Ban Appeal (Looking to start fresh) (Resolved - Ghost)


Hi Everyone Ive created a new forum account to attempt to appeal my ban, I hope this new account can symbolize that ive changed my ways compared to the toxic habits i used to have.

MC Username: Felaxo
Reason for Ban: My in-Game Character had fallen from a balcony and I continued to say in roleplay chat *screams, when told to stop, I wrote *screams one more time and was banned
In my short time on the server, I really enjoyed it and was looking forward to spending a good chunk of time on the server, unfortunately, I now see that I should’ve stopped roleplaying in a way that was just to make me laugh, and not to benefit the positive roleplay environment. I am sorry for what I did, mostly because I think it disturbed the people who were trying to Roleplay at the time and were interrupted. After a break from the game, I am very eager to get back into Minecraft, and would really love to play on the server again. I know this community is so great and has such a great attitude that you just can’t find anywhere else. I ask for your dearest forgiveness in the hope you will let me on the server again. I do now realize that I should take the roleplay in a more mature manner, in order to further others in game experience instead of roleplaying to please myself.
Hopefully you can see that I have changed and am eager to get back on the server, and enjoy the server more, just as I did in my short time spent here previously



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Thanks for waiting. We'll be wrapping up discussion and responding soon.

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After a.... healthy amount of time discussing, your minecraft account has been unbanned. We feel that the original offence, while warranting a ban, is not serious enough to warrant a decline. As you say, we look forward to you contributing towards a more positive roleplay environment