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Project Zomboid: Lana's Journey

I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
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It is time for yet another Project Zomboid adventure.

Here is my Extensive Modlist for this playthrough!


Lana Silveira in Kentucky was a rather paranoid woman.

She lived in a bunker.

The concept of this adventure is that of a headstart~
Project Zomboid is an absurdly difficult game from the start. It is a game where a singular bite will kill you slowly with no cure. It is a game with scarce resources and millions of undead hordes decending upon you with well-coded spawning. The concept, therefore, of a headstart in the game may seem like a 'cheat.'

Well. To an extent, it is.

Yet the ill-fates of Lana in Raven Creek, Brandy in Louisville and the escaped Katrina (whom lived) gave me an idea to Roleplay out.

Within the safety of an isolated bunker with only a few resources, Lana enjoyed the brief comfort of safety- which in Zomboid is very rare indeed.
Time to watch TV, examine the lore, learn and read...

..It gave a chance to reflect upon the state of the world from the safe four walls of her isolated home.
After all: she prepared for this.

However, there is a catch to this easier start.

Loot respawns are off.
The bunker was not very well stocked, neither..

..but most importantly:

No husband.

You see, Lana Silveira is only a Silveira because she is married-- the same as her Roleplay counterpart.

Linden is still out there somewhere~
And Lana is going to find him.

But where would someone find someone like Linden in such a Jurassic-sized world?

It is quite easy to, in her situation, give up.

But Lana is no ordinary woman. After all, she lives in a bunker and prepared for this sort of thing.
The TV, in this trying time, states there are people immune to the virus that has turned mortals to undead.

With such a grand adventure awaiting ahead, Lana is going to need to explore and track her journey far and wide.

The bunker is somewhat safe in comparison to that of the city, but without a decent vehicle (Linden has the keys to their car thus rendering it inoperable), she is getting nowhere fast.

Yes I took the dinosaur home.

Trials and tribulations await our poor Lana, whom desires to find her husband.
Yet Lana, mad enough to live in a bunker, knows preperation is key to everything.

For a long journey... Lana is going to need a very, very decent vehicle.

I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
Lana woke up in the middle of that night due a nightmare.

A nightmare that Linden might be dead.
A zombie!
No such thing can be true... He is a brave, charismatic and logical man. Surely he is alive, like her!
And immune! The TV said people can be immune!...

... Better go find him. Just in case.

After the morning came, Lana began to pack away everything of value in the bunker into the fire truck.

Everything that could not fit inside the fire truck, Lana placed in the entryway.
Perhaps she may return for it once she finds Linden.

That day, the TV broadcasts stopped.

Now a difficult question:
Where would Linden be?

To find out, Lana broke into their family car (he has the keys after all).
And what she found shocked her!

A bong!
Did Linden smoke weed without her knowing?!
Somewhat annoyed, she also found a map of Pitstop.
A clue!

Now Pitstop is quite the ways away, sadly. Close to Maldraugh. Right now, Lana is between West Point and Louisville.

Regardless: It was the best clue Lana had to finding Linden.
That night, Lana slept soundly for the last time she would live in that isolated bunker in safety.

The next morning, it was quite foggy. But that didn't matter. Lana had to leave.

Just outside West Point, Lana took a look at the condition of the fire truck outside the wheel shop on the edge of the city.

Absolutely not because she may have accidently hit a landpost.

Oh dear.
The fire truck was filled with many supplies that could last Lana quite some time, but that is useless if the thing breaks down.
Lana is high on hopes, however, that it will go as far as it can.

She kept driving out of West Point along the highway.
She had to stop to investigate this strange man in a strange attire..

...And stopped at a crossing for gas.
The gas station was also infested with dinosaurs.

Clearing out the area, there was some pretty decent vehicles around and supplies- but nothing noteworthy.
No vehicle had keys. No food would last long.
She spent the night in a Spiffos freezer room.

It was inside said freezer room she realised why there were so many dinosaur props around...

...It was an advertisment for Jurassic Park!

(the game is set in 1993, the same year Jurassic Park was released)

I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
The next morning, Lana went through a clothing store at the crossroads and got some better attire.

To keep moving was important.
Time was, potentially, of the essence.
The problem was: the roads often looked like this:

Thankfully most of the vehicles in the road were kind enough not to be on the outside of the road, allowing Lana to drive the fire truck around the edge of the highway passed all the wrecks. The next town over is Chinatown.

