseled block
- a cobblestone block
- a mossy cobblestone block
- a stonebrick block


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Lady Alec

Captain No Fun
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So I exciting! Question though how does one know how to craft them or where to get them?


El programming zorro
Retired Staff
So I exciting! Question though how does one know how to craft them or where to get them?
Some items recipes (at least 2 so far) have already been found, so you can ask around...
Or you can experiment by yourself! As stated, the recipes try to stay logical and make sense regarding the result of the crafting... So experiment stuff! :)
Don't expect it to be too easy though, it's kinda like the very early days of Minecraft, people had to search and try things to discover the recipes :D

And if you find a recipe, try not to post it everywhere, try not to spoil the fun for everybody else right away! :p


El programming zorro
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Just found out that people not added to a region can break these heads.
Mmmmh that is an issue with Worldguard. Might be interesting to investigate. Nothing we can do for now, but if you want to be sure just put the skulls somewhere in an enclosed space, where people have to go through a door to access it. That way we'll know if something happen and we can trace it.


El programming zorro
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A new batch of items is in preparation... Be ready to get them in a few days! (by the end of the week, most probably!)

In the meantime... how many recipes did you find? 3, 4? Only? Come on, you can do better than that :p
I'm gonna have to help you a little bit on that! :D


Lord of Altera
Crate, clock, cactus and bundle of torches c,:

I didn't make that suggestion thread to be left in wonde- well I did lmao this is amazing Tibs! :heart:


Lord of Altera
Through the combined efforts of a few people an a trade of knowledge here and there, the following were found (At least to what I know)

- a clock
- 2 different types of cannonballs
- a firecharge (is a drop)
- a stack of torches
- a crate
- a skull (is a drop)
- a cactus (is a drop)

Then the remaining ones we weren't able to figure out is-
- a lit lantern
- an unlit lantern
- an aquarium
- a green ore

Have tried so many for the aquarium and lantern I have no idea what those could be.