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HollowWorld's Announcer

Introduction to the Server with Links on Guides:

Greetings, Traveler, and welcome to HollowWorld! We are a Minecraft Roleplay community with a Medieval Fantasy theme. We have a diverse range of races and locations that makes HollowWorld a great place for an immersive roleplay experience with a character of your own design.

There are some conditions, and we would like for all applicants to be in the right spirit.

Co-operation and generosity go a long way and we hope that by working together you will enjoy your time with us and make new friends on your journey through HollowWorld. As with any other server, inappropriate conduct could result in sanction or your account being banned from HollowWorld. We encourage all players to be respectful of one another and try to respect the atmosphere our server is trying to achieve.

On the whole, I hope that you will be respectful of the staff who help manage our community. They cannot materialize blocks on a whim or teleport you across the map. We want to make this experience feel as real as it can and should players disregard these terms it can make things uncomfortable for the other players.

For further information on server rules and conduct please consult our Codes of Conduct and our King's Law. To learn more about the world itself and the playable races, take a look our Official Lore forums. To learn more about the features of our server, browse our Player Guides, or speak to one of our Mentors. Once you login to the server- Check out our Starter Guide!

Once you've read and familiarized yourself with our community standards and lore, we encourage everyone to apply using the application format below. While you wait for your application to be reviewed, feel free to explore the world. As an unwhitelisted player, you are still able to log in and look around, but will not be able to interact or chat. Additionally, while you wait for your application to be reviewed, we ask that you not message Staff members to hurry your application along. Doing so may result in your application being declined for impatience.

With all that in mind, we here at HollowWorld look forward to reviewing your application. Happy exploration!

Instructions on How to Apply:

To begin your application, create a thread in the Whitelisting forum with the title: [Your name]'s Application. Do not post it in the Approved Applications and we ask that you wait until your application is approved before making a Character Profile.

In the application itself, please copy and paste the form below. It involves a set of questions about you, questions about your character and a 400 word minimum test at the end. Fill out the questions honestly and thoroughly. The Staff that reviews your application may ask you to edit if your character, answers, and/or test do not meet requirements. The application may also be declined if too many issues are found and you may be asked to reapply. Once you are accepted, however, HollowWorld is yours to explore. Just type /warp whitelist in-game to begin your adventure!

Note: When you make the application, be sure to keep it properly formatted. You can remove the italicized text when you copy and paste it, but leave the questions formatted so the Staff can properly tell which part you're answering.

The Whitelist Application Form:

About You!

1. What is your Minecraft username
(New players can only use one account to begin with, so please don't list any alt accounts. You can apply for an alt account after being here for one month.)

2. How old are you?
(Please note that the minimum age to take part on the server is 14. Due to the era of the role play there are some more mature themes which may not be suitable for anyone younger. We can't be held responsible should you choose to lie about your age.)

3. What country are you from?
(HollowWorld is an English speaking server. People from around the world are more than welcome to join us and take part provided that they do their best to use a good standard of written English both in game and on the forums.)

4. Have you read the King's Law, Code of Conducts, Official Lore, and the Player Guides yet?
(There, you can find information about how our server is run, as well as the playable races.)

5. In your own words, how would you define metagaming and powergaming?
(It is important to understand what these terms are and why they are bannable offenses in any roleplaying community.)

6. Do we allow X-Raying mods or X-Ray texture packs on the server?
(This question goes for any method that can be used to unfairly find and mine ores.)

7. Name one of our current Mentors.
(Mentors are designed to help you get used to the server; you can see a list of our current Mentors and what they can do for you under 'Code of Conduct!' [x].)

8. Tell us about yourself!
(Introduce yourself! Tell us some of your hobbies, what kind of music you like, other games you play, maybe any pets you have. We're not asking for anything too personal, but we would like to get to know you a bit better to help the application and transition. This question needs to be a minimum of five sentences and not focused on Minecraft.)

9. Do you have any examples of your work?
(This question is optional! Are you an artist? A builder? A writer? If you want to show off some of your work, we'd love to see it! You can upload a file at the bottom of the page to attach some pictures if you like! If you don't have anything you want to show, that is perfectly fine. Don't worry.)

