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<{ Introduction to Silveira }>

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< } "In Unity, We Rise" { >


Silveira comes not from a long line of historical figures, unlike some Houses and branches thereof throughout the lands. The beginning of its heritage started with a common Caparii woman with little to no riches to support her family. With a fiercely independent mind and unrestrained insight, she provided for those she cared for and began to swiftly rise within the ranks of society. Her ambition grew day by day, thus launching her into an independent household gaining both support and numbers, like a pebble skipping far across a pond.

The Silveira household is one of gain and ambition. Today what started out as a small settlement, has now exploded into a Kingdom expanding along the Western borders of the Desert.

< } Current Succession { >

Queen Sugar Silveira - Head of House
Posey Cyven Silveira
Lilac Liliana Rose Goldcoat-Silveira
Azalea Moon Silveira
Winter Silveira
Linden Duskgrove Silveira
Dara Corbett Silveira
Iluvia Rose Silveira
Illyrana Silveira
Juniper and Caramel Silveira

< } The House Sigil { >

The House Colours are Silver, Bronze, and Turquoise. Their meanings lie within the symbol definitions below.
{ The Scorpion
The Scorpion appears among almost every one of Silveira’s signs and interactions, as it represents being ready for anything and living fully each moment. It is known to care for the weak against the harshness of the world.

{ Silver Circle
Around the Porcelain Dove is the Silver Circle. It is a symbol of a flourishing and community with a bond ever thriving. The circle is told to be unbreakable, as the community is unbreakable for its people to truly feel as if they were one.

{ Rose Ribbon
Rose ribbons represent the elegant flow of society, where everything is assumingly to flow freely and accordingly. Though, with the constant twists and turning of the ribbon, it is a reminder to the user that life can take a blind turn at any moment. And thus, one must always expect the unexpected.​

{ The Lining Shield
While a shield typically represents protection against evils and falsities, often in combat, Silveira views the shield as a symbol for and means of protecting the wellbeing of people. The lining shield is designed, in a way, to surround the dove and silver circle, as they are sacred to protect as a unity.
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