[Canceled][Hunt][Violent][TBA/Time - 4pm EST] Hunter's Call [Part 2]


Amor Fati

"Here, in this forsaken land ... nowhere is safe."

Jonas's call has been answered.
The hunters have departed and found themselves upon a field of rotting carrion and corpses. Covered in a thousand bites, welts, and stings, the party have retreated, licking their wounds and swearing a terrible vengeance upon the accursed place. Now ... they ready themselves once more. A journey back into barren lands, to slay the monsters that lurk hidden just out of sight once and for all ...

Signed up [/8]
(1) Jackdaw
(2) Jerr'co
(3) Segar Strand
(4) Eastoft Altham
(5) Kublai
(6) Gorrik
(7) Asero Crow
(8) Korchek
Reserve [/∞ ]
(1) Ellie Strand
Time: 4pm EST

Where we finished off last time! Right [here]
Image: from [here]
What: A continuation of [this]. Blarg will be DMing and showing me the ropes on how to be cool like him. If you showed interest in the last one you are invited to signup! Now, unfortunately, blargtheawesome and I have gotta work on a date that works for the both of us, so there is no definite date as of yet.

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Also, I shamelessly stole this thread format from Bartooliinii :heart:
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I'm good, but not for Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. I will be in a lecture at that time for those days. If I'm too restrictive, go one without me -- I'd rather people had fun. But if you can manage the weekend or Tuesday, I am totally down.


Amor Fati
I will put you down tentatively Squidziod :)

For anyone who went to my event don't feel restricted in keeping your players in the hunting camp. If you wanna rp elsewhere with your chars you may as organising a date for the this one may take a week or two :)


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Might as well remove me from the list as it will be very unlikely I’ll make an event at this time for the next...like month and a half


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Hey Jase, if it's possible to be set up as a reserve id like to try for the event. The character I'd use would be Gorrik, but he wouldn't know about it ICly; though his character is looking for something to do. I'm sorta new to events so let me know if there's anything I need to do up beforehand. Thanks in advance!