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Amazing art by Kamaoe
Magical art by Kakers :heart:

“The only person you can truly depend on is yourself.”

Theme: [ X ]

General Information:

Name: Eleanor Strand

Other Names: Ellie, Some people call her Eleanor but she isn’t fond of it. Strand. My Shadow (Gerry), El

Titles: Chieftess, Countess of Stoltfar

Age: 27

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Current Residence: Moving between Stoltfar and Blackrush

Relationship Status: Single

Social Status: Chieftess, Countess

(My beautiful art from Ellievator )

Current status: Adjusting to her new role.

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5 ft 5

Weight: 150 lbs

Eye Colour: Honey Brown

Skin Color: Pale white

Shape of Face: Heart shaped

Distinguishing Features: Dimples when she smiles or laughs too hard.

Build of Body: Very muscular, small bust with curvy hips.

Hair Color: A dark reddish brown

Hair Style: Straight and down to her thighs with a couple braids that are dotted with silver beads and ribbons.

Complexion: Clear

Posture: Relaxed, though her arms are often folded tight to her chest.

Is Seen By Others As: Stoic, sometimes playful


+Very faint wolf-bite marks on her right shoulder

+A scar along the length of her left cheek bone

+A wide scar on her left shoulder

+a thin scar along her left bicep

+A scar on her head that is hidden under her hair

+A long scar along her left palm.


+The outline of a doe on her left forearm. [
X ]
+The entirety of her body is covered in blue rivers

Voice: Elizabeth, she has begun talking more formally

Beautiful art by Magicintern.



Ellie is courageous, showing no sign of weakness even if in the face of a foe she knows she cannot defeat. As she has grown, she has suffered great trauma, but every time she is knocked down she gets back up again and stands her ground. In recent years she has grown very independent and actually prefers not to rely on others. Her once timid demeanour has escaped her and been replaced with a calm yet somehow stoic attitude. She will defend the ones she loves with her life, and is incredibly protective of them. In her time away from the world, she feels she has become more open minded. She has become very dutiful. She has become very good at concealing her true feelings and will use such to trick and manipulate people if necessary.



Ellie has intense trust issues and thus doesn't allow herself to make a lot of friends for fear of being hurt. She has adopted her mothers temper, meaning she can easily flick from relaxed to bloodthirsty and is incredibly paranoid. Her courage, though admirable at times, can also be reckless if she does not have the means to defeat whatever she is standing up to. Her life so far has been a tough one, and so her emotions are all jumbled, meaning she can be pretty emotionally unstable and very violent, especially when it comes to people she cares about. On top of this, she does not forgive easily, and does hold grudges. She does not often give second chances. Recently her paranoia has peeked, and it makes her rather restless, she has become increasingly anxious about people and their motives, meaning she finds most positive social interactions disingenuous. She is indecisive as of late. She battles with her own mind constantly and she can be very bitter. She can be a bit too casual about her own mortality. She is a bit too emotionless and can come off as cruel or rude. She has begun to expect the worst of people, so she comes off as pretty judgemental sometimes. Gerry is one of her weaknesses, the only person who can completely pierce through her cold exterior and make her rethink her choices. She would also lose it if anything ever happened to him. How reckless she can be for a thrill.


+People Watching+Security+Baking+Cooking+Singing+Water+Overpowering+Hunting+Adrenaline+Whittling+

Ellie enjoys watching and listening to people and things. Observing the world as it goes on, but never really inserting herself in it. She likes knowing that those she cares about are safe, and is easily upset by the slightest dangers. She enjoys baking and cooking as well as singing, though she’d never sing in front of a crowd. Over time she has developed an interest in water, specifically the ocean. It can entrance her at times. She enjoys the thrill of having power over someone, controlling their fate. She has begun to enjoy hunting again. She is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, but has recently tried to counter this and instead taken up whittling.


+Loud Noises+Masks+Magic+Theodra+Most People+Overly-righteous people+Assumptions+Faking+

One thing Ellie has never gotten over is her jumpiness, meaning she is not a fan of loud and sudden noises. Her paranoia means she does not like suspicious characters, particularly people who wear masks. Ellie does not like magic in any form, divine or arcane, and there are only a few mages and blessed that she actually trusts to use it. She has a particular dislike for Theodra due to her history with her family, Gods are not exempt from her grudges. She either hates or dislikes anyone who isn't family or a close friend. She does not enjoy overly-righteous people. People assuming she is anything more than she says she is. Feeling as if she has to put up a front.


+Wolves+Failure+Drowning+Attachment+Losing Loved Ones+Trust+Weak+

Ellie isn’t too fond of wolves, and has many nightmares about losing the people she holds dear or being unable to protect someone she loves. She is afraid that she will contiguously watch people drown. She has become scared of attaching herself to the wrong people. Losing Leighton. Losing Segar again. Trusting people. Being Weak.