I do not have many screenshots of the two days Lana has currently spent in Chinatown.
Mostly because it was one zombie group at a time.

It is worth checking here for Linden.

Chinatown seems to have been the site of a refugee and military camp.
They were very well stocked and each zombie seems to be carrying a gun with ammo.

Lana took a military poncho from this camp-- and swears to come back for the weaponry when it is more viable.
The fire truck is full up, after all. She has nowhere to put this all.

That night, she set up a tent in the kitchen of a Chinese takeaway.

About half the journey was done.

The next half might be quite difficult, she reflected. Maldruagh's highway runs straight through the town.
There will be hordes. The fire truck, if it breaks down, might not be safe.
It is, after all, quite beaten up..

Thus, Lana decides to stay in Chinatown for a bit longer, in hopes of finding a better vehicle.

I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
Chinatown has much to offer.
The undead are few and the rewards great.
Through each building, a seemingly fully stocked supply of everything one would need.
As if ordained by God himself.

Though God is not on Lana's side.

A helicopter flew over.
It was the first one Lana had seen since leaving the bunker. Jets are plenty, but a helicopter?
Lana rushed out to greet it--...

..Only to be shot.

What followed was a horde that decended upon Lana and an eager escape.
The bandages held the bleeding back, the bullet needed to be removed right away.
Lana narrowily escaped the horde and found some tweezers in a hotel bathroom.

Thus, Lana would not strain herself too much for the next few days.
Dolting about Chinatown, from tent to apartment, clearing only the safest of undead-
-whilst remaining as clean as possible.

Perhaps by shock of the attack, Lana did fall sick one night.

So very, very sick.

That night, as Lana lay in bed, she could only hope that she did not perish.
Why did the helicopter shoot at her? She very clearly was not a zombie.
What if they fired upon all within Knox County now?
What of her poor Linden?
She lay in bed that night in fear of her life..

Thankfully by the morning, whatever was causing Lana to be severely sick cleared up.

Honestly, out of character, I have no idea what caused this or why it healed so fast.

Exploring more of Chinatown, Lana found a rather peculiar arrow pointing towards a manhole.

It seemed before everyone died, they used the sewers for movement.

In normal vanilla zomboid, this manner of gameplay is unthinkable. Very impressive!
Clever! For a day and a bit, Lana would travel through the sewer system to explore.
It seemed to lead her to good fortune.

Though Lana was only currently taking with her the most vital of items needed for survival.
After all: she is not seeking a home.
She is seeking a vehicle to reach Pitstop to find Linden!
Chinatown was a wonderful place for supplies, but Lana has to move on very soon.

Chinatown, Lana reflected, is a lovely place.
Perhaps after she finds Linden, she can return her-- clear it of undead-- and perhaps find a place to stay.

After surviving her bullet wound, Lana did find a new vehicle.
By fortune, a key was on the floor beside a very intact van!

Some preperations would need to be made.
The tires needing pumping. The fire truck emptied.
But ultimately: Lana has found the vehicle she will use to reach Pitstop.
Soon, she shall continue her journey.



An Alteran Bard
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I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
All in all, it was not that long of a drive.
Whilst no signpost was present to state where I was: I knew this was Pitstop.

There is much to say about Pitstop.
It does not have as many zombies as Chinatown. It seems, in places, devoid of unliving-- where the living obviously took shelter once.

This place, too, has Jurassic Park advertisments.

The stores are decent.
Lana got some new camping gear for later-- as well as a complete set of Adidas.
A helicopter went over whilst she was browsing clothes, but after being shot, she is absolutely not risking it.

The first night, Lana spent in the library's office.
The library had plenty of knowledge to offer Lana in this trying time.

Even if questionable.

The second day of scouting for Linden in Pitstop bore some fruit, albeit an almost deadly one.
On the south side of the town, there is a large building-- a convention center, probably.
It is teeming with hordes and undead.

Since the van is stuck at the town's entrance behind that barrier, Lana 'took' a Toyoto and found an apartment for the night.

It was that night Lana came up with a plan.
The convention center-- or whatever it is-- was the most populated location of Pitstop.
Perhaps Linden was attending an event there!
Even if all that remains is undead, she must find a clue to his whereabouts.. or worse, 'find him' there.

The next day, Lana got into her vehicle-- and began driving through the zombies.

Now Lana did not have a gun.

But a gun certainly would have been helpful, for she did not expect the sheer amount of undead swarming out.