10. Did anyone refer you? If not, how did you find our server?
(This question is also optional. If you were referred by someone, that person has a chance to get a referral reward.)

About Your Character!
This section is about the character you intend to use once you join the server.We ask that new players follow these guidelines during this portion of the application:

  • Characters begin with basic skills and gear. No advanced armor or weaponry. Skills and abilities are appropriate to a novice level. Skills should be learned through roleplay, not through backstory.
  • Characters fit the lore. If you choose to play as a Moor Elf, for example, we expect appearance and details to be fitting with base lore.
  • Characters cannot use magic in any way. The test itself should not mention magic either. HollowWorld uses a restricted magic system and it is only accessible to those who find and learn from a teacher in-game.
  • Tests should not be violent. No murder, killing, death, torture. In the past, 8 out of 10 applications featured characters fighting off bandits or slaying passersby. We don't want to see how well you can script a fight scene. We want to see how well you can tell a story, how well you can roleplay.
  • Be creative and be original. Do not use tests/characters whose home villages were burned, parents murdered, and then set off to be an orphan assassin. It has been done before. Please don't do it again.
  • Written portion of the test is required to be a 400 word minimum. If the test doesn't meet the minimum, Staff may ask you to extend the test before the application is considered.
You can remove the guidelines above when you're copy and pasting the application. The instructions above are for you to read and can be removed when applying.

Character Name:
(Be mindful of the Medieval Fantasy theme when choosing your name.)

Character Age:
(Simple enough!)

Character Race:
(Have a look through our Playable Races! Here's a helpful

(We just want to make sure things like hair color, eye color, skin color, and clothing is all fitting for the setting/lore we have.)

(Optional) Picture of the Skin:
(Attach a picture here if you have one. If you don't have an image, that's fine. Just make sure you describe it well in the appearance section.)

Written Test!
(This is where you tell us a story of your choosing! Be creative. It should be 400 words minimum and use the character you've created above. This is what we use to judge your ability as a roleplayer. Show us how much you've learned by reading our guides and lore. Include anything you think will impress us!)

Current Setting of the Server:

The lands of Altera have long been laced with upheaval, supernatural turmoil that would threaten to shatter the realm or tear it asunder. Long, have the peoples of Altera withstood these tribulations, overcoming and persevering through the generations. Only too recently, the realm tangled with the Behemoth Qlippoth, awakened by monsoon rains and with which came the Ashen Blight plague and eldritch abominations. Though the days were dark and long, the realm did survive, through its tenacity and reverence. The memories of the trials behind them still fresh, the realm sits in a state of unease and angst . . . with eyes on the horizon.

In the skies above, the heavens fall and burn across the auburn colors of the setting sun, streaks of color in the gathering dark. The Realm of Altera awaits . . .

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why was my application declined?

Reasons tests are often declined include:

  • Under the minimum age or displays an attitude that does not fit with the mature community we advertise.
  • Important questions/parts of the application were missing.
  • Written portions shows evidence of struggling with English.
  • Characters don't fit within the guidelines/unoriginal. Every time a Staff sees an orphan assassin that swore revenge for the brutal murder of their parents, we cry a little each time. Same goes for lone survivors of disasters, ship wrecks. The entire world cannot be populated by orphan assassins and lone survivors of tragic backstories.
  • Sometimes applications are declined if a staff member requests edits to be made, but the player doesn't reply. They're declined for inactivity if the edits aren't made within two-three weeks.
How do I get started once I'm Whitelisted?
  • There's a set of tutorial quests to help you get familiar with the world. After you complete them, it's up to you! HollowWorld uses freeform RP, so where you go from there is up to you. If you're interested in joining a town, check out our Settlements forum to see towns that are open and active.
What can I do while I wait for my application to be reviewed?
  • You can actually explore our world without being Whitelisted! You can walk around the map, but you can't interact or use the chat until your application is approved. All we ask is that you're patient. If you contact staff to try and hurry your application along, you may get declined.
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