Education: Fairly good.

+Elvish (Fluent)

General Attitude: Apathetic. Bitchy but starting to be a bit more playful again.

Religious Inclination: None

General Intelligence: Quite cunning.

General Sociability: Hard to approach, but a laugh when she’s more comfortable.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Short Term Goals:

+Make bows
+Find some fun

+Look after her little Ally
+Help Axex rejoin society.


Long Term Goals:
+Protect her loved ones
+Find some semblance of happiness
+Make sure Gerry feels loved.
+Lead her people well





+All clothes she has made herself. Mostly pants shirts and light armour. Some examples:



~ Pearl Ring from Asero (always worn) [
X ]
~A bracelet given to her from her mother (Nylarii's)

+A pet horse named Thunder
+A pet frog named Pumpkin

Owned Homes: A home in Eldpoint, Isalene.

Carried Inventory: Her sketching book, a sewing kit, her bow and some arrows (12 usually carried) . A small flask of whiskey. A plain looking dagger. Some bandages. Some food. A small length of rope. A leather bound book baring her crest. A silver wedding ring with a V engraved into it. An Altham Family coin that she keeps on her at all times. She carries a couple small wooden pendants and a carving knife.

General Inventory: Only what she can carry, plus some extra arrows and materials for clothes.

General Wealth: Well off



Illnesses: None

Allergies: None that she knows of



Sleeping Habits: Riddled with nightmares.

Energy Levels: Average

Eating Habits: Normal

Exercise Habits: Often

Memory: Normal

Unhealthy Habits: Drinking to forget

Drinking Habits: Often



Birthplace: Stoltfar

Childhood: Raised by Tryg and Odette with Segar, as well as any other person who would pop by. Lived through many traumatic events, including watching her dog get killed in front of her and her brother almost kidnapped. Grew up mostly alone.

Teen Years: Continued to grow up mostly alone, apart from the people of Stoltfar, developed an interest in sewing and dress making, as well as baking. Tryg and Odette died and she decided to start following her brother around. She travels to Linlea and ends up being involved in an assault, returning from the ordeal; she finds skunkgoop has drowned, and tries to save his corpse, She returns home for a while, Thordil hosts the memorial for their parents, she has a falling out with Segar, she begins making cloaks to give to refugees, Dar'ket has a mental breakdown in front of her then drowns too. The archery lesson, Segar gets kidnapped, Segar is returned missing one eye. She traps Eliyana, has a falling out with Segar and Gerry, leaves alone and gets killed. She returns with no memory of stoltfar in the middle of a fight between Reynard and Segar.

Adulthood: Reynard kills Segar, she shuts herself off from the world, Segar returns, she officialy ends things with Reynard, she isolates herself for a time, returns only to endure more emotional torment. Ashild is born, returns to drama and fighting and almost getting knocked out, saying goodbye, arguing with Segar, abandoning Theodra and finding her own strength, She spends a few months training, hunting and speaking to the statue of her parents. She finds strength in Valiant's doctrine and returns to the world a new woman. She joins the Order of Valiant. She has a brief moment with her ex, but after almost killing Cloud, realises she has been stupid, argues and threatens him, and then they part ways. She begins training. Segar kills Reynard. She burries him an covers up his murder. She fights with her own morality and becomes more and more closed off. She joins the hunt of the Giant boar. She joins a quest to Nid Arach and later sees Valiant in person when he speaks to Raalvara. She runs away. After some time alone, she decided to abandon her home and live life on her own. She officially becomes first mate of Ardaric’s crew. She travels to the sorrows and makes it out without a scratch. She forgives Reynard. Gerry leaves to find his family, leaving her feeling very alone. After getting herself into some awkward situations, she has a rather large falling out with Ardaric, but remains first mate none the less. More arguments with the crew and she decides she’s had enough and goes into hiding again. She returns to find Ardaric has broken into her house, and, after punching him in the face, is offered a position as a Royal Guard in Eldpoint. She sneaks into Stoltfar under the guise of a pilgrimage and is rather suddenly made to realise the full consequences of her actions. She becomes emotionally closed off, focusing on her job. She escorts Leighton to many places and stops him from being blown up by Aldris. She begins investing herself in Eldpoint more, and grows closer with its citizens. Her mouse is kidnapped and uncle threatened. She saves Leighton in the naval attack. She rescues Jocasta. She finds her voice again. House of Proctor is born. She goes to Lyon with a party and rescues Gilles. She becomes very close to him. She tangles herself in Aldris’ plots and schemes. Leighton sends her on a Solo mission back to Lyon where she almost loses her life but is saved by Marcus who then dies in her arms. She returns to find Leighton has gone off on his own somewhere but soon returns. Segar appears in Eldpoint and they reunite. Feeling energised by her now happier life, Ellie leads a party to Rosehill and following a small confrontation hits her head. She falls into a coma for three weeks. She returns to find her father is alive again and that Leighton is sick. Leighton’s father causes trouble. With the help of Segar and Raigo, Ellie takes down Royston and Aldris, She falls for Raigo, She spends some time in the Landing socialising for the first time in a long time. The incident with boodmother, she falls out with Raigo, she makes plans to take a break. Gerry returns, she sort of makes up with Raigo, Raigo is killed, she isolates herself, she argues with Gerry, she grows more and more angry, her heart shatters, she begins to lose her sense of purpose or desire and starts picking up bad habits just to get a kick. She slowly becomes more and more impatient with politics and her role in the south, and confronts her feeling of being an outcast within her community. She starts spending more time doing things that she enjoys and begins the process of stepping down as captain. She moves back to Stoltfar and begins resuming her position there. Bennett shows up and she starts looking after him a little bit. They hike and find Axex in the mountains. After some things go down in Blackrush, Ellie agrees to escort a fragile Bennett to Varynhall with Axex. She begins growing attached to their little unit. Once the evacuation is lifted Ellie briefly returns to Stoltfar and is asked to lead by her brother.

