Young Tania

Tania now

General Info

Name: Tania or Tania Ulamyer

Race: Silver Elf

Faith: Theodra

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Boys are starting to be interesting
Age: 17

Appearance age: 17

Languages in order of Knowledge:
Elven , Common, and Fae


Height: 5'4 1/2"

Weight: 115pounds

Skin: A very light ivory

Body: Willowy

Eye color: Silvery Blue

Hair color: Platinum Blonde

Personality traits

exploring or hide and seek

Juice to drink

chocolate candies

friendly people

Pies and cakes



being alone

mean people






A dark grey owl called Grey

A small brown bird called Chirpy

A pony named Ebony

A brown owl called Chocolate.

training with Sword and bow

Her recurve bow and gladius arming sword that she always wears .

A recurve bow with Elven script on it in her room.

A dagger she bought from Jaxon

A teddy bear from Lin

A carved doll she bought
This was given to Lily

A golden Cresent pendant on silver chain
this was left behind at Astrakhan

A stuffed Rabbit named hoppy

A stuffed small deer and makani figures.

A small silver brooch in the shape of a sea turtle

Eager to learn

Full of energy

Well mannered


Very curious about things

Likes to explore a lot


Love(Famial)-Like-Friend-Best friend-Trust-Distrust-Unsure-Dislikes- Confused
Ayda (Ayda ) - Thanking you for giving me a home and family. I will try to make you proud and not regret doing so.

Cassian ( Baron2537 ) - I hope three's a charm as you are now pappa number three of adopted pappa's. I want you and momma proud of me. I love my new family.

Glynn (Raal) - Thank you for being willing to accept me as a daughter. I will try to live up to that honor. Where did you go.

Derek-I love you little bro and will look after and protect you.

Kitrana (godfather1 ) - You are now my aunt and teacher, I hope to make you proud.

Evanline (Maestroart )- You are now my sister. Hopefully we can know each other better.

Laisa (Samiwashere )- I know we will be friends my baby sis.

Sydri-My sweet baby Sister.

Andre (UmbraSicarius ) -You are nice to me and I thank you for that. I also hope to make you proud when you teach me.

Sugar (Ruu )- I like you Very much.You try to keep me safe and give me cupcakes. You are also helping me learn. Thank you.

Fronslin- (Fronslin )- You seem nice enough

Leofaren ( Shankster )- You seem nice but I don't think Daddy likes you much.

Bertrand (Bowduim )- thank you for the pretty brooch.

Warren (ArkianDragon )- you seem nice but you need more practice at swordfighting.

Mirielle (Bertie99R) -I enjoyed helping you learn..keep up the practice.

Valtea ( The_VALKYRIE )-I enjoy our talks and games you like to play.

Peter (Sir_Arc ) - I know you was trying to help but things was and are complicated. Take care of Faer. I hope in time my feelings change back for them.

Theodosius (Blorbis83 )- he took me and gave me a family. Maybe not a Momma and dadda but he is like a dadda to me. I am glad he loves me. He gave me a momma and dadda.. I am so happy. Why did you send me away.. You still see Dimi but not me.. You lie to me when you said you loved me, you can't love me and never want to see me.

Dimitrius- My baby brother. I will protect you always I love you yet hate you.. hopefully some day I will be able to accept you if we meet again.

Garret- You are just like a little brother to me. I will always protect you too. I hope I get to see you again.

Leontius (AmparoCastaway )- Thank you for accepting me as a sister.you make me smile to.

Sylleth (Angel ) - I am glad we met. She is a silver elf girl like me and we have fun. She is very pretty.

Cedlas (Swiftspear ) - I am glad you brought me away from that mean man. I like where you brought me and can't wait till you start teaching me to use the bow.

Boetius (TheDuples )- you saved me. Thank you

Violet (MelodyComplex )- I like Love you alot. You are fun. I hope you like me too. I miss you. Come home soon. Please come to see me.

Kaelin (Edouard2000 ) - I like you. You seem fun. We shall see more with time.

Nireth (Lady Alec ) - You seem like a nice lady. You serve good cake

Azure (Immerael )- You are nice like Miss Nireth. I like your stories.

Rosamonde (Rosamonde )- You seem nice. You have a pretty smile.

Geralt (Zombie3255 ) -You seem nice. I hope Nylas listens for you.

Julianus (Sir_Arc ) - I am glad to call you uncle. you are fun when you want to be.. Seems like Lin gets all of the fun now though. I hope you still love me.

Carling (MelodyComplex )- Thank you for trying to protect me. I am sorry she hit you. I love you and will keep you safe if I can. I miss you Lin.

Ayre (MeowCow_ ) - You seem nice and I know you wanted to help me too.

Chives (Treeboy )- Thank you for the pretty flower crown. Good luck with Mister Boe.

Eastoft (Mapboy ) - You seem friendly but always in a rush. Maybe with time we will be friends.

Citrine (Samiwashere )- I like you. You are funny when you have to much to drink yet you are very pretty and gave me chocolate candy.

Arianne (Bobert )- You seem okay. Barely know you. You made Lin go away when she was sick, she almost died because of you. You are a mean doctor.

Cyra'Tina (Immerael )- Another girl like me. She likes adventures too. Maybe in time we can be friends.

Jerr'co (The Tottot ) - You seem like you might be a nice man. Maybe I can get to know you better.

Titania (Old-Seadog )- You seemed to put me down at first. Maybe not. I want to get to know you. You hit me and are mean.

Celestia (MeowCow_ )- You said you would teach me. I will prove to you I am a good girl and Theo was right for giving me a chance.

Nylas (Swiftspear )- I thought we could be friends but I don't trust you after what you did.

Nessa (frenchrainbow )- I like you even if you don't like the rain. You seem very nice but you seem to busy now to visit.

Edel (ZeroOrgan) - I like you but you seem a little scary in a good way. I thank you for being a teacher to me

Chimi (Maestroart )- I enjoyed or time together but now I don't see you. i wish you would come back.

Derric (LeeroyVengeance ) - You are a nice man and I thank you for the dagger and friendship.

Peter (Djiboutian ) - I dislike you. You wanted me to be a servant just because I wanted a drink. Then you scare me with threats of giant scorpions and bandits.



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