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I demand that this thread switch its name to ‘Tea’
Let’s spill some tea, shall we?

Also, word has reached me that BoredBrit is desperate for quartz and gold. Please help the poor sod.


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Rumours and reports spread across the continent along their usual channels. Perhaps travelling slower given the state of the continent's infrastructure.

These rumours suggest that various Temples and Shrines to Ignis Synnove in the region once held by Artois have been torn down and their valuables plundered by the orders of one Francis de Courtnay. Great multitudes of Gold, Marble and Quartz have been swiftly transported to Le Havre to be stored away and used elsewhere.

How heretical.
every non ignnus worshipper:


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Word spreads as word does that Elizabeth will be returning to Compendium in the coming days and taking a few with her to open the archive doors for research.