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L i n l e a
Grey Isles {Moderate}
Although we are listed as Moderate, RP actions must be justifiable.
Region Owners; Estes241 and solus

Names of Islands & tidbit of each.

Primary Isles
Linlea consists of four primary isles.

  • Wusk’Gar’delk : Isle of the Wolf, located to the North.
  • Caaz’Gar’delk : Isle of the Cat, located to the East.
  • Senta’Gar’delk : Isle of the Snake, Located to the South.
  • Alik’Gar’delk : Isle of the Bat, Located to the West.
Secondary Isles
Numerous small isles are scattered about the seas surrounding Linlea. Here are some of note.

  • Izazzaz’Gintak : Isle of Insanity, location of the Linlea Prison.
  • Tibani’Gintak : Isle of Farewell, location of the Grey Lady’s shrine.
  • Quot’Gintak : Isle of Silence, location of the Linlea Crypts.
A cold and rainy wind hits any traveler seeking sanctuary in the grey islands of the Moors. It’s located underneath the Volcanoes of the Ashlands and the frosty north. Its bustling port and harbor compliments the noisy atmosphere whilst the outer rims of the land give way to more peaceful zones. ..Un-welcoming to strangers, but appealing to those who wish to quietly live away from turmoils of their past and begin anew.

These are the lands for refuge and new beginnings.

The wonderful renders are by GuildsMC {See here for more}
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The Beginning of Linlea

Not long ago, a pair of Dark-Grey Moors, bound together through trials of past, sought to save their people from an incoming attack of grave danger. Along with many others who had fled north in what is known as Nor Kolach (Northern Kingdoms)- they build up their walls and weapons of war against the undead upon an isle of stone they called home.. Grafjell. But proceedings of time and warnings of those who fell below south of them was enough. The sickness was strong and the wards that protected the Kingdoms was failing. They could not falter. Fortunately, several people had sailed ahead and soon came with news of lands to the East. They raised up sails and called their allies to leave with them, for there was nothing to defend in a land that could not be salvaged. At least there was chance to prepare farther away with an ocean between them and the plague.
The seas were relentless and their people grew wary. Beasts, never seen before, soon came forth from the Eastern Seas of the unknown. Krakens.. Gryphons.. And Crabs the size of carts- were trials and tribunes of the seas as they made their way for safer lands. And soon.. With the aid of their allies and guards, they reached what those of the Hawklight Kingdom call the “Talon Islands”, North-West of the Easalands (Eastern Lands). They did not stay long.. As the clever gryphons of the isle swept their citizens and crushed them on whims. It was not safe, nor was it welcoming in the wild. They sailed east and north again, farther and farther.. The snow passages fell behind them after weeks and they saw their first sighting of green lands. A grouping of meadow-like islands close in a familiar atmosphere of wind and rain. The peeks of the Ashlands could be seen behind these islands, encompassing dangers of its own.
It was then, they decided.. They would make a living here.
Ruling Moor Clan Kov'Gra'Sek

Linlea is an Independent City-State that was ruled under two authority figures. Lord Learornor and Lady Ashna of the Moorish Clan Kov’Gra’Sek. They once ruled over the Islands of Grafjell in Nor Kolach, and then carried their long standing partnership onto the Easalands in Linlea. The joint Clan, previously of Alak’iira and Khovr, was formed under mutual interests and promises, and their politics balance neutral dealings with the outside world and inner workings of their settlement.
Lord Laerornor Kov’Gra’Sek of Linlea was once lord of Grafjell and Moor representative of the Northern Kingdoms Council of Elves.
Lady Ashna Kov’Gra’Sek of Linlea was once lady of Grafjell and High Priestess of a Ministry to the Grey Lady of the Pantheon.

