Upcoming {August 23rd, 3:30 PM CST, Violent} Astrakhan Enters The Fray


Upon hearing that the outbreak has landed in Linlea, the Basileos of Astrakhan, Theodosius, has decided to rally his best soldiers and anyone else willing to join him in an expedition to Linlea. There, they hope to alleviate the situation with some stocks of food and medical supplies. Infected birds are apparently aware of their march north, and it is likely they will be assaulted en route. The caravan does not know of the spies in the sky, but they do expect stiff resistance from the infected once they reach Linlea.

OOC: This Event is going to be hosted by Elz as a part of the Forlorn campaign. Mains are encouraged to come, though I assume temps are allowed if your main can’t make it. In the event of temps, I would suggest going as a legionary (I have skins!), but again, that’s not required. Mercenaries would likely have been hired to bolster their numbers, so that’s another suggestion for temps.