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The 1.13 (Aquatic) Update Information for HollowWorld


The Chocolate Bar
Staff member

1.13 Update & Our Plan

Mojang has announced that on July 18th (barring any major bugs), they will release the 1.13 / Aquatic Update. This update will bring several changes to the game, including a big update to the way water physics works. Water will now flow over any block that has air around it (slabs, stairs, chests, anvils, etc) rather than being blocked by the air. This may effect builds and flooding may happen. We advise all users to look over their builds before we update the server and plug any holes you find.

HollowWorld will not be updating to 1.13 on July 18th. The process for updating will likely take us days to more likely weeks to complete. We run many plugins and modifications that will take time to update, as well as ensuring that our custom plugins are fully functioning. Once the update is released we will immediately begin the process of updating and will work as fast as we can, but it will not be immediate. Users will have to remain on / revert to 1.12.2 to continue playing on HollowWorld until we have updated. Guide on reverting to 1.12.2 below:


Please comment on this thread if you have any questions or concerns regarding the update!