Linlea, known for its prosperous and rich meadows, is a group of four distinct and large islands circled by smaller, grey and rocky ones. The terrain is rough, and difficult for farming, but the quick work of Moorish architecture, and familiarity in working with stone, helped shape the landscape to be more sturdy on the outer rims with walkways and archs in order to travel. With the lack of timber, shipments have been slow and mostly cultivated by native lands north of the isles. Thick forests are plenty enough to supply lumber for structures, roofs, useful tools and contraptions. The Ashlands, a vast expanse to the unknown ashen lands, are shielded by a gateway (coming soon) to protect the people from whatever may lay there.
Wind and rain are a constant weather in the daily lives of the people. The temperature is always cool and rainy. The volcanos from the Ashlands warm the atmosphere during sporadic times and the heat does affect the air of the lands, but the water always remains cool from the melting snow of the north. {See a map of potential display of Linlea’s climate here}
Culture and Atmosphere

Moorish culture is dominant in Linlea as a Moorish Clan rules. Under the stoic leadership of Lord Laerornor and Lady Ashna of Kov’Gra’Sek, the islands of Linlea is prosperous with the taste, culture, and beliefs of Moors. Other cultures and beliefs are tolerated and accepted, accordingly. ..Harsh punishments for excruciating crime, caution and wariness against strangers, and a strong claim for neutrality towards outside politics has been subtly promoted on the isle. {Read Moor Lore here}
Smoked fish and meats freshly slaughtered the night before, tend to bask the harbor with their aroma. The salty air mixed with the dew of the islands meadows gives each dominant island a distinct look and smell. The cold and rainy atmosphere of the land gives way to comfortable and warm attire. Woolen robes, vests and tunics are preferred. Leather boots, and furred boots as well as fur cloaks are held with good regards. Often than nought, mostly all citizens and travelers wear leather and dyed leather attires. Velvet is a rare fabric, and only those of some wealthy standing wear robes of velvet. Dyes sold and cultivated on these lands are handled with care. On occasions, the heat from the volcanoes and acidic smell of the Ashlands tend to warm up the air, leaving less need for citizens to pack on layers of clothing.
Religion- Despite the fall of the Grand Shrines in Nor Kolach, The Grey Lady is held and spoke with respect in the Easalands for the aid she has given during the days of Corruption and the guidance to her Acolytes, Priests and Priestesses. The Lady of the Isle herself was a High Priestess of a Ministry dedicated to teaching the ways of grief and death. A new Apostle by name of Ventare Seymour takes the helm in recruitment and leading in the ways of the Lady for new inquirers.

Flora & Fauna
ooc: I've personally set up flowers and signs with descriptions around the islands for these specific plants so that characters can cultivate on their own. Open spoilers if you found a sign with a description!
Barberry - “Deciduous bush of oblong shaped red berries”
Blessed thistle - “Tall, leathery, hairy leaves with yellow flowers”
Blueberries - “Plant with deciduous leaves & indigo-colored berries” - none made yet
Chamomille - “Small daisy like plants in appearance”
Elderberry - “Shrub of black colored berries”
Horsetail - “whorls of branches with tiny dark-tipped leaves”
Lavender - (Obvious what it looks like)
Rosemary - “Evergreen shrub with needle like leaves.*
St. John's wort - “Yellow green oblong leaves with conspicuous black dots.”
Thyme - “Small, perennial, evergreen shrub. Branching stems.*
Valerian - “Fern-like fragrant pinkish flowers. Strong earth roots.”

Mammals: Badger, Goat, Gray wolf, Hare, Red deer, Red fox, Wildcat, Sheep, Highland cattle
Birds: Buzzard, Gull, Hooded crow, Meadow pipit, Osprey, Raven, Snipe
Reptiles: Viviparous lizard
Amphibians: Common frog, Palmate newt
Sea Life: Salmon, Trout, Crabs, Turtles, Oysters, Clams, Seals
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Laws of the Isles
“ ..So long as Respect is shown.. Respect will be given. Severity of your denial to act within the brief standards will be given twice fold in return... or worse “

Moorish Laws tend to be more strict when broken. These are the simple laws we live under.