Family History: Strandir

Past Places of Residences: Stoltfar, Palmwood, Storm's landing, Eldpoint, Isalene

Places Traveled: Mockingbay, Linlea, Sul Feir, Linistel, Storms Landing, Palmwood, Eldpoint, Astrakhan, Lyon, Rosehill, Isalene, Blackrush, Varynhall


Peaceful or violent: She can be very violent


+Dagger sheathed in boot

+Her Recurve bow [
X ]

+A steel and redwood machete that used to belong to her mother on her hip

+Jergerstyrke - Her father's Bastardsword.

+Snowfang - Her father's Longsword on her other hip.

Combat Training: Strong knowledge of both ranged and melee combat.

Training & Skills:


[ x x x x x x x x X x]

Bow making:

[x x x x x x x x X x]


[ x x x x x x x x X x ]


[ x x x x x X x x x x ]


[ x x x x x x x X x x ]

Ranged weaponry:

[ x x x x x x x x X x ]


[ x x x x x x X x x x ]


[ x x x x x x x X x x ]


[ x x x x x X x x x x ]


[ x x x x x x X x x x ]

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Chieftess, Merchant

Favorite Types of Food: Bread

Favorite Types of Drink: Whiskey

Hobbies/Pastimes: People Watching. Hunting. Whittling.

Favorite Colors: Greys and blacks

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Soul Bound

Name: Gerry
Percentage: 98%
Relationship Description: Her Shadow
Quote: "I swear to all gods Ellie, even if we don't speak as much as we both would like, I wouldn't know what to do without you"
Impact: Ellie has never loved someone outside of her family as much as she has loved Gerry. He brings her a comfort she cannot put into words and always manages to push far past her boundaries to her deepest feelings. He has shown her what it means to love someone entirely, and that she is deserving of happiness.
Theme: Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd [
X ]

Name: Segar
Percentage: 94%
Relationship Description: Brother
Quote: "We're sticking together now, no matter what"
Impact: Segar has taught Ellie a lot about family, and not always positive things. He has also taught her the most about herself, who she truly is, and what it means to be different from what was expected of her. He has relieved her of guilt, and provided her with new responsibilities, but most importantly he has taught her that loving someone sometimes means giving them space.
Theme: Holocene - Bon Iver [
X ]

Name: Leighton
Percentage: 92%
Relationship Description: Brother
Quote: "Don't turn your back on part of what makes you who you are"
Impact: Through her devotion to protecting him, Leighton showed Ellie the importance of putting herself first and accepting personal growth. They spent many long hours together and experienced great trauma, and thus she discovered the limits of her strength.
Theme: Grow As We Go - Ben Platt [
X ]

Name: Gilles
Percentage: 90%
Relationship Description: Little Brother
Quote: WIP
Impact: Ellie essentially adopted this fragile child and in doing so she was introduced to a softer side of her personality. He taught her about communicating without words, and that there are some thing she can't control.
Theme: WIP

Name: Theo
Percentage: 88%
Relationship Description: Uncle
Quote: WIP
Impact: Theo has shown Ellie the truth of loyalty, standing by her and her family for decades without faltering. He helped her in a time of crisis and was the first person to show her that family is not always blood.
Theme: WIP

