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Finished [October 24th] The Manifesto

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How much work does "pick somebody that runs events actively in the community and announce they're the new event lead" take? There are plenty.

Edit: The position does not need to be restricted to somebody everyone will support, nor does it need to be restricted to someone that all of staff backs. Both won't happen. And arguably, the position doesn't require a staff rank or staff permissions to operate within.
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And it'll be finals when Lannis still hasn't done anything by May. I'm not expecting anyone to bust ass on Christmas but there's been no answers for six months but failed promises.
Don't forget about Spring Break and a few other months.


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We're working on it. Now I'd like to have a break on a major holiday like everyone else.
It's totally not like anyone has ever said that "We're working on it" is a half-arsed and insufficient answer when dealing with something as important as this, right? I get it's the holidays, and it's a valid excuse, but nothing has happened for months, and hearing "We're working on it" becomes an invalid excuse after all this time. And is it being worked on? We're being told it is, but we're seeing no progress, nothing has actually gotten done but we get the same answer. And I know this is an extremely salty post, but I think the player-base has the right to get annoyed over something that looks to just be getting side-lined but are being told it isn't.


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Folks, You get a half assed response when you bump a thread months old to troll when I'm on my way out. I've given full answers. We're working on it, but not on a holiday. So please c h i l l
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