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"At the end of the day, the pawn and the king go into the same box. It's up to you what you decide to sacrifice."


Members of House Hansdotter are required to follow the Vermellian Code, as well as a partial blend of Objectivist laws. The Objectivist laws, in a nutshell, say that individuals should treat each other as traders, looking for the mutual benefit of both parties. An individual's happiness is their highest moral purpose and life, and as such, they should not sacrifice themselves to others, nor sacrifice others unto themselves. An individual's only right is the right whether or not to have the will to think rationally, as it is the only right that cannot be taken away from them. It is from this, that a person's rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are derived, for without the will to think rationally, one cannot expect to achieve and hold the derivative rights.

As such, bloodshed, thievery, and parasitism are not only frowned upon, but are illegal. No man or woman can rise above these laws in this house, except in the way outlined in the Vermellian Code.

  1. One shall not intentionally cause bloodshed except in cases of self-defense or survival.
  2. Only Elfa and Therry Hansdotter are permitted to bring persons into Falandraal.
  3. All weapons must remain sheathed or out of sight and may only be used in accordance with the first law.
  4. You must not speak of Falandraal's location.
  5. You must not link any person to having residence in Falandraal.
  6. You must respect the rights of life, property, privacy, and independence of all persons in Falandraal, foreign or domestic.
  7. All persons are allowed to speak their mind in Falandraal without fear of censorship or persecution, except in cases of plotting insurrection or excessive language.
  8. Persons who are not residents of Falandraal will be denied access except by order of Elfa or Therry Hansdotter.
  9. No person will be denied access to leave Falandraal except in cases outlined in the tenth law.
  10. All persons, foreign and domestic, will be protected from any form of cruel and unusual punishment. There will be no forms of torture, physically or mentally. Persons placed under house arrest will be denied permission to leave Falandraal for the duration of their sentence.
  11. Laws may be added to this document after this law, beginning with A1 for addendum 1. The council, comprised of the Housekeeper, Count or Countess, and their advisers and/or spouses, will partake in a vote to consider the law. If the vote is in affirmation for consideration, the bill will be presented to the citizens of Falandraal for voting. If the vote is in affirmation for becoming a law, the bill will be presented to the Count or Countess for signature.
A1. In the case of a tie vote in council, a random citizen (as selected by lottery) will be chosen to act as a tie breaker. In case of a tie vote among the citizens, the Count or Countess shall have the tie-breaking vote.

A2. Punishment for crimes will be decided by the Council, and innocence or guilt will be decided by the citizens. Foreigners will not be allowed to partake in the proceedings. Irregardless of the crime committed, or the innocence or guilt of the person or persons involved, all persons involved will be placed under house arrest until such a time when a trial can be held. The Council shall not delay more than one ((OOC)) day to hold a trial.​


The House of Hansdotter was formally founded in the city of Falandraal, and that's where its holding is. If one wishes to join the house in any capacity, address a letter to Elfa Hansdotter with the destination in Falandraal, and you will receive a return letter.

The location of Falandraal is, and must, maintain as a well guarded secret, due to the nature of its creation. Here, people who are required to flee for whatever reason may find solace.

While we do care about a person's past, it is not taken into account when they are sheltered here. Instead, we look only at one thing: If they are willing to follow the Vermellian Code and the laws of House Hansdotter, then they will be welcome, and they will be shielded.

House Hansdotter has also recently assisted in the recovery of Zima'Maloj. If you require refuge, then travel to Zima'Maloj and speak to Nireth Alec (@Lady Alec) or any person managing Zima'Maloj.


Please note, this is NOT a list of the people living in Falandraal. You will not find a list of such nature anywhere, either ICly or OOCly, as one does not exist. This is, instead, a list of people who are members of House Hansdotter and their ranks.

@Hogo-Sha Kitsune -- Elfa Hansdotter. Founder, Countess.
@Exclaimer -- Therry. Co-Founder, Countess.
@gaby -- Salheira Rain-River. Housekeeper
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Lord of Altera
As such, bloodshed, thievery, and parasitism are not only frowned upon, but are illegal. No man or woman can rise above these laws in this house, except in the way outlined in the Vermellian Code.
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