Cold blooded murder and attempts of murder:
Loss of vital limb/s. X Amount of yrs imprisoned. Or Death. Permanent confiscation of belongings.

Kidnapping and En-Slaving of Citizens:
Loss of vital limb/s. X Amount of yrs imprisoned. Or Death. Permanent confiscation of belongings.

Stealing more than a necessity to live:
Loss of vital limb/s. Hands or arms.
False claims or spreading lies that affect the whole of the Isles in grand scale:
Loss of Tongue.
Worship of false Gods, the Necromancer, or the Mad God​
Severity of punishment scales upon rules broken.​
Discord on the Isles:
Loss of tongue or vital limbs, or Exilement.
General annoyance to the majority of citizens or authority figures:
Imprisonment for one week. Permanent confiscation of weapons.
Repeated offense - One month (one week oocly)
-then Exilement (permanent)
Refusal of Exilement or Leaving Premises
-Loss of Limb/s or Death
(If you were put in prison and weren’t given an ooc time on how long you’ll be there- Give us a week to decide a punishment or go with what Roleplay occurs. You have to contact us and the guards listed if you want Roleplay while in prison, otherwise, we’ll provide it when we can. Try not to rush oocly. But feel free to remind us if it’s been long enough.)

Poster of those exiled are listed on message boards

+Thannis - Male moor of dark skin and white hair. Murder, thrice counted. Attempts at Genocide. MaelstromPuddle
+Ciri - Young female moor of light grey skin and white hair. Frail and small. Fatal assault on numerous occasions. Attempts at murder. Smurf
+Epithet - Moor of dark skin and white hair. Heavy stature. Kidnapping for slavery. Attempts at murder. Delta_61251
+Archaeus Fronte - Male human of light skin, balding hair, burnt scars and multicolored eyes. Catalyst of disorder Glados
+Fulgrim - Moor of white hair. Malpractice of healing and surgery. Discord with the Isle's leaders MaelstromPuddle
+Flarea - Young human woman of red hair and freckles. Arsonist.
+Astraeus - Young elven man of dark hair and pale skin. Madman. Known for outbursts.
+Iskvandar - Pale-skinned moor of white hair and hallowed appearance. Necromancer Cultist. Vincentius
+Eithne - Human woman of dark hair and light skin. Discord. mairinbaihn
+Oskar Harrister - Young human male of dark hair and light skin. Assault on citizen property and fleeing of a trial Chados
+"Jon Martin Dubois'' - Old human male. A blind and worn looking. Clear worshipper of the Mad God. Defamation of a shrine and in possession of a plague creature Morbid
+"The Fool" - A jester with a removed nose and pale skin of Human-make. He looks thin and worn, wearing red and blue colors. Worshipper of the Mad God. Bartooliinii
+Some of Black Company - Human of white hairs. The company are individuals only involved in previous ignorance against Linlea's authority. Wilhelm Schmidt is allowed.​

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Businesses | Goods
List of Notable Shops and Organization buildings:
+Embassy of Crow's Perch [Located on Alik'Gar'Delk] Niko
+Greynor Inn and Tavern [Bell Tower on the docks]
+Sweetest Haven [Run by StarWillow2000 ] {Poster Here}
+Jhaeros's Blacksmithery Rang3r0wns94
+Ventare Seymore's Winery ShaolinPunk
+Ranger Hall; Tentatively titled "GreyThorne Hall"
+The Filthy Silver [Hidden Area]

To purchase a shop and advertise your goods or organization in roleplay or oocly on the Isles, contact Estes241 or solusrequiem. However, RPly, if your character represents or is within another faction, trade agreements have to be had first -We’ll build the buildings unless we know you can keep to lands style.

