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While the enemies of man still draw breath, there can be no peace.

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Lord of Altera

Defend thy people and thy nobleman

Name: Uriel
Other Names:
- Boy, Lad - Gender-based terms used by Raalvara and Podric respectively.
Titles: Softskull, Shield of Bravery, the Brave, Captain.
Age: Uriel has recently reached the age of Seventeen and with it has come more mature thoughts. His eighteenth nears, as does true manhood. He is wary of this fact.
Race: Human
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Uriel's growing interest in the fairer sex has met conflict in light of the virtue of chastity.
Relationship Status: Single and unbetrothed, as one would expect.
Homeland: Storm’s Landing.
Current Residence: Between Blackrush Temple and Storm's Landing.
Social Status: Captain of the Storm's Guard.
Profession: Acolyte of Valiant - Captain of the Guard.

To Protect the Weak and the Defenceless.

Appearance: Uriel is a broadshouldered, stoic faced young man. He is often seen stood straight with a hand upon the pommel of his sheathed shortsword, as he has seen knights are wont to do.
Height: He towers over those of a similar age to him, standing at 6’4.
Weight: He weighs in at about 175lbs.
Eye Colour: A stormy-sea blue.
Skin: As tan as living in the midlands can allow, pockmarked with scars along his arms and left hand. A great puncture scar is found on his chest and a smaller scar is found on the right side of his head, covered by hair. A nasty line of a scar, akin to an attempted evisceration, runs along his stomach. Another, piercing scar the width of a blade can be found upon his upper stomach.
Distinguishing Features: White hair.
Build of Body: Uriel is a tall and stocky lad, for his age, he is quite large and imposing.
Hair Colour: White, almost crystalline in the sunlight.
Hair Style: Swept back and held in a hair-tie.
Posture: Uriel is often found standing with his feet shoulder width apart and his hands behind his back.
Hygiene: As clean as he can keep himself. He washes daily.

Betray not your companions of War, nor your land

- Is determined to finish things.
- Fiercely loyal to his brethren.
- Always tries to be the best he can be.
- Justice first. Feelings later.
- His anger, righteous or otherwise.
- Needlessly seeks approval.
- Always tries to be the best he can be.
- He can seem robotic, or even cold.
Likes: Manners | Humility
Dislikes: Rudeness | Rulebreaking
Fears: Oblivion | Death | Disappointment
Values: Chivalry | Humility | Patience
Education: His mother, Raalvara, Podric and Jaden have educated him in various aspects of life. He can read and write.
- Common
- Lavoyarde
General Attitude: Uriel is a polite and respectful man, but a stickler for all rules. In later years, he has become more jaded and yet he still finds the strength to rely on the optimism within him that promises a better world.
Religious Inclination: Valiant. Uriel has taken on the role bestowed on him as Blessed of Valiant. Since the death of his mother, Uriel's faith has become more and more important to him. He finds himself conversing with his God and relying on their judgement more and more.
General Intelligence: Average intelligence for an average lad.
General Sociability: Uriel is happy to talk if spoken to and tries his utmost to be polite and respectful in all meetings.
Temperament: He's a quiet one who is often calm and polite. Yet, beneath there is a layer of anger that bubbles to surface more often than in the past.
Alignment: Lawful Good (Potentially Lawful Stupid)
Short Term Goals:
- Continued servitude.
Long Term Goals:
- Continued approval.

To despise the mortal reward of riches.

- Plain Clothes | A tan shirt, leather jerkin and trousers.
- Light Armour | Thick layers of gambeson, chain and brigantine. Visored bascinet.
- Heavy Armour | A set of steel plate armour, chain and gambeson. Visored bascinet.
- Drakehide Cloak | A sanguine cloak supposedly made out of the hide of a long dead drake.
- Shield of Valour
- Emberlark Feather.
- Golden Dagger.
- Bear tooth.
- Others, too.
Owned Homes: Blackrush Temple | Blackrush Homestead
Carried Inventory: See Weaponry. See Wardrobe. A small amount of Radiants.
General Wealth: 7300 Radiants, perhaps at max. His current wage is 800r per week.

Seek to fight conflict with a steady fury
|| HEALTH ||
Illnesses: None.
Allergies: None.
Injuries: Currently plagued by no injuries. Lets see how long that lasts.
Broken Bones:
- Left Leg | Healed.
- Skull | Healed by Formistry.
- Ribs | Healed.
Sleeping Habits: Sleeps at night.
Energy Levels: Conserved, for times of need.
Eating Habits: Eats well.
Exercise Habits: Trains daily.
Memory: Fairly good.
Unhealthy Habits: Has a tendency to put himself in harm's way.
Drinking Habits: None.

