[Town] Thorne {Violent}


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Been meaning to update this for awhile, but took the rubbled skeleton of a cathedral and brought it back to life with Sankera
2017-10-13_15.22.59.png 2017-10-13_15.23.04.png 2017-10-13_15.23.11.png 2017-10-13_15.23.20.png 2017-10-13_15.23.52.png
Also, a shot of the castle I took in the morning light

A market pic
A LARGE expansion I'm doing to the West. I have a problem with wheat fields, but I'm trying to make a 'rural' area, since most regions only have wilderness and 'urban'.
ContestedSnow 's new animal pasture
And the work done on Weidedorf (Cow Town) farm homestead


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Death, Despair, Destruction.

A winged beast of immense proportions has brought these to Thorne and more.

The crops rot in the field, influenced by some supernatural blight. Homes have been destroyed or damaged. Duc Bayard is dead, and most of the guard with him.

One of the last true bastions of Lavish culture has been dethroned today.

Its people flee to the four winds, but no solace will be given, no succor found until this menace has been dealt with.

Thorne has no master. And given Lord Bayard's lack of apparent heir, no one knows what will become of these lands.



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Attn: With the death of Henri, and no viable, legal heir, the city of Thorne is up for grabs. Any person or persons that has/have the will and the means to occupy the city may claim it. Naturally, this also means that others may be interested as well, and so your claim may be disputed, by force if necessary.

I will not be, of course, giving the city away OOCly (as it's worth a pretty penny), but I will give anyone IC control who can, reasonably, control the city.


Lord of Altera
I will support the claim of any person who adopts the demonym, Thornish, for the people of Thorne.

(No, really, but you’ll have my love, however useless and trashy that is)


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I really need to update this.
Also, this post is very much relevant (minus the part about Henri)

*With the trickle of people funneling back into the continent, and with repairs underway in the city, Thorne is once more starting to come back to life. The fields have been mostly cleared and new crops have been planted. This will certainly be a lean year, but a bountiful harvest is expected once it’s all said and done. Word has also reached the people’s of Gottland that Sir Pod (Luam ) has proclaimed his right to Thornish lands. None have stepped forward to contest his claim. Yet...*

Additionally: I’ve seen some serious repairs to Thorne on the map. Those people who have been involved with the repair process, let me know if you need money or supplies. I have an abundance of both for building supplies.