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[Sallana] Anwar Attia


Settling in Altera
IG NAME: adam_unavailable
CHARACTER: Anwar Attia


TIER: Blessed



NAME: Lover’s Chalice
DESCRIPTION: A golden goblet inlaid with rubies, and highly detailed with scenes of merriment and celebration.
EFFECT: Drinking from this goblet invokes a brief moment of happiness, pulling from a precious memory held in high regard. Drinks from this are always delicious, and never harmful.
ITEM HOLDER: Anwar Attia
AESTHETIC: [x] Their body changes slightly, appearing more lithe, their skin soft and exceptionally healthy.
QUIRK: [x] Upon the touching of a nearby plate or bowl, they may summon forth any type of pink, red, or purple fruit upon or within it (apples, bunch of grapes, so on).
STATUS: Growing, teaching.

━━━━━━ ━━━━━━
Show extended worship, with one month OOC since achieving Blessed status. [Completed!]
Must significantly contribute to or host at least two events which are of thematic significance to their divine. [Pending...]
The character should keep something on them that represents their Divine personally. (Items, Clothing, etc) [Completed!]
Must create a small shrine to their Divine, and grant it an offering. [Pending...]
Must have at least five instances in their divine log where they have personally done something significant seen favourably by their Divine separate to the event(s) above. [Pending...]

━━━━━━ ━━━━━━
2021/05/24 Attended a service for Sallana at the cathedral out of curiosity, sparking his interest in the faith.
2021/05/27 Met up with Sophie Velour, continuing to ask questions and getting advice in return.
2021/05/28 Visited the cathedral, praying to Sallana and offering up a bolt of silk along with a bottle of wine, officially changed faiths.
2021/05/28 Started learning how to play the lute from Loriss.
2021/05/29 Visited the Sallana tarp at Praes Divina and wrote a poem dedicated to someone special while sitting under it.
2021/05/29 Built a shrine to Sallana at Praes Divina.
2021/05/29 Offered up the poem at the cathedral.
2021/05/29 Officially became Sophie Velour's student.
2021/05/31 Wrote another love poem and recited it for a crowd at the Frostwarts Ball.
2021/06/01 Took part in a blessing of the Storm's Landing gardens in the name of Sallana, actually ended up meeting Sallana (in bird form).
2021/06/01 Wrote another poem for someone special, offering up the original (including a note addressed to the person who inspired it) at the Sallana shrine and then published a few copies.
2021/06/04 Progressed in his lute lessons with Loriss, he also started taking singing lessons from her.
2021/06/04 Received his own lute to practice with, which he will now play every night.
2021/06/08 Practiced his lute in front of the Sallana shrine in the cathedral for a change in scenery, but also to show worship.
2021/06/25 Helped write a hopeful poem with Sophie Velour to inspire people.
2021/07/23 Ventured into the cathedral with Sophie, Linden, and Lana to retrieve some items from the Sallana shrine. He fond a golden harp and a golden chalice, both of which he's holding on to until the cathedral is safe again.
2021/07/29 Became blessed by Sallana.
2021/08/05 [STEM] was cast twice on Beatrice (an event NPC), the latter time saving her life.
2021/08/05 Returned a sentimental locket to Beatrice after it was taken by her former husband.
2021/08/09 Made a shrine to Sallana in his house in New Sool.
2021/08/09 Started trying to teach himself the harp (Keyword: trying).
2021/09/05 Spoke to Malo Oh'Ee about Sallana, explaining a few of her tenets and giving him advice on arts.
2021/09/17 [DIVINE WORD] was cast, sending a message to Hellmann Kegheart.
2021/09/17 Began teaching Avalyn the lute.
2021/09/20 Designed a tattoo for himself and got it inked onto his chest.
anwar tattoo.png
2021/09/24 Another lute lesson with Avalyn.
2021/09/24 Had a lesson with Malo on Sallana's tenet "Do not betray the love of the one you are bound to, remain faithful.", he also explained his own take on it.

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