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Lord of Altera
Art by Omikuji

Name: Ater Impes
Other Names: Anything he decides to go by, Jelani, Haelan, Gilmore Jr.
Titles: None

General Information

Age: 37
Race: Forest Elf
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Anything goes, though a preference towards women. Even still, he isn't actively pursuing it at the moment.
Current Residence: Wherever will host him. Linlea, at the moment.
Relationship Status: Single
Social Status: Poor doctor

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'10
Weight: 163 lb
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Color: Brown
Shape of Face: Diamond
Distinguishing Features: He has multiple wyrm tattoos swirling around his arms and torso
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Ponytail
Complexion: Deeply tanned
Posture: Relaxed
Is Seen By Others As: Foolish,
Scars: The entire right side of his body is covered in burn scars. His right bicep has an oddly-shaped scar not matching any normal injury. If asked, he'll identify it as a gryphon bite
Voice: No voice reference yet. Sorry folks


The Outdoors
- Warmth
- Fire
- Food
- Nice People
- Children
The Ocean
- Cold
- Spiders
- Arrogance
- Carrots
- Fish
Excellent Healer
- Excellent Climber
- Practiced Swimmer
- Smooth Talker
- Typically Fairly Generous
- Fairly Good Endurance
- Observant
- Fairly High Pain Tolerance
Stubborn as some unholy mix of a mule and an ox
- Impulsive
- Odd Moral Compass
- Arrows
- Way Too Insulting
- Seasickness to the Extreme
- Almost Compulsive Liar
- Losing Family/Friends
- Spiders
- Drowning
- Spiders
Values: Ater prizes kindness above all else. He goes to any lengths to help those in need and prefers to think that others would do the same. He sees himself as a sort of protector of the weak, and is willing to heal anyone regardless of personal quarrels. He also sees humor as a divine gift, and puns as Jax's blessing to the world.
Education: Ater is learned in a variety of subjects, but most of it is self-taught. He greatly enjoys anatomy and zoology.
Marjash: First language, fluent in all forms
- Elven: Second language, fluent in all forms
- Common: Third language, fluent in all forms
- Verba: Fourth language, conversational in spoken form only
- Yakai: One word, an expletive.
General Attitude: Ater is generally a very happy person. He's almost always got a smile on is face, and is willing to spread the love with jokes and gifts. He tries to make friends with everyone, and prefers to just avoid those who do not reciprocate rather than confront them.
Religious Inclination: Jax. He believes the god to prefer those than serve themselves, and finds a certain bit of humorous reverence towards the luck giver.
He used to feel close to Silas, but has lost faith after seeing many claiming to be his chosen fall to inflated senses of self-worth.
He reveres Sallana, but again feels as though he can't dedicate himself to the goddess.
General Intelligence: High
General Sociability: Enjoys people
Alignment: Neutral Good

Short Term Goals:
Heal anyone who needs it
- Learn more medicine
- Magic
- Prove himself to Kopii
- Prove himself useful
- Teach the Kanes

Long Term Goals:
Become a highly skilled doctor
- Become an expert on the world's new fantastical wildlife
- Recognition
- Flight
- Work on multi-school magic


Plain shirt and pants underneath a red robe. While normally barefoot, he's started wearing sandals for the sole purpose of throwing them at people.
- For desert travel, he adds in a few more layers of silks and some face coverings
- For cold weather, he essentially becomes a walking pile of furs and cloaks, and wears thick boots
- For the current plague, Ater's been working on protective clothing for surviving both contact with the illness and contact with infected animals. For now, it closely resembles classic plague gear, though the mask has larger lenses for his eyes and a smaller "beak", stuffed with a vinegar-soaked sponge.
Jewelry: None
Pets/Animals: None
Owned Homes: None
Carried Inventory:
Wooden quarterstaff
- One waterskin
- Several rolls of bandages
- A variety of knives useful for his work, including a skinning knife and a misericorde
- Several flasks holding alcohol, mint extract, and oil.
- Several small sandbags in the shape of his coinpurse.
- Rigged dice
- Two-headed coin
General Wealth: Several radiants and some pocket lint


Illnesses: None
Allergies: None
Injuries: None
Sleeping Habits: Regularly, until he gets involved in something, at which point he becomes intensely focused and loses any sense of self care
Energy Levels: Variable. He's often rather laid back
Eating Habits: Often. He is almost always hungry, and will never refuse a meal
Exercise Habits: Often. He takes regular jogs around his residence, and can often be found climbing random cliffs and trees
Memory: Average. He forgets some things, remembers others
Unhealthy Habits: Bothering people who may or may not be able to snap him in half
Drinking Habits: Drinks on occasion


