Upcoming Path to the Wild I: Permissions (26-3-2020: 4 EST) [Violent]


The Jesterator
Path to the Wild I: Permissions

The land is untamed, and such it is supposed to be. Follow Dakalo Tawanda to the place where the seed of Her Garden will be planted, where he will ask Her permission to grow this Garden in Her name, and find that there is more to nature than meets the eye.


Rating: Violent
Type of Event: Sermon with a little bit ahem extra.
Location: Starting in Blackrush, but moving away rather soon after

OOC information: This is a sermon, a pilgrimage, an introduction to my new region, and so much more good stuff. Who knows, maybe lady nature has something in mind as well. I advise against coming if you do not want your character to experience some danger, a slightly nutty sool with paints or saplings. If you do like those things, please. The more the merrier.

Elz , blargtheawesome , Rygan
(I don't need any of you to be there for this one, specifically. You are welcome, but yeah. Elz knows what this is)​