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Inactive Victor Roichstead "The General"

The Tottot

Lord of Altera
Victor Roichstead

"The Chosen"

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Key Info:
Age: Looks to be in his late 20's or early 30's
Gender: Male
Race: 100% Pure Hu-Man
Social Status: Father
Sexuality: Loves the ladies...
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 250 lbs
Current Home: Living in Mockingbay

Deaths: 2

Mother: Mary Roichstead (Deceased)
Father: Vander Roichstead (Murdered)
Sisters: Nyssa & Maelin Roichstead (Alive and well)
Brother: Damien Roichstead (Alive and well)

Qualities and Flaws:

+ Large Build - Can deal and be dealt plenty of damage
+ Sweet Nature - Sweet and loving, does his best not to harm the innocent
+ Trained in the use of battleaxes - Chop chop
+ Trained hunter - Gonna sniff you out...
+ Bilingual - Speaky many language

+ Very Trusting - Women have betrayed his trust one too many times
+ Occasional Back Problems - Due to large growth
+ Can't read

+ Illiterate - Speaks in the third person and a lot of what he says isn't understandable

+ Common
+ Fae

+ Warrior
+ Hunter
+ Knight
+ Trainer
+ Leader
+ General

Strengths & Abilities
+ Has trained in the art of fighting with battle-axes and seeks to learn pole-arms and swords
+ Uses a bow often
+ In his armor he moves at a relatively swift pace
+ Without his armor he can run like a bull


+ As stated earlier... Runs like a bull
+ Can withstand extreme temperatures

+ Has gone days without eating but it isn't his favorite thing... Left him bedridden but he can do it

First Aid:
+ Rub some dirt on it

+ Put it on a fire and wait a while

Social Skills:
+ Pretty much everyone he knows likes him...

Prized Possessions
+ A large piece of glowstone with the dimensions of a goat head with a third eye
+ His steel battle-axe and plate armor
+ Red Tailed Hawk he's raised
+ His cave... Very roomy! He welcomes all his friends...
+ Most of all his lady . . .

RELATIONS: (Under work)(Boop me to be added)
Essie - "You have become the calm to the storm that is my life . . . Let's just go with it." Nidari
Sugar - "I cannot even look at you . . . What have you done?" Ruulu
Azgir - "You've got kids now . . . Good for you! Now make some time for hunting." Jasper151627237
Kam - "I'm sure I could take you in a fight . . . I am sure . . . Totally . . . Yep . . . Definitely could . . . I think? Kamaoe
Roy - "A smith who now works out of Mockingbay . . . He will be most useful." CyberChaosV2
Illthilior - "You persist to make moves on my lover . . . Best be careful Illthilior." Tempy_
Raphael - "It's been a while." Raphael_Payne
Jacob - "You seem to be enjoying yourself with lady Nia . . . Break her heart and I will break you . . ." Sir Saltington
Tsarra - "You once made potions for me yet I have not yet found you once more . . . Where are you?" Asirel Luik
Maryann - "Bring your devil worship near me or my family again and you will not live to see another day." Delta_61251
Thordil - "You seem to be quite a pissy little man . . . Lots of mockery in your voice." Jasper151627237
The Greyling - "And where do you think you've been!? You owe me some potions!" jakp25
Tidus - ". . .?" IanAwesomePants
Lillium - "I dealt with the Jishrim worshiper and you seem to not mind her existence in the first place . . . Very unappreciative." Cukie1
Wollston - "Master Wollston . . . I do hope to see you get your life together . . . The nation needs some order and I feel you could bring it." Hai_Paladin
Nwalme - "You have attempted my life a number of times . . . All due to my willingness to help others . . . I'm not sure I can help you in this war . . ." blargtheawesome
Sankera - "You may serve to be quite useful in the future . . ." Sankera
Aspen - "I have decided not to put you on my wall . . " JustTooRadical
Gren - "You fish and fish and fish and fish and fish . . ." CthulhuPeople
Sarahn - "You still owe me some work!" ZeroOrgan
Eli - "You translated for the mute one, thank you." Spooksy_

Odette - "You have ran from your problems one too many times . . . My promise still stands . . . But I cannot always be there." Samiwashere
Gabe - "Are you finally gone for good?"

Ronn - "I still owe you an ass whooping you traitor . . ." SirLuamTehDoge
Ava - "You've grown . . . Mostly mentally! I wish you the best in your future endeavors my niece. . ." Joseph12Q
Vlad - "Are you gone yet?" Sir Andrew Wallins
Cymic - "All hail the king of the grapes. . . May he rest in peace." IanAwesomePants
Azariah - "Something has made you disappear . . . Whether it be business or deceit . . . Know that Victor cares for you little one . . ." Asirel Luik
Isabell - "Stay innocent . . ." Ruulu
Althalos - "Screaming man child . . ." Electric
Octavia - "Where have you been?" Samiwashere
Nia - "You be careful with that Jacob boy! Just because he has some facial hair does not make him a man! If he hurts you! YOU LET ME KNOW!!" Lirakitty
Joe - "You have agreed to join my ranks . . . I will hold you to it kid . . . You could become more of a man with this kind of work." The Wanderering Ranger
Soul - "Make wise choices little man! I know you can succeed . . ." SpiritTheLightning
Poe - "Another one to the list! Welcome to the family little one. I like your attitude . . . Though I cannot protect you from your mother for long!" Catena




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