Birthplace: The Roads of the Northern Kingdoms
Childhood: Spent wandering the Northern Kingdoms with his caravan, then surviving in the streets of a dangerous city
Teen Years: Spent learning the basics of medicine, and the basics of self-defense
Adulthood: Spent traveling the world once more, this time to hone his skills, meet new people, and heal
Family History: Once members of the true Sooleran people, Ater's family was forced to root when the choices were abandoning their culture or starving to death. While many think the Vilesj caravan all decided to root in its entirety, only Ater's family of four actually survived to do so. The others died over a six month period of poor decisions and terrible luck.
Since then, the fate of the Vilesj caravan has become known and Ater was officially considered Rooted by several caravans in the Northern Kingdoms.
Past Places of Residences: Thiil, Zima'Maloj, Grafjell, Sanardu, The Compendium, Linlea
Places Traveled: Thiil - Zima'Maloj - Aeroch Nor - Arget Isles - Havonen - Azerport - Breakwater - The Quays - Tambry - Stavroforia - Grafjell - Riseport - Heaven's Reach - Sea of Storms - Sanardu - Linlea - Theloa - Mockingbay - Storm's Landing - The Compendium - Ruby Isle


Peaceful or violent: Ater greatly dislikes violence, but recognizes how useful it is. While he never starts fights and prefers to talk his way out or just run, he'll happily encourage others to battle.
Weaponry: Quarterstaff and knives
Combat Training: Training with the quarterstaff and some hand-to-hand experience, but he's out of practice. Expect him to fight dirty.

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Doctor, Washed-out Formist
Favorite Types of Food: Meat right off the fire
Favorite Types of Drink: Coffee
Hobbies/Pastimes: Climbing
Favorite Colors: Whatever color the sky is, no matter the time or weather


- Bunny-Ears Lawyer
- Fun with Foreign Languages
- The Trickster
- Deadpan Snarker

IGN: MrMagiik
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Lord of Altera
In-Depth Relationships
Writing for relationships is hard, so please excuse if something sounds ridiculous.
Curious who these people are? Their names link to their profiles!​
Biological Family Members
Ater considers himself fairly close to his NPC family, regularly sending letters. They really aren't relevant beyond having names. Along with his general attitude towards them, I'm including a brief description of them. Ater's family has this odd tradition of tattooing animals on their bodies as a sort of representation of themselves, so listed alongside each one is also what tattoos they have.
Iida: Ater's mother, and one of the few people actually capable of controlling his more eccentric tendencies. She currently works as a seamstress, and has a habit of adopting all of the broken friends Ater brings her way. Her tattoos resemble the leopards once found around Riseport.
Jelani: Ater's father, an experienced mercenary and older elven man. He's the straight man of the chaotic mess that is Ater's family. His torso bears a variety of lion tattoos.
Atara: Ater's twin sister, born slightly before him. While the two were inseparable for many years, Ater's travels have since taken them apart. Where Ater got his intelligence and silver tongue of their parents, she got the beauty and strength. Standing several inches over him, her tattoos detail bears.
Neve: Ater's younger sister, born after the caravan days. Ater and Atara both are incredibly close and highly protective of her, but Ater and Neve both share what outsiders may see as the typical Impes sense of humor and ability to sniff out potential shenanigans. Nicknamed Little Fox, her tattoos are swirling interpretations of foxes dancing up and down her arms and around her torso.

Adopted Family Members
Many people have friends that they consider the closest. Ater adopts those individuals into his family, treating them as siblings and cousins. He would do just about anything for them, and hopes they would do the same.
Jaden Seeker: Ater's bromance with Jaden is difficult to put into words. He sees him as a brother, a leader, and a good man. Ater would follow him to hell and back a dozen times over.
Tzemik Kevasn: She made an impression first by being one of the only people to promise to teach him, then actually follow through. From there, he began to feel fond of this ancient cat person, and prays nightly to Jax for her safety on the road.
Veijashil Kevasn: To be fair, it's hard not to love Veijashil. But Ater jumped right in to take care of her alongside Tzemik as some weird mixture of a butler, cook, and that fun uncle that the kids just love but is actually a terrible influence. The exact relationship in his head is hard to pin down, but he would happily lay down his (or anyone else's) life for her.
Glynn Carpenter: Ater feels only guilt when this man's name comes up. He failed to save his friend in the end from the metaphorical vultures that circled him.

Joseph Vaylen: A proven ally, Ater's just now starting to transition Joseph into being part of his really weird family. While he sees the kid as a bit hotheaded and naive, he can't deny just how loyal and stupidly brave the boy has been.

Sooleran families are weird. Normally, they consider every other Sooleran a part of their family, referring to each other as "brother" and "sister". As such, Ater'll typically be close to any other Soolerans he runs into, even if he doesn't know them well or even particularly trust them. It's a weird relationship that puts them in their own section.
Vashti Kirmani: A wonderful 'little' sister, great for spreading chaos and mayhem alongside
Idri: A new brother. Eternal gratitude for traveling with Veijashil.

