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The Hollow Crafting Guide

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HollowCrafting is a plugin designed by Lannis from the ground up that vastly improves the way people play characters with skills and professions that pertain to crafting. HollowCrafting introduces new materials, flora, and fauna into the setting for people to discover and interact with throughout their time on Hollowworld.

Crafting and IC resources will be represented by lored items that can be gathered from the world and crafted and refined into products. Crafting categories now have a tangible skill progression in the style of a traditional RPG, where characters will advance from being novices to masters in a craft given enough time and effort. Their rank affects the quality of their products, the recipes they can produce, and the materials that they can work with.


] Step I: HollowCard [

By creating a HollowCard, any character can begin their journey within crafting while managing their own progress. It is important that players maintain and utilize their character’s HollowCard as it holds all progress. HollowCards may be swapped between without worry allowing one Minecraft account to hold multiple characters’ progressions throughout different crafting skills.

> Quick Commands to create a Character Card


] Step 2: Harvest Resources [

In order to create a craft, characters will need to Harvest resources that can be found in the world through [!] Nodes or purchased through other player traders on the server. Once a HollowCard is set up, characters can then select a Harvest Skill to properly harvest one of three skills:
  • Mining - The ability to harvest ores, metals and minerals
  • Gathering - The ability to harvest plants, fungi and wood
  • Butchering - The ability to harvest furs, hides and meat
Players can choose a skill through the command /harvest skill [skill]

>Learn more about Hollow Harvest and its Commands



] Step 3: Crafting Menu & Process [

The crafting menu is accessed by right clicking on a workstation block with the correct crafting tool in hand, which is a lore item given by the command /crafting tool. This opens a trader menu which shows all recipes of the relevant type that can be made with what’s currently in the player’s inventory.

There are currently four branches of professions:
  • Smithing
  • Tailoring
  • Carving
  • Alchemy

Crafting is often done in stages, with each stage combining at most two ingredients to form a component to be used in the next stage. Completing a final product puts the character on a cooldown that prevents them from crafting another final product until it has finished, and grants them an amount of experience proportional to the cooldown and quality of ingredient used.

Players can add a custom name and lore text to a finished item by right clicking a block with it to receive a journal; text on the first page will become the name, and the text on the second page will be the lore text. This allows the recipes to remain fairly generalized, with the details of a specific craft filled in by the player.



] Step 4: Progression [

All crafting skills have 5 ranks: Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Master. Players gain experience by crafting full items of the relevant type. Experience requirements for each rank are estimated based on a player regularly crafting items using the best available material, and it should take around one year to advance from novice to master.

Upon reaching ‘journeyman’ in any one profession branch, the player can select a specialization to access advanced recipes and continue progressing in that branch. Specializations give access to more recipes and materials for the crafting type. A character can have at most two specializations, but can otherwise advance to a journeyman level in any other branch.

See Crafting Professions to find the different specialization branches.

] Step 5: Masterworks [

>When a character reaches the rank of Master within their chosen specialization, they can create what is called a 'Masterwork'.

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] Commands [

  • Square brackets “[ ]” : Indicate an argument that is necessary
  • Parentheses “( )” : Indicate a necessary format. “(String)” means that the argument should be given in text, i.e “Gathering”, while “(Number)” means that it should be given as a number, i.e “2”
  • Lists all available commands
Arguments: None

/crafting tool [Branch]
  • Grants a crafting tool that can be used to open the crafting menu by right clicking on an appropriate block.
  • (String) Branch name: ‘Smithing’,’Carving’,’Tailoring’, 'Alchemy'

/crafting stats
  • Shows your current crafting levels.
Arguments: None

/crafting specialize [Branch] [Specialization]
  • Declare a specialization to progress further. Only available if you meet the level requirement for ‘expert’ and do not already have the max number of specializations.
  • (String) Branch name
  • (String) Specialization name

/crafting recipes
  • Shows a list of all available recipes, and their ingredients and specializations.
Arguments: None
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