The Moor Elves


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(Disclaimer on Flesh Eating: Its considered utterly sickening and barbaric to do anything like Blood drinking and eating people in Public, its a private vice that a lot of Moor Elves take part in, drinking blood in public wouldn't be acceptable)
-Quick Profile-
Deities -
Kilrox, Skraag, Jishrim
Location - The Swamps of Altera/ Heavily urbanized areas
Houses - Clan's Zima'Maloj, Natrizi'ma, Patriol'za, ect
Friends - Sour Humans, Evil Elves, Greylings, Earthspawn
The Moor Elves.

Build- They retain the height of their ancestors along with some added build due to heavy grafting that is part of Moor Elven society. They also posses rather long fingers, though it has been disputed that Grief implemented this for one of her evil plans, nothing has been taken the prove this

Hair/Eyes/Voice- The hair can range from black as coal to white as snow, their eyes are either in dark purples or just fully black. The voice of a Moor Elf is rough and hard, liken to the cockney London accent, while the females will be like the males though softer and more feminized and some words are ended with a purr at the end of the sentence.

Skin- .The skin of a Moor Elf is a important factor in their society with Grey and Black skinned individuals been prioritized over those with lighter skin. Normally children born into noble castes with light skin are generally disregarded, abandoned or even killed as they are considered inferior.

With the death of Grief, Moor Elves skin fluctuated with current elves skins changing hues to colors such as: Brown, Grey, Black, Dark Purple

Hearing- Their hearing is just the same as any other Elves, but with a slight change, which allows them to fully understand Mok'yra. Their ears are pointed horizontally or diagonally and are normally very pointed at the end.

Eyesight- Moor Elven eyes has a evolved a layer of protective skin over them which protects their eyes from the disease ridden moisture of the swamps where they reside. They see just as well as other Elves but have been known to see better in the dark due to them been a dark race that would live in the shadows with the Greylings and Earthspawn.

Lifespan- A Moor Elves lifespan can range from 250- 320 the late life can depend on how the Elf has lived over the years, if he has lived a life clean of drink and vices he could live up to 330 but this is highly unlikely due to the brutality of the society they live in.

Pregnancy- Fertility rates in Moor Elven society are higher than normal due to Grief requiring high amounts of soldiers. Though it is celebrated , it is no way as special as what it would e in a SIlver or Forest Elven society. The ovulation cycle of a Moor Elf dictates that they can become pregnant after 5 or so years, longer for the older women.

While the Moor Elves retain a fierce outlook, they are generally nice to those equal or above them, they will act civil and engage in activities with them. though they look upon those in the lower classes as inferior to them.

Moor Elves are naturally sadistic, they will take joy in other peoples pain and Noble houses will often keep slaves servants these servant are kept as the lowest of the low, they are beaten and defiled by their masters and often don't live beyond 100 years, MoorElves are totally accepting of enslavement as for them it is a fact of life, the weaker are enslaved by the more powerful.

In families the Moor Elves are in massive extended families know as Clans, these are things such as Natrizi'ma, all Moor Elves serve the Patriarch and Matriarch of the Clan and take on the name Tel'[Clan Name] Which means servant in Mok'yra. Sibling rivalries are often common especially among the two elder boys who vie for the appreciation of their father and the affection of their mother.

Moor Elves will be very vicious in acts of violence, cannibalizing is often common on a fallen foe. Gory deaths and laughing is often common against the most reviled of enemy.


Habitat- Moor Elves worship the swamps. they have thrived and lived there for centuries, these swamps low waterways and peat bogs are the main source of income for the race. The peasants will live in the squalor and will live under the tree's of the swamp. while The upper class will be use to places with a single spire extending up into the clouds.

Social Hierarchy- Moor Elves have a caste society with:
  • Upper Caste is the ruling Caste and control the solider caste, they live in palaces or mansions. (Exclusively Pureblood)
  • Solider Caste live in the Clan barracks a massive underground complex that houses the Clan militia. The high ranking men are prized among women (Comprised of Tel' and Pureblood demoted Tel')
  • Middle Caste are laborers and shop owners some work serving jobs for the upper class, those wish to advance must enlist in the clan militia. (comprised entirely of Tel')
  • Lower Caste are laborers and farmers, though mistreated they are the backbone of the society, building homes and growing crops for the higher castes (Comprised Entirely of Tel')
  • Slaves, well its whats on the tin, lowest of the low: can not advance in society. (Comprised Entirely of Tel')
Clothing- Moor Elven attire ranges by caste
  • Upper Class wear fine and unrestricted silks and satin's often in blues and blacks, women would wear long elegant dresses while men would wear silk trousers and shirts
  • Cottons and burlap trousers and waistcoats are worn by Middle classes.
  • Lower Caste wear rags and other peasant gear
  • Slaves caste if given clothes would cloth rags.
Music- The Moor Elves are massive fans of Opera's and instrumental pieces, these reflect the somewhat class that is left in the society. String quartets will often accompany meals and there is often a Violinist or a Fiddler in a local tavern.