Prices: 1-2 Story Shop = 2,500 r (If on harbor, no basement. If on land, small basement allowed. No tunnels.)
Larger Shop (2 Floors usually, with extra rooms and wider) = 5,000 r [Request form for purchasing a plot for a shop building. Post on the this thread!]
MC ign:​
Character Name:​
Build purpose: [Guild/IC or OOC Shop]​


Raw Materials-
Glass + Crow's Perch
Apples + Crow's Perch
Tea + Crow's Perch
Fish n' Crops + Astrum Isles
Jewels + Kharuz-Korum
Refined Dwarven Metals + Kharuz-Korum
Dwarven Mead + Kharuz-Korum (small doses)
Radiants + Kharuz-Korum
Rice, Corn, Flour + Slyannen
Some Opium, Aloe Vera crates + Slyannen
Manufactured & Crafted-

Raw Materials-
Timber -
Wool - To Astrum Isles
Leather - To Astrum Isles
Salt -
Farm Animals - To Astrum Isles
Salmon, Shrimp, Clams, Oysters -
Animal fat
Clay - To Arget Isles, Crow's Perch,
Raw Vegetables [Un-spoiled] - To Crow's Perch

Manufactured & Crafted-
Leather garments- To Astrum Isles
Pottery - To Arget Isles, Crow's Perch,
Dyes -
Linlean Wine -
Boat Ports

Crow's Perch: Open Trade with Baron Niko of Crow's Nest Niko
Astrum Isles: Specified trade with the people of Astrum. Icanra oveny
Alderwood Cove: Simple port to the Cove Jinny

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A list of Clans and Citizens
Clan Kov’Gra’Sek
Laerornor - Estes241
Ashna - solus
Clan Khovr:
Sauran HogoShi_Kitsune
Olive Smurf ?

House Seymour
Ventare - ShaolinPunk
Clan Mol'Hardash
Azish - Potter Archbishop

Clan Fadril
Faer'iira - StarWillow2000

Clan Shink'maho
Lavendula, Bairn'ke of Shink'maho. Apothecary owner. Cukie1
Salazar. Azur

Kreesh’Mok (non-moors) -
Jhaeros, Blacksmith Rang3r0wns94
Kam of Clan Hakiaz, Resident Earthspawn Kamaoe
Atticus Faulkner, Tavern-goer Jovee
Kublai, Scribe Bartooliinii
Kopii Grey, Healer Omikuji
Leofaren & Kitrana Venna, Alchemist, Citizens Shankster French Roast
Percival, Citizen TepigTurtwig
Daughter of Bayard, Citizen ToastySpam
Karina Harcourt, Citizen Angel
Arthur Bayard​
Dark'et Natri'zima​

Neutral Acquaintances & Allies:
Rangers - Friendly
Fuvur - Neutral
Semour - Neutral
Austrum Isles - Neutral
Kharuz-Korum - Neutral
Slyannen - Neutral
Hawklight - Neutral
Kane - Neutral
Anhald - Unfriendly

Application to be a citizen:
Bbasic rules are:​
no ooc griefing​
no pilfering chests that aren’t your own​
no tunnels (unless you're estes)​
You’re always free to build your own interiors for the houses on the region.

MC ign:​
Character Name:​
Profile Link:​
Occupation/Seeking Occupation:​
Would you like to join our house? Yes/No​
Additional Notes:​

Notable Public Events and Announcements of Linlea:
Any questions? Poke one of us and we'll answer. :)
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Ciri - Fatal assault on numerous occasions. Attempts at murder. Smurf
Ciri has only killed one person... And nobody knows about it ): but yeah she did try to kill like 20 people what a failure amirite?


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Oh would you look at that, Jacob isn't exiled anymore. *Gets the torch ready.*
I mean, if he really wanted to..

I've completed the thread as much as we prepped on our documents- Just didn't have time to finish the last two till now. I know I'm not the easiest to ground for RP as I tend to build or do that long list of staff work, but I try to make time to enjoy the little things. I've added in options on how to find a house here, to buy a store, and the general 'how many people actually are here OOCly from my memory'. Please remind me if I forgot you!


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Roleplay with the locals- Currently my character'll be about if not the current Lord who's away. We can strike up some rp during Evening pst or any good time over the weekend, in case time zones are different, if you see me logged in