Lie not, for honor is what binds you

|| COMBAT ||
Peaceful or violent: Uriel is a peaceful person by nature, but will resort to violence if the situation requires it.
- Steel Longsword | Gifted to Uriel by Podric as one of a pair. Currently on his person.
- Steel Greatsword | Gifted to Uriel by Podric as one of a pair. Currently kept at home.
- Steel Greatsword | Given to Uriel by Arike upon his death. Currently kept with Arike's remains.
- Steel Halberd | Given to Uriel by Arike upon his death. Currently kept with Arike's remains.
- Steel Dane-Axe | Given to Uriel by Arike upon his death. Currently kept with Arike's remains.
- Heavy Crossbow | Given to Uriel by Arike upon his death. Currently kept with Arike's remains.
Combat Training:
- Raalvara | Uriel has sparred with the Countess many times.
- Podric | Uriel trains plentifully with Podric.
- Jaden | Uriel is yet to train with Jaden, but the offer was extended before.
To refrain from the giving of Offence, and to seek
forgiveness when one does give offense to another.



Cower not upon thy enemy's field

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Lord of Altera


Born of illicit meanderings to a brothel whore, Uriel was born to the unfortunate life of a fatherless commoner. His mother worked the days and nights away to entertain the lonely and the lusting of the Landing and the only knowledge the boy's father was that the man was a Knight of considerable riches before his death some years ago.
At the cusp of adolescence, the boy began to journey further from the Slums of his birth, to take on odd jobs while his Mother worked her days away. Throughout the port city, the boy became known as a helping hand, not one to let a struggling stranger pass without offering assistance.

Raalvara -
The only question in Uriel's mind is why Raalvara would leave him the way that she has. He tries not to resent her for this.

Podric -
Valhart and Flanders, super detectives. He is happy that he met Pod and that he has an ally that understands his devotions.

Jaden -
Uriel questions Jaden's motives more and more as of late. In the light of this new enemy, he has put aside his doubts for the good of the realm.

Elizabeth Kane -
A surprisingly easy person to talk to. Uriel is willing to work with the Duchess in the war to come.

Sigmar -
He wishes that Sigmar would join him on the journey of faith. They are the future after all. He finds the lad's loss of heart saddening and wants to help in any way he can so they can one day serve justice to the Dark Order together.

Helena -
Uriel almost wishes that Helena were not involved with those that she chooses to know. He worries for the woman and her safety in present company. His soft spot for the Lady Valdis grows, he hopes that it is not in vain. He fears the day that he must be the one to put her in a cell, for the actions that she may be dragged into allowing.

Uriel finds Kam to be a great woman to be around. He hopes she can teach him lots in the way of combat and that he can teach her much in the way of Valiant, as he will her son.

Uriel hopes that he and Jerr'co will tread the path Valiant sets before them and become heroes in their own right.

A sense of resentment flows toward the Tideborne. Uriel does not appreciate his claims of corruption, nor his blatant disregard for truth during the trial. However, he has not yet allowed this to cloud his judgement of the man wholly.

Sigmund Hallon -
Uriel sees a disparity in the Ignis that Podric worships to that of Sigmund. He wonders how that will factor into the latter's future as a blessed.

Uriel holds distaste for Karn, as he would any murderer. He does not feel like the punishment given was nearly enough. He wonders if Valiant agrees with this.

A friend from years gone by, yet loyalties have not dwindled. He is glad the man has taken up his name once more. He cannot wait to bear the standard of battle beside his brother and enter the histories as they liberate the Eberlands.

Uriel's thoughts of the so-called King are low. He does not believe that he is a good man, nor does he think he is a good King. The more he disrespects Uriel and those around him, the more Uriel finds distaste in the man and the country he represents.

He is unsure if she was making fun of him or being honest and that confuses him. However, he does know that her condition means that he has to double his efforts in the City, to ensure that it is safe. Strangely, there is a sense of disjointed kinship rooted from their similar origins.

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In a post I should've made the other day, Uriel has since gained the following items:
  • A Greatsword made of Steel - Tourseuse | Supposedly forged from meteorite steel dating back to the Northern Kingdoms.
  • A modified Halberd - Render | A darkened steel polearm.
  • A heavy Crossbow - Legend | Modified to hold specificly heavy bolts.
  • A Steel Dane-Axe - Valor | A Great Dane-Axe that was supposedly crafted with the God Crusade close by.
  • Set of Plate Armour - Nameless | Ornate and intricate in its detailing, the armour bears strikes and signs of battle damage.
  • A Sanguine Cloak - Nameless | Supposedly made from drakehide with Gryphon talons for its clasps.

Anyone who has spent some time with Uriel and wants their relations updated, just let me know.


Lord of Altera
general updates throughout. not much has changed except some relations. if you want one, let me know and i'll consider it.

help me find more themes for Uriel.


Lord of Altera

Let it be known, the lands and foothills surrounding the Valsaddle to the South of the Blackrush Crossing are henceforth declared independent from any sovereign nation. This Valiant Theocratic holding, residing in what shall be known as the Hartlands, answers only to the Will of the Crusader, for He is their patron.

With this claim of land and declaration of independence, it should be noted that no titles or claims to nobility are made. This land is held not for hereditary succession, nor for personal glory, it is held for the faithful of Valiant so they may have a suitable place to honour him.

Remain Vigilant.

Uriel is claiming that the lands within the red limits above are part of an independent theocratic settlement that answers only to Valiant and not to Blackrush or any other political entity.

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