Art- Art is scorned and burned. though captured art is sold off to the owners if they have not been enslaved. Moor Elves will decorate their bodies with numerous tattoo's to make themselves seem different, its considered as a style not art.

Food- Foods are often rich and have many aroma's and textures, while peasants deal with stews and bread. Caviar and other expensive foods are loved by the upper class as they are a sign of decadence.

Agriculture- The Elves work as a subsistence farmers, and rarely trade with others, they consolidate anything they have and make more of it, just because they are essentially in self exile, not wishing to converse with the others races. They grows mainly arable crops along with meats, Fishing is common for looking for caviar and fish for extravagant dishes.

Common religious beliefs- The most commonly worshiped gods are the evil trio which consists of Skraag, Jishrim and Kilrox, many Moor worship these and get the vigils of their Patrons on their backs to show undying servitude, those in more isolated towns will still be worshiping Grief, even though she is dead.

Views on magic- Magic is often practiced by females with unblocked conduits though males are often have spent time practicing Necromancy for Skraag.
Though a lot focus on physical prowess and having Magick as a back-up.

Industry- Moor Elven industry relies solely on Farming, Pitch Rigging and Smithing of exotic weapons and armor, this keeps their economy afloat as all their exports are unique and in demand, especially their weapons

Male names- Andras, Ash, Amuni, Belrix, Koldros
Female names- Isabet, Harleen, Bella, Esmeralda


Battle-etiquette- Antagonistic methods are a main focal point in their battle-etiquette, as a angry enemy is a unfocused enemy and a unfocused enemy is a dead enemy. However Moor Elves will always make sure that they make the first move.

They are know to find the enemies places of retreat, such as the Forest Elves tree's and burn them to the ground or they will sack a shrine built by the Silver Elves in a effort to break their resolve. Devious and underhand, pawns of the armies will often break rank without warning a follow their friends into what they think is a better tactic, this can capitalize or jeopardize the battle either way.

Common weapons consist of:
  • Moor Elven War Axes, they are lightweight and easy to move but lack in sheer force, yet can easily cleave through Bogstrider Armor
  • Moor Elves are very fond of Falchion's as they employ a fast and sharp edge. The flat of the blade is also very useful for beating someone with it
  • Vambrace Blades are often used by Officers in the Militia not only as a sign of rank but as a sign of courage, to show that he is not afraid to come close and slaughter the enemy.
  • Numerous other weapons have been adapted by Moor Elves to be more lightweight and therefore easy to use in a society where physical prowess is valued more-so over Magick.
Tactics- Moor Elves favor hit and run tactics, these have been shown in numerous skirmishes with other Elves in which the shadows attack high value leaders or checkpoints inflict as much damage as possible and then disappear into the night, suffice that said they always attack during nighttime when the enemy are least expecting it, squads are in around about 11 with the 1 been the commander.

Armor- Armor is a complicated thing to make in Moor Elven society, no one but the Clan Smiths know how it is made and this secret is guarded with their lives. Its composition deflects normal arrows and somehow manages to stop smaller arrows such as Bodkins without any major injury. This armor favors their hit and run tactics and isn't that restricting. Those on swamp missions will wear a different set armor compared to the other set.
NOTE: Moor Elven armor is very hard to acquire, it must be forged by a clan smith and it is literally terrible for Melee, you might as well used butter
Bog-standard Armor

Bogstrider (A specialized unit in the militia essentially swamp scouts)

Basic Principle-
Moor Elven Clans are the main basis point for judging someone, if they are from a small clan they aren't important but if they are from a big clan that's another story, Moor Elven clan paternity often shows what sought of person they are. A example would be if someone is from a clan know for sadism and magick, they may value magick over physical prowess and be very sadistic. Clans are the Moor Elves extended family, they are the people who will aid you in your time of need, in the Clan's their are two factions, The Pure-bloods which are the original founders of the clans descendants and the Tel', which are clan-less Moor Elves that have adopted the name and have worked as servants, militia and peasants for that clan.

