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What just happened? Are the gods corrupted?

Also when I got out away from Fury, did I help slay ashen? I did shoot damped arrows and shoved ice and snow onto the thing..
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Chapter Three was brilliant. Was by far my favorite. I was frustrated at everyone trying to kill everyone else in the Madman's Gambit, but super proud of those still on the surface for saving Shoreless!

I loved that the groups didn't feel too large, but were still large enough to have some interesting dynamics. AND I was pleased that it felt like everyone made a differencen. I also loved the super dramatic finale. Bravo everyone. Bravo.

Also, jeebus, Sally!


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I wanted to write a review while it was still fresh in my mind!

The start was subtle and good. The small distraction (Fury), Started 20-30 minutes before the actual event. And well enough, those of us who came early were rewarded with knowing a few things before hand so that we weren't confused too much during the actual event.
Then came in the Fire Elemental ((shh forgive me for forgetting Arshen? Ashen?)) who came in a few minutes before it started to rile us up with some rp putting out fires. (dem buckets). And then the start came in, throwing us off by claiming there was no "Canyon" Elemental. Who then came in when Shoreless wasn't there. Good job. ((all the goods)).

The gap between the "exodus" living beings trying to guide us until the portal jump to the Northern/Eastern Mountains was confusing. As was the next part of the Battle between Ashen? and Shoreless. Mainly because we were left to guide ourselves for a while there, then some of us stayed back (because really, non combat people need to not get hurt *stares at Athryl and Harleen and the other children and defenseless peeps* while the fight traveled up the mountains.

It was back and forth running now until we all finally gathered up top. And clever Fury tricked us into his lava lair of doom. ((it's nice to play along because you get to enjoy plots like this))

*then I died because lava.* My only tiff was people who were caved in could die non-rp related and lose out on information that they woke up 2 hours early for *cough*
In the future, I recommend to keep us safe from traps/non-rp related deaths. Though I know it would lame to change scenery for 'safety' reasons.

I thought of giving up on the event, but thank goodness for coming back and having a system call asking everyone to finding a way to break open the people inside. Good call. It keeps the left out people from feeling...left out. And it keeps the plot steady.

From there, it was confusing. I believe so because people were split up again. I was with the Fury group so it was some failed attempts at fighting him there. When we were actually getting the hang of working together, I guess we took too long and he ran away. Timing is always bad and slow when we are left to fend for ourselves. (sometimes). But it's oh so necessary.

Then the whole Cathedral run was fun. And praying and people not praying and corruption. And the after effects.

*looks at my essay* Welp..
Overall, I give you a Highly Satisfied Review.

4 1/2 Stars.
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Oh man, I'm sorry..! I was trying to get everyone with a fire pot-

I generally have a rule that if you die OOCly, you get a TP back to the event. Again, so sorry I didn't catch you xD