These individuals are ones that Ater holds great respect towards and will listen to, though they aren't necessarily his friends. Their relationship is likely purely professional, though there's much more trust involved than those in the Neutral category.
Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek: Leader of the moor clans, current host of the healthy people of the world, and one of the few people to remember both Ater's experience and his motivations. Ater holds great respect to her for allowing his work during the undead invasion, and even greater respect for her remembering it upon his return during this plague. He would happily do whatever she asked of him.

Romantic Interests
Ater is not currently interested in anyone romantically. He's open to the idea, but hasn't really pursued it.

Ater makes friends easily, but he trusts few. The past has made him paranoid, though there are a few who have proven themselves either through strength of character or continued friendship to be worthy of trusting.
Ayda Hal'Ralotumal: A true friend, not developed through shared hardship or confused shenanigans. He values her friendship, and their future not-confused shenanigans.
Gilligan Kearney: It takes much to admit guilt, especially to someone you don't trust. No matter how their relationship shapes from this point (and Ater definitely sees him as a friend), Gilligan has earned his respect.

Ater's friendly with just about everyone, so it's pretty easy to get on this list. These are the ones Ater has regular enjoyable conversations with, or has worked closely with.
Kekoa: Like all of Ater's best friendships, this one started with knives, kidnapping, and throwing someone off a cliff.
Elizabeth Kane: Recent situations and conversations have given Ater odd insight into this unusual animancer. Despite himself, he's starting to find himself liking the Kane Countess, and speaking with her is both refreshing and introduces a new challenge. He enjoys matching wits during their lessons, and her willingness to learn.

Pretty much everyone he meets falls under this category if he gets to share more than a few words with them. Ater likes people.
Virnaak Hun'senta: Ater has no idea what to think of this individual, but he definitely feels drawn to him.
Raalvara: Ater is intrigued by the mutual benefits to come from her aid, but recent events have called such aid into question. Can she truly be trusted?
Charles Kane: Ater finds enjoyment whenever his wit and the Kane Duke's match, though lacks much connection to the man and sees him as lacking experience in some very important places. Despite himself, he finds sympathy for the man having to deal with the loss and return of his twin.

Individuals under this category tend to be those with whom Ater's relationship is purely professional, or perhaps he has only met them and not spoken.
Arianne Niamh: Time has reduced most hard feelings towards her, though he still holds little trust. Unless he can immediately receive some benefit from her, he shall ignore her.
Kitrana: Ater can respect what she does, but he doesn't have to like it. Her bedside manner could definitely use some improvement, and her priorities seem questionable in a crisis.
Kopii Grey: Unfortunate circumstances have led to a stalemate. Ater's not sure how to feel about Kopii anymore, and hopes they can at least be professional about it.

Leofaren Venna: Kopii's other formist. While his few interactions with Ater have been pleasant, they have been the professional interactions of two peers and nothing truly personal. Further interactions are required.
Kethron Dramaign: It's naive to think you can deal with a demon and come out of it unscathed. The only reason he's not lower is because shortly after he was able to put his disagreement aside and contribute legitimate thoughts to the cause, proving he's at least somewhat smart. Ater's confident a professional relationship can be maintained.

Ater holds distrust or even resentment towards these individuals. Either they have proven themselves to be a danger to those around them, or they have personally wronged Ater, or a mix of both.
Drummond: Ater holds nothing but bitterness towards Drummond. There was so much potential, a chance to prove that his mindset wasn't flawed and that there was hope. However, the dwarf proved to be just as vile as the rest of his kind.
Olive Kov'Gra'Sek: Recent actions have deepened his dislike of the girl. She is but a child, granted power beyond her comprehension and further beyond her maturity.

Andre Ursae: Ater sees the man as a danger due to his misleading teachings and lack of grip on reality. The waste of a pig in such hungry times is an unforgivable sin.
Oskar Harrister: Ater has never met a man so disconnected from reality. Overzealous, arrogant, and short-sighted, he's honestly surprised he can even hold his sword sometimes, much less cast with it.

Ater has no one he actively hates at the moment. It takes a lot to be in this section

Wary of
Ater is wary of those who hold power in this world, be it magical or political. He has seen what lengths individuals go to to achieve such power, and the kind of individuals who seek it are often the ones least worthy of it. He fears what they may do should they decide they no longer need to put on a kind face.
Magi: Ater is generally wary of magical individuals, as he has seen how the arcane affects people.
Nobles: Ater is generally wary of nobles, as most conflicts tend to end with him on the opposite side of them. He thinks people put a little too much importance in their surnames.
The Entity: The concept of something taking over his consciousness and body is terrifying to Ater, and yet... there's some part of him deep down that wants to see if he's strong enough mentally to fight it off. Having now fought off its mental powers and seen what it can do to others in but an instant, Ater is now far more confident in his own mental fortitude.