Whilst she ran down all these zombies, a song was playing by cassette in the car-- which she had never heard before.
Honestly, I had never heard this song before in my life.
And oddly: it suited the situation in her search for Linden and her madness in killing hordes of undead.

After running zombies down all morning and afternoon, the evening came.
Her car broke.

Deciding it best to head back into the town proper for some sleep and food, she left the convention center for that day.
However, she will be back tomorrow.
This is her best lead to find Linden.

I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
Lana returned to the next day with a big iron on her hip.

As she moved to pick up where she left off, a helicopter crashed nearby.

A brief investigation to the helicopter was a waste of time, however.
Aside from the rotors, there were no debris. It blew up-- and could not be found. No loot to speak of.

The next few days for Lana would be difficult. Before leaving the bunker, Lana wanted to live out her life in isolation, far from zombies.
But that is just not the game.

Linden's whereabouts are here somewhere. She needs to get to it.

One horde at a time.

The night of the fourth day trying to clear this place, Lana risked actually staying in the center itself.
She got a decent nights sleep to resume the spree of elimations tomorrow.

It was the next day that Lana could actually find out what this place was.
Why there were so many people here before the outbreak.
Why Linden might have been here.

A convention must have been happening here.
A convention to what? Lana does not yet know.
Yet judging by the mimes and masses of people with all manner of expensive vehicles, probably not about Linden's weed habits.
The place was proving more dangerous the more hordes Lana cut through. There seemed no end of them.
But Lana needed a clue. She will search this place top to bottom, even if it takes an entire week to clear this place.

On the upside, she did find a rather nice German-brand van with a key.


I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
Jets keep flying overhead.

Another day trying to clear this 'convention' center.
Sleeping in that bedroll is giving Lana a stiff neck.

There was no real clues.
Just more undead. Too many.
This might have been a wasted trip. It was worth leaving this hellhole and trying to find more clues around the town proper.
Lana found a cool new vehicle.

Before leaving the convention area, one more night in a storage closet was in order.
Her theory that this was a 'weed convention' might not have been far off, though..

That morning, Lana could not get decent sleep.
Too many zombies nearby making noise. She was scared they would find her. Early in the morning, she had to leave.

Entering the town, there were shocking scenes where people tried to survive.

But nothing to help her find Linden

She did find this monster of a vehicle, however.

Sadly no key. If she could hotwire this beast, it would prove a powerful thing indeed.

The truck has a back you can enter which is its own seperate worldspace, giving the feel of an actual mobile home.

Sadly, no clues of Linden in the entire town.

It was time to go 'home.'
Wherever home was.
The bunker might be safer, but she would go mad in isolation. It was not ideal for locating supplies, so far out, neither.
Her best bet right now is returning to Chinatown and figuring out her next steps.

On the way out of town, she found a gunstore: but the sledgehammer she has is back at the blockade, the entrance to town.
Another time, then
Especially if she needs guns.

About to leave the town, she saw one vehicle she could not ignore.
The lime coloured lowriver was abandoned for something more.... Fun.

Back at the blockade, she cleared enough space to fit through.

The ECHO-1 will have to stay here for now.
Maybe she'll come back for it. Seems like a really good vehicle.

For now: the van is full of supplies. Its time to go back to Chinatown.


I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
Life is tough.

When leaving Pitstop and getting two minutes down the road, a helicopter flew overhead.
It began opening fire on the van.
Quickly and dangerously, Lana managed to escape into a bar.

Unfortunately the undead are attracted to gunfire.
Thankfully the helicopter moved off swiftly.
Rule of thumb: if the helicopter speaks out asking where survivors are: answer. If not? Run.

Deciding it was too dangerous to continue driving, Lana took another side-road back towards Pitstop.
She is glad she did. She found very few undead and some very good vehicles.

And very few undead, as it is so close to the Convention Center and the crashed helicopter, the zombies have all moved off.

This bus could probably be very powerful if Lana knew how to craft these things.

Deciding to sleep in the van for the night, it was a surprise to Lana to find the van had always had access to the emergency radio.
Now she'll always know the weather, at least.

The emergency broadcast continues throughout all the game unlike all other stations and tells you the weather. The MHz is different for each world. This is a good find!

Waking up early, the journey headed back to Chinatown.
Lana intended to make a detour south to see what was that way, but it was too congested and zombiefied.

The drive back to Chinatown didn't take long.
But what followed was very upsetting for Lana.
A horde heard the van and rushed towards her-- greeting her with open arms back to Chinatown.
She tried to escape, but got trapped in a building.
The only way out was a window.

