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Active Now [Looking For Events] - Event Request Thread


Lord of Altera
IC Basis: Appointed as Drachenhort's Hunt Master, Reyne would like to formally survey the isle. The young hunter aims to track the various creatures that inhabit Wilhelm's meager foothold. Encounters with mountain lions have become more commonplace and there have even been rumors of gryphons among Wilhelm's servants, earning Reyne's attention.

Overview: A small group will range out into the mountainous region beyond Wilhelm's keep to investigate what kind of life calls Drachenhort home. Reyne seeks to push the mountain lion dens further away from the keep and see for himself if gryphons have secluded themselves here.

Location: The isle of Drachenhort/Meermotte, situated directly below Blackstone.
Loot: A memorable encounter with the wildlife, maybe some sort of small trophy.
Party Size: 2 - 5 People
Rating: Likely violent
Preferred Date/Time: Saturday/Sunday the 28th/29th, anywhere from 6PM EST onwards


Official Alteran
IC Basis: Given his promise to Lana Wake Rook wants to return to the Ashlands west of Linlea to try and capture a Hell Hound for its secretions, to test its uses in alchemical research.
Overview: It would be a hunt, but without the intent to kill the Hell Hound or Hell Hounds. It would be a mission to try and capture it, or to render it unconscious through sleep darts.
Location: In the Ashlands, west of Linlea.
Loot: Given that there won't be any killing of the Hell Hounds, only the secretions of the creature.
Party Size: 4-5, if I can manage to do so, in case things go badly.
Rating: Violent. Most definitely violent.
Preferred Date/Time: Preference would be Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Anywhere between 4PM EST till 6PM EST as starting time.