So my memory is pretty bad, so I probably forgot multiple names. If I did and you want me to put something here, feel free to reply or message me over discord. If you want an update due to recent actions, tell me because I almost certainly won't think to do so otherwise.
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Lord of Altera
Skills and Gear
This is a list of the skills Ater has spent years honing and the supplies he worked hard to get

  • Climbing
    Ater spends a majority of time climbing, be it scaling the cliffs around his home for a nice view or crawling up a tree to find a place to nap. If you hear his voice and can't find him, a general rule of thumb is to look up.
    OOC Time: 16 hours or so collectively
  • Medicine
    Ater has focused much of his time on learning to help people. As it stands, his knowledge is still mostly limited to physical wounds and healing without medicines, salves, tonics, etc. He is still learning, however.
    OOC Time: 21~ hours healing, 1 hour learning from a teacher, 2 hours teaching others
  • Staff Fighting
    As a man of peace, Ater prefers nonlethal weaponry, and prefers to use it only to defend himself. Though he knows how to use his primary weapon, he's out of practice.
    OOC Time: 2 hours
  • Knife Fighting
    Knives are a last resort for Ater, but they are still an option. When he's forced to get into close quarters or his staff just won't cut it, his variety of knives are a good option. He won't use them as a primary choice, but he managed to kill a gryphon with them, so that has to mean something.
    OOC Time: 1 hour
  • Magic
    This has been a very recent development. Now a student of Formistry, Ater aims to learn everything he can and use it for the betterment of all. For his skill in this, check his magic profile here.
  • Carpentry
    Ater grew up a Sooleran, and as such became well versed with keeping the wagons repaired. Much of the knowledge has escaped him, but he can still do the basics.
  • Cooking
    Having spent many years alone, Ater adopted this necessary skill. While not a master chef by any stretch of the imagination, he can still produce a good meal whenever the need arises.
  • Stealth
    This is a hard skill to measure, given the nature of stealth in a world based on unaltered rolls. However, he tends to wear light clothes and moves rather lightly on his feet, and he managed to sneak through a gryphon nest without being spotted, so that must mean something.
  • Seven-foot long quarterstaff
  • Misericorde, a long thin knife used for stabbing. Has been used to kill a gryphon.
  • Skinning Knife
  • Bandages
  • Dice
  • Rigged dice
  • Suturing needle
  • Gauze
Due to Ater's habit of getting horribly injured in fights too big for him, I'll be listing all of his injuries here, whether he's currently got them or has long since recovered.
  • Second degree burns along his entire right side, arm and torso mostly. Recovered
  • Bash to the head via wall. Recovered
  • Crushed by literally the entire ocean in the Sea of Storms. Recovered
  • Bitten by the undead and suffered Skraag's Touch. Recovered
  • Stabbed hand and intense arm pain. Recovered
  • Back of thigh sliced open. Recovered
  • Right middle finger stabbed. Recovered
  • Bruised and bloodied right hand. He keeps punching walls. Recovered.
Lost Patients:
Ater's primary goal in life is the betterment of those around him. As such, it cuts deeply when someone under his care is lost. They stay with him, whether he had just met them or knew them for years.
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Lord of Altera
"NSFW" Art:
(Really just some shirtless Ater and women in aprons)

Art by Elz as part of the Calendar Series

Art by Lannis

Normal Art, not NSFW
Commission by Samwych

Tarot Card Art by Charybdis

Neve Art - Mich.jpg
Genderbent Ater Art by Michcat

Sketched Ater by me! Includes scarring on right arm and tattoos
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Lord of Altera
Ater got taken hostage, made friends with his captors, and was escorted back. There are a few more relations, one more goal, and some updates to his gear.


Lord of Altera
Some relationships have been shuffled around a bit. Some up, some down. Let me know if you aren't in there and think you should be.


Lord of Altera

He's back!

Added two relationships (Kopii and Gilligan), edited existing ones to represent new stuff, and removed some of the fluff throughout the profile.
Sorry if your relationship was removed, I'm just really bad at keeping track of things and want to trim stuff down so it's easy to follow. And if it should be there (recent interactions), tell me so I can add it.


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Alright, did some updates, changed a few things, put the title back to the better one.

Relationships have been moved around, I added two new relationship categories, he has a few new goals, the entire In-Depth relationships page has been altered, and I added a bunch of art Ater's received. Relevant people have been tagged. I'm not doing the "everything new in a different color" bit at the moment because I'm probably going to be changing the format of the whole profile soon.