From Pureblood to Tel' and vice versa - Pure-bloods that have angers the ruling body of a clan, either the Patriarch or the Matriarch may be sentenced to demotion to the Tel' faction, though this isn't always the case, to serve in the army you must be a Tel' as Purebloods are considered far too valuable to lose. Any Tel' that shows himself worthy and embodies the pure clan principals can be eligible to be uplifted to the status of Pure-blood, or you can be a Tel' and marry into the Pure-bloods automatically making you a Pure-blood.

Facts on Clans-
  • Clans become defunct when all male members die. and go extinct when all the Pure-bloods are dead or in the case of females married off.
  • The Tel' of a dead clan will often split apart and find a new clans to serve
  • All Clan Capitals are named after the Clan
Caste Ascension in Moor Elven Society- Moor Elves are naturally industrious and will often try to become more powerful, in the case of many of the Tel', those with shops becoming rather large enterprises will often be noticed by the Patriarch and been uplifted to Pure-blood status. However those who rank above Captain in clan Militia's Tel' or Pure-blood and will often be raised to Pure-blood of the clan they are serving by the Patriarch.

But who watches the watchers? (Moor Elven Nation)- The Moor Elven Kingdom is the lands of all the clans put together, this is ruled by a Overlord of such called the Tol'ko, the Patriarch of the most powerful clan at the time of founding, he watches over the clans to make sure that his kingdom isn't put into jeopardy. When a Tol'ko dies he is succeeded by his heir which he names, this heir is always a boy but in the time of transition, Moor Elves been Moor Elves will often secede and it is up to the Tol'ko's Militia to re-establish the kingdom which is always successful with the Tol'ko's clan been the most advanced.
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Can someone please move this to players handbook and delete the second edition Corrupted Elves lore

Also~: @Ced Yo' punk ass Forest Elves got nothin' on me~


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Can someone please move this to players handbook and delete the second edition Corrupted Elves lore

Also~: @Ced Yo' punk ass Forest Elves got nothin' on me~
Not even scared bro, come at me-

Nice lore, by the way ;) I suppose it is about time I updated the Forest Elves...


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Okay, so to update this:

The original author has disavowed the work on the race - this means that I'm going to be looking for a new caretaker and, potentially, a re-take of the racial lore.
As I've finally got the forum permissions for this there will be a section constructed promptly.

This page is considered deprecated and will be re-done when the Moor Elves have a caretaker again.


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Why was this moved?
It's also been disvowed by the Lore Team and no longer has a place in the Official Lore. Similarly, it no longer holds any kind of weight on the lore. We're likely going to find another writer/write-up for the Moor Elves.

Thank you for your contributions so far, however! :)


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To clarify, this was done because it was passed off. We can find the quote somewhere, but it was my understanding that you wanted nothing more to do with the lore of the race... We've made races go extinct for similar reasons, so I just wanted to make sure that we had essentially a coherent view on Moor Elves, so we didn't have to phase them out, too.


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I passed off the Moor elves to @solusrequiem . She was the new caretaker overseeing this lore. This does seem quite disrespectful after I put so much effort into this and the race themselves just because I passed the race off to solus and she assured me the race would not change, much.


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I passed off the Moor elves to @solusrequiem . She was the new caretaker overseeing this lore. This does seem quite disrespectful after I put so much effort into this and the race themselves just because I passed the race off to solus and she assured me the race would not change, much.
I'm sorry, but I don't think you understand that passing something on to someone else is not your decision, and, in fact, is part of the problem - I feel that people tend to get too personally invested in things and consider them "Theirs" and it leads to problems whenever things need to be changed, especially when they are major world components, and it's part of the reason why we transitioned to different background in the first place.

It is the lore team's decision who, if anyone, would be working on new lore for the Moor Elves. Solus, however, is strongly recommended by substantially more people than yourself and is the person I will be approaching anyways - because they are the best option, not because you have stated it or because they will remain "Unchanged."

I want them changed.