A window that fell two stories.

Thankfully Lana had what she needed to quickly heal up, but the wound is going to take a long time to heal.
Limping around and not able to move far for the time being.
Thus: the search for a 'home' began.

And Lana... might have found a good place...


I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
Whilst treating Lana's wounds, an interesting option opened up.

That should help heal the wound faster.
In the meantime, this place needs to be cleaned up


That is better.

A wonder that a single day work achieves.
This factory's kitchen upstairs might make a good bedroom too.
Will have to find the furnishings though.

Another day and the place is looking fancier.

Those pallets are annoying though.

So very annoying, in fact, they could not be removed by saw or sledgehammer.
So I was forced to download the Cheat Menu to try and remove them.

That didn't work.
For some reason, these pallets were tiles rather than objects, which is.. odd.
I got around it by 'painting' a terraforming over it.

Plenty of space!
Maybe a sofa, some carpet and a table... maybe a workshop?
Lana really has a lot of space to work with now.

This could be a nice home afterall.


I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
Things need doing.

Fuel needed storin'.

Work needs to be doin'.

The next few days for Lana consisted of mastering her understanding of carpentry.
And.. finding new things to fill her home with.
A radio was set to the emegency broadcast, same as the van.

Home sweet home.

Its really coming along...


I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
There is not a lot Lana can do at the moment.
Her injuries, severe as they are, rapidly healing thanks to the injections.
Yet as she creates a new home for herself, the skies are not quiet.
The risk of being shot again is quite high.

Lana is very quite aware that the undead presence cannot be natural.
The US military would not do this to their own, right?
Perhaps it was another country...
Perhaps those jets flying overhead are not American?

Oh Linden.. what would you say to these theories?
All this stress.. the pain from the wounds..

Hey. This is pretty good.

Lana spent the next few days adding more to the new home.
Clearing zombies that stray into new lands.
It was important to find a non-electric stove and a bed for long-term survival.

Tomorrow Lana will venture to make the home more secure on the outside.
Today, however, Lana fears the increasing presence of the outside world.

How can she not?
It is important to wear plenty of layers of protection, she reflects...

..and whilst dressing for the grand task ahead--

--the radio says something quite disturbing.

Rogue law enforcement.
So that is it.

Lana is in the Wild West now.

I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
This should keep the zeds out for a little while.

Not many zombies around this area anymore since I dealt with them.
A simple gate for now should help wonders.

Since Lana is still healing from her injuries, she would take it easy, looting the surrounding Chinatown.

It leads to some very interesting places, too.
Chinatown is genuinely a really wonderful place to live!
It used to be, anyway.

Lana continued building her home:

Whilst taking it easy, there is much to learn.
Metalwork is something she simply needs to learn.
Thus, whilst reading about how to bend metal...

An airdrop?
A quick walk through the forest and, sure enough, an airdrop!

Taking the loot from the government back home, Lana would open the boxes.

What she discovered was that the government was in crumbles.
Civilization beyond this county is in ruins.
That she may be one of the last out here... alone and surrounded by the dead.

The supplies were nice, though.
Plenty of medical supplies, about two weeks worth of MRE's, packaged water and some radios!

Yet not even a day later...

A very large explosion nearby.
Lana went out into the rain to investigate.

and, uh... Wow.

There was not much loot from the fallen helicopter, sadly.
The explosion attracted some undead, but nothing Lana couldn't handle.

Here is Lana's home progress!

Made a little kitchen.
This feels much more homely, even if the walls fade out when you are not stood right next to them.


I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
Lana has been recovering well from the gunshot wound and deep fall.
Spending some learning crafts and building her home- the wounds have healed fast- especially thanks to the injections.

One of the few things Lana has been mastering is the art of metalworking, in hopes of scraping up some armour.

From the fallen helicopter on the tracks, she managed to get this decent jacket that should help if those helicopters come back--

--Overall, creating armour has been an expensive process.
Thankfully, Lana had access to many metal plates, given the fact she decided to build her home in a literal factory.

A short excursion was made to pick up that amazing mobile home from nearby.
It is in decent condition, but unfortunately, it drives about as well as a drunk transformer.

The front is too large and keeps hitting things it otherwise should miss.
It is also extremely hard to turn.
This may be stating the obvious, but with all those wrecks on the road, it won't do any good.

But that is OK.

Lana had her eyes on... another vehicle she saw in Chinatown itself...

