Active Ranger: Joseph Vaylen



Essential Information:

Current Status: Thoughtful and untouched

⊲Full Name: Joseph Van Vaylen
Nickname(s): Joe, Boy, Forever-Apprentice (Self
, but no longer in use)
-’The Ranger’, Knighthood title given by Count Varyn. Not used in occasional introductions.

Age: Looks to have just surpassed his teenage years
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Relationship: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6’3
Weight: 186 lbs.
Date of Birth: He does not know the exact day but knows that once Spring has passed that he ages one year.
Date of Death: ---
Current Home: Wherever Jaden leads him
but considers it to be mainly Theola.

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(for now, these short relations will be a quick fix)
Considered Family (Or Close peeps, y'know):
(For the sake of me not typing it out 50 times, whoever is in here, Joseph would gladly risk his life for them.)

Jaden: This man is considered not only his commanding officer in his eyes but a Father, Jaden has inspired more change in Joseph than any other, changing many of his wonts and doings for the better. Now that he holds the silver around his neck, he couldn't be gladder four long years passed under his instruction.
Raalvara: Oft she gets into conundrums, that of which he gets concerned of but finds himself involving himself little or mayhaps betraying words of promises. For this, he chides himself greatly and ponders when he'll be able to show that the great siblinghood between them means a lot to him.
Glynn: The Glynnkeep has returned, but now with an illness unknown to him, he would be concerned if he weren't in the hands of Ater and Gilligan. One of the other humorous outlets within the Rangers, and someone who carries advice that should be taken.
Ater: Ater is often one he can turn to for mutually assured humor, a trait that has helped move along this apprentice in transitions of his life in the Rangers. Though it likely may not be shown or told, Ater is an outlet he uses for humor or more childlike endeavors.
Eltsir: Lost and a Wanderer, Uncle
Ayda: Another fellow Eviscist, a budding one at that, he wishes silently good fortune for her well-being and precaution for the magic she'll delve in to.
Podric: Joseph would rather have the wont to die before ever seeing the Zealot's death, the only remaining person he sees often from his blissful and terrible youth. More than camaraderie has formed over the years, a brotherhood.
Otto: From a young boy to a lord, the change within his life is ever fascinating, and Joe can only hope it changes for the better.
Falken: Inspiration, Brother


Melarue: Intelligent, Lively
Gael Von Dugald: One of many he can trust to do the right thing, though he is conflicted by recent terms of protecting Oskar, he will continue to be with Gael's presence for once the fiasco is overlooked, he sees the man who guided him through his Arcane pursuits.
Tourmaline: Joseph gets very nostalgic in her presence, unsure
Guinevere: While she cannot amble through Linlea with ease, Joseph has quickly grown back to respecting the woman. He has missed the Elf and their peculiar humor.


Cymic Seymour: There is no mutual friendship between The Grape King and the Recruit, but still, he sees Cymic as an estranged old friend. This man was the first one outside of Amalfia and Akerland that he had met, and the first man who gave him so leeway into the world of combat. Some of his fondest memories lay inside his head of the warm vast hearth inside Halbed's tavern. Due to their estrangement, he often wonders, when deep in thought of the many people that have affected him, how the Elf has changed.
Callisto: Comaderie, Growth
Leofaren: Ambitious, Studious


Charles: Stoic, Royalty (If Royalty could possibly describe such a man)
Elizabeth: Friendly, Determined
Juniper: Forester
Kopii: Formist, Physician
Ariane: One peculiar Formist, one trying to pursue their arcane route to the fullest. Joseph often feels estranged to the short Elf but is glad whenever they briefly connect over short intervals.


Asero: Pushing, Socially Incompetent

Unsure of:

James Varyn: Always he can rely on the Count getting tangled within the recent bit of dramatics, but often it is not his choice. Still, James seems to endure for his betrothed, for this there is respect.
Olive: Hysterical, Distraught
Laisa Dawnriver: Gone, Unrequited

Wary of:

Iskvandar/Nameless Moor: Solemn, Unfriendishly Polite




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Overall: 47 1/4"
Blade Length: 36"
Handle Length: 9"
Weight: 2lb 13oz
Point of Balance: 5"
Blade Steel: 5160

Longsword Oakeshott Subtype XVIla

Norvagen Bastardsword: Will do later
Overall Length: 45 5/8'' Blade: 33 5/8''
Weight: 3 lb 1.4 oz
P.O.B.: 2 3/8''
Thickness: 4.7 mm - 2.7 mm
Width: 45.2 mm
Grip Length: 7 1/4''
Pommel: Nut

Claymore: ^ same

Baselard Dagger:
37,6 cm – overall length (Foot and 3 inches)
25,3 cm – blade length (10 Inches)
3,9 cm5 – blade width at the guard (1.54 inches)
Sharp edge
Weight of the baselard is approx. 310 g (0.68 Pounds or 10.93 Ounces.)

Hunting Knife: Will, once again, do later.

Simple Knife:
6 inch long blade, resin soaked jute twine handle.

110 Lbs. Draw Weight Longbow

125 Draw Weight Crossbow

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Why do you have so much art of your character :(
I am jealous
i see a commission request and then i fill it out and forget all about it and then i'm surprised when I receive art, either that or Kamaoe is like,"Lol- I'll draw that."

and most of these are just surprises instead of commissions.
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I see a commission request and then I fill it out and forget all about it and then I'm surprised when I receive art, either that or Kamaoe is like,"Lol- I'll draw that."

Oh yeah- and like. . most of these are just surprises instead of commissions.
No one surprises me with art ;( Guess I'm the outcast uncle