I do not personally like where the Moor Elves went - they reminded me too much of the Dark Eldar of Warhammer 40k and they basically got written off as "Villains" by the server population at large, removing a chance for anything more interesting to work. Especially when things got overly silly with the, ahem, dietary habits.

I called them Moor Elves and not Dark Elves for a reason - I've been involved in fantasy since Forgotten Realms and standard Dark Elves have just been, well, overused, and I was hoping they'd be taken in a different direction. I don't check every section of the forum every day, so I didn't notice that what I initially approved kept being modified in a direction I found distasteful until it was beyond my ability to change, because if someone is enjoying something I try not to step on toes. But when you declare you don't want to be involved anymore, well, there's a chance for change on a wide basis and I'm going to take that chance as presented.

I'm sorry for having to be blunt, but I feel the need to completely and utterly shut down the notion of people owning or molopolizing a race and their lore - it's what happened with the Nakam and Valcust and they kept being changed without any communication with the actual lore team, to the point that Kavdek had mechsuits. Once a race basis is approved it is not grounds to make further changes or additions without checking, and it tends to make people react strongly whenever something that is, "Theirs" is changed.

Any modifications to race lore at this point need to go through a revision/change request, as though they were part of a codebase, like work presently being undertaken on the Silver Elves by a few people, under consultation with @Faelin.

There is no disrespect meant, but I am sorry about the need to clarify how things are going to be done in the future.


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I think you'll find, I called them Moor Elves.

I wrote the extended lore down in order to have some actual evil on the server, which was severely lacking at the time it was wrote. You removed the Harlequins under the basis they "were ripped off Warhammer 40k" without even looking into Harlequins.

Harlequins in 40k: guard a library of forbidden knowledge and are used as mercenaries by Eldar Forces
Moor Elven Harlequins: Jishrim worshipers who dressed up in Jester suits for shock effect.

And i'm sorry for being blunt, but if you had a problem with how I wrote them, I was a forum message away. but no, you just ripped them away from the Lore, now there is am massive gap in a lot of peoples characters due to this haphazardness. I gave control to Solus to stop this and so the Race would remain stable. I have had countless people messaging me about making "Special Snowflake" characters and asking if it is okay, I have said they have all being okay. The only one I had troubles with was Gaby who wanted to make a Moor Elf who was pretty much just a Forest Elf with Grey skin and just removed the entire concept of playing one.

It says in the Lore, which you approved that Moor Elves are naturally sadistic, however I expected people to use their common sense and suppress it if they didn't want RP it out.

And I did react strongly, because I was not notified that something I put time and effort into was just removed without expecting me to even care. If someone just gutted your entire magick system and put in a easier one without even telling you, would you not be a tiny bit annoyed?

And the last thing about the dietry habits: I have explained several times that not all Moor Elves eat people, only select amount of them do, like a select amount of Guinea tribes used to eat humans, so don't have a go at me saying I made a race of cannibals, because I didn't.

But Hey-ho such is life, I expected this sooner or later, considering that it is common to shoot down pigeon before asking if it has a family, if that makes any sense.


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I am in a state of confusion here, as someone who plays a Moor, may it not be the greatest, he still worked off this lore, so I am confused on weather this will change how my character generally is, and what not, to change IC (Assuming no). If not, what will be of the old Moors?


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I am in a state of confusion here, as someone who plays a Moor, may it not be the greatest, he still worked off this lore, so I am confused on weather this will change how my character generally is, and what not, to change IC (Assuming no). If not, what will be of the old Moors?
Please presume nothing has changed until any changes are done - I called the page "Deprecated" meaning "Out of date" essentially. Moor Elves aren't going anywhere nor do I have a desire to go too far from what we have, but it could use some tweaking, etc and people should know about said tweaking before it occurs.


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Please presume nothing has changed until any changes are done - I called the page "Deprecated" meaning "Out of date" essentially. Moor Elves aren't going anywhere nor do I have a desire to go too far from what we have, but it could use some tweaking, etc and people should know about said tweaking before it occurs.
Thank you, and I understand.


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.. I honestly think it's rather awesome that most evil people come from Moors. It's interesting to have a "villain" race, yet, not all from the race is evil.
Makes up for many possible misunderstandings in RP, which expands ideas and some possibilities, of how a character might react to a Moor, DUE to the fact they're known evil.
So there's nothing wrong with Moor elves being "dark" elves. Thought it was the point of them, seeing as they got corrupted in the first place, by Grief.
Just saying.