A quality, reliable vehicle.
Part of Lana felt attatched to this vehicle for some reason.
Thus, she took it home.

Not much needed to be done to it. Just a full tank of gas and a charged battery. The tyres pumped up.

All it needed now was a name.

Lana decided to call it Midnight Freedom.

It was very lucky to find this car again!
Lana first used it back in my first playthrough, then her successor found it and used it too~!


A dilema swirrled within Lana.

She had a home now.
Enough supplies to survive until the end of the world itself.
A generator for when electricity runs out. Renewable water sources.
Easily, she could set up a farm and solar panels, too.

But for as good as a plan that was, for as much as Lana wanted to survive...

...Linden wasn't here.

The helicopters flying overhead were a constant reminder that Linden could be alive.
So Lana was going to find him.
Even if that meant driving forever as a wanderer.

So Lana made certain her gear was ready--

--That her trunk was full of supplies and her favourite songs were in the glove compartment.
Her bag full of ammo.

She said goodbye to her home, hoping to see it again one day.

On this stormy night...

Lana rides out on her journey.


I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
(( also the fact this car looks like the vehicle from my favourite song OOCly and Lana SOMEWHAT resembles an apocolyptic warrior, I cannot tell you how happy I am with this ))


I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
The journey begins!

Kentucky is a big state.

And despite how little we have explored, it has always been a dangerous place.

The first stop on this journey is a place Lana always wanted to visit.
A new vehicle like this?
She could not resist.

Just outside Maldraugh is a rather lovely raceway-- a lot better than the one she saw just outside her bunker where all this began.

Sadly, it seems shut.

Oh well.
We will open it up in the morning.
For now, a tent in the stands-- a cold, wet night.

The next morning, entrance was gained.
Nothing stands between Lana.
Especially not when she has a sledgehammer she got from Pitstop.

After a few laps around the race course, Lana realised-- there were no zombies in this place.
Perhaps if she was to find Linden, Chinatown might not have been the best place to go. This place is!
The tall fence around the place prevents much access.

Though she was just here to have fun, she did notice the garage.
After gaining entrance via breaking a window and going through the back, she found the garage full of vehicle parts!

Crazy, right?

That day, Lana spent the whole day working on her new vehicle to make it as good as new.

That night was a comfortable night.
Midnight Freedom, her new car, was in almost perfect condition.
She felt much better about driving it further distances now.

Not that it was in poor condition in the first place. A cherry on top!

Before leaving the raceway, Lana wanted to make sure her visit was remembered for days to come.


I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
Lana headed south.
Hopefully there was a way out of this State full of zombies. The helicopters and jets-- they proved everything was still out there!

The next state over is Eerie Country.

Unfortunately for Lana, it became quickly apparent there this was not a safe zone.
Quite the opposite.
Thankfully... she came armed.

It seems everyone was actually trying to get out of Eerie Country rather than in.
That told Lana everything she needed to know about the state of the world beyond.

And so after clearing out the general area and locking herself behind barricaded doors, she took a rest before deciding to head back into Kentucky.

Driving north, she saw a sign she couldn't ignore.

The Rosewood Prison.
It is a shot in the dark; but what if Linden had been arrested?
As far as she knew, him smoking weed was illegal after all. The one place he would go is prison. Even if she was wrong, there would be tons of people trying to hide behind the safety of metal bars right? Zombies cannot eat metal, surely?

Lana drove to the Rosewood prison and unfortunately found it in a state like the rest of Kentucky.

She was quickly cut off from her vehicle by hordes.

She fought into the night.

For each bit of progress she made, another flock too their place.
Yet in the early hours of that morning, illuminated by nothing but her lamp and the streetlamps...
She stood upon a mountain of corpses.

And yet she felt quickly ill.

Grabbing a mask from a zombie and putting it on, she rushed away from the piles of bodies-- assuming that was the reason she felt ill.
Lana took sanctuary in one of the prison towers.

Yet the illness did not let up.

Lana did not know why she was suddenly dying like this.
So rapidly, within only a matter of two hours, she went from perfect health-- the perfect undead slayer-- to so sick, she could not move.
In that moment, she considered.

What if Linden returned to the bunker?

What if she had never left?
Would he have come back?
Was... any of this worth it?

Lana's journey had come to an end.

She did not know why, in those last moments, why she had to die.
What was the cause?

Perhaps Lana should have listened to the TV...

...She simply was not immune to the airborne disease.