Name: Bennett
Percentage: 80%
Relationship Description: Little Ally
Quote: "I'm not scared of you, so maybe that's a skewed perspective. I don't think I could ever be."
Impact: In a time of despair, Bennett showed Ellie that maybe she doesn't need to be alone. He has brought out a motherly side in her and made her heart feel warmer.
Theme: Fix You - Coldplay [
X ]

Name: Axex
Percentage: 80%
Relationship Description: Elderly Companion
Quote: "If not for Stoltfar I might try and keep you here."
Impact: Like Bennett, Axex has taught Ellie it is okay to desire company, and that being alone doesn't mean being strong. He has also brought back a lot of laughter to her life.
Theme: The Gambler - Kenny Rogers [
X ]

Name: Thordil
Percentage: 75%
Relationship Description: Estranged Uncle
Quote: WIP
Impact: Thordil has protected Ellie and her brother and stood by the both of them. He has been a strong ally as they grew and changed.
Theme: WIP


Name: Therese
Percentage: 50%
Relationship Description: Segar’s Babysitter
~ She was there for her brother when she failed to be. Ellie is happy that her brother has found someone.

Name: Connor
Percentage: 50%
Relationship Description: Protege
~While Ellie still finds his ideals too soft, she has come to realise that his outlook mirrors Leighton’s more than her own, and that perhaps she was the problem all along.

Name: Lana Wake
Percentage: 50%
Relationship Description: Scholar
~A brief encounter but pleasant enough. Ellie would be more than happy to tell her all she knows of her family's land and of the people that founded it. Though perhaps the mystery is half the fun.

Name: Rook Corvus
Percentage: 50%
Relationship Description: Theodra Follower
~He seems nice enough, though she is still uncertain about his outlook, as she is with any God worshipper. Still, she thinks it could do her brother some good to have another companion who isn't as negative about religion as she is.

Name: Jorvun
Percentage: 50%
Relationship Description: Horse boy
~Friendly. Not too in your face about religion like some blessed are. Doesn’t make her dislike his vocation any less. So long as Ben is safe though, she will remain cordial.

Name: Rowley
Percentage: 50%
Relationship Description: [Blonde boy]
~Pleasant encounter, and a kind offering. But it wouldn’t be the first time kindness was used to hide an ulterior motive. She remains wary, as she would be with any valiant worshipper.

Name: Raigo
Percentage: 25%
Relationships Description: Bittersweet
Quote: "You are not a burden, Ellie. Do you understand?"
Impact: The most important thing Raigo taught Ellie was how to love again, but she hates him for it. Before that, he showed her how to live life a little larger and laugh a lot. He made her feel as if she deserved to enjoy herself...Unfortunately he also taught her that manipulation is subtle and sometimes pushing people away is the only way to heal.
Theme: Lose you to Love me - Selena Gomez [
X ]

Name: Ardaric
Relationship Description: Ex-Captain
Quote: WIP
Impact: He has taught her to choose her allies wisely and to be careful about who she trusts. In hurting her she learnt that she doesn't need anyone else to be strong.
Theme: WIP

Name: Reynard
Percentage: 10%
Relationship Description: Recurring Annoyance
Quote: "You are still wanted, even if things are difficult."
Impact: Reynard has revealed to Ellie the cracks in her walls, poked through them and shown her all her weaknesses. She despises everything about him, she has grown teaching herself to hate him and yet she clings. He has made her fear everything good in the world.
Theme: Power - Isak Danielson [ X ]

Name: Odette
Percentage: 100%
Relationship Description: Mother Bear

~Her deceased mother was anything but friendly, and though she could sometimes be terrifying, Ellie always felt loved and safe in her presence. After Odette passed, Ellie lost a sense of security, and immediately adopted the 'Mother' figure for the clan, but emotional torment lead to her spending many nights dreading becoming her. Beyond fearing that now, Ellie only dreads what the afterlife will bring her, as she knows her mother will never forgive her for abandoning her brother.

Name: Tryg
Percentage: 100%
Relationship Description: Stag Father

~A warmth, a fire that went out before she was ready. Ellie adored her father and even idolised him for most of her childhood. Just like her mother though, she felt a lack of security when he died. A devoted worshipper of Theodra and, at the time, her only blessed, she was trained in his footsteps. However, later complications with love and faith lead to a childish resentment of Theodra and thus, of her father's beliefs. Ellie regrets ever even slightly feeling this way towards him. An immense weight has been lifted from her after learning that he forgives her, and yet she cannot entirely forgive herself.

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Lord of Altera
+ Drew with James in her first spar
+Helped kill the big white boar.
+Survived a trip to the sorrows and helped bring back a specimen
+Earned nobility once more after abandoning it.
+Helped rescue Jocasta
+House of Proctor
+Lyon madness
+Destroyed Aldris and Royston

+Big boar.
+Alexius the thug

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