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Guardians of Immortality

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This organisation's sole purpose is protecting people from what the Guardians refer to as "The Second Death". The Second Death is classified as the destruction of ones soul; though technically the Second Death can occur before the death of the body(Or so it is thought). It is still referred to as "second" as it is thought to occur most commonly when a soul is unbound from a body and floating vulnerable in the Planar Infinity.

To this end, The Guardians of Immortality seek out any and all ways to protect beings from Second Death, should they wish to be protected. While they could be on the offensive and seek to destroy any and all who would wish to inflict Second Death upon others, the Guardians opt for more defensive strategies. All strategies require, to a greater or lesser extent, the use of Mysticism; and all Monks who prove worthy will begin training in the magical art. One strategy is securing a soul in an undead body, it is thought that an undead body will keep a soul safe from harm as long as it stands. Undead bodies are also thought to be superior to living bodies due to the fact that they do not age, though other aspects of this type of body are still very much a mystery. To this effect, the Guardians worship Skraag above all other Deities. For Skraag is the God of Undeath and Immortality, thus he is seen as one of the most vital beings for protecting souls.

Another strategy to protect souls from Second Death would be to place and/or repair any wards in the Planar Infinity that exist to protect souls from malicious beings. Mysticism is a requirement for the existence of these wards and only the most well trained and trustworthy members will be tasked to their management.

The final strategy for protection is the use of brute force, but it is used as a last resort and seen as less effective than the other strategies. However, should undeath fail, should the wards fail, should the gods fail, all would be at the mercy of the beings that can inflict Second Death. These beings are thought to be Demons, The Corruption, Elementals, and perhaps more. If and when that day comes, the Guardians of Immortality will be there, as the absolute last line of defense for all who merely wish to exist.


Bastion of Immortality


The organisation has extremely high standards for all members. As all members swear to the responsibility of protecting the existence of souls by any means necessary. Even if it means sacrificing our own souls, and especially if it means sacrificing our own souls. The Guardians of Immortality are no ragtag band of vagabonds, we are not a group of wayward wanderers seeking enlightenment. The Guardians of Immortality take it upon ourselves to protect all and because of this we are the most devout, the most determined, the most dedicated, the most committed, the most single-minded, the most unwavering, the most enduring, the most staunch, the most resilient, the most undeviating, the most unfaltering, the most unshaken and the most untiring of any that have ever walked Altera.
Do not expect to rank up quickly. Even Dummyplug has only achieved the rank of Monk.
We expect a high turn-over rate.

(In order of descent):

Guardian of Immortality/Barbaroi
The highest rank one can achieve. This rank is given only to the absolute best, most able and most devout-to-the-cause of all members. All members treat a Guardian of Immortality/Barbaroi with extreme respect and deference(with good reason). Not only have members of this rank achieved/earned undeath, they have also mastered one or more combat roles as well as reached master level Mysticism. They may also be a "Sleeper". Those who reach this rank are said to take strange physical forms, each one unique and sculpted to their personality. Some monstrous, some beautiful. A Guardian of Immortality/Barbaroi is a shining example of . . . The Guardians of Immortality.

Sleeper/Awakened, Timeless One/Eternal
This rank is given to any Sentinel who has earned/achieved undeath, mastered a combat role and reached at least expert level Mysticism. Some who reach this rank may choose to become a "Sleeper", meaning that they wish to remain "sleeping" until a time when they wish to wake, or until a time when they are called upon to take up their role once more. Sleepers are given special residences which are tailored to their liking, often dark, quite and peaceful places where they cannot be disturbed.

Sentinel Healer/Harmer
This rank is given to Monks who have reached an expert level of combat and proven their unfaltering devotion to the cause. Upon receiving their title, the Sentinel will undergo the unlocking ritual for Mystiscism. Despite this rank's placement in the roster, and the relatively easy requirement of "expert level combat", reaching this point is no small task. It takes more time to get from Monk to Sentinel than it takes to get from Initiate to Monk two times over; the main and most difficult requirement for this rank is proof of devotion. Proof of devotion, more than anything else, is a matter of time and attentiveness. This rank is the first step toward taking on the responsibilities of a Guardian/Barbaroi.

The rank of Monk is bestowed on a Missionary after an appropriate level of devotion has been shown. Also, an adept level in any combat role is required for this position. Monks earn themselves a more spacious and private living quarter in the bastion which they will use to help them in their studies as a beginner in Mysticism. They are also tasked with the role of 'Grounds Keeper' and they tend to the gardens of the bastion. They also earn a section of garden all their own, to plant and tend to as they see fit.

The rank of Missionary is given to an Acolyte who has shown promise to their Missionary instructor. This rank requires a competent level in any combat role as well as a full understanding of all the ways of the Guardians of Immortality and Skraag. Missionaries are given the task of traveling far and wide to spread knowledge about Skraag and convert anyone interested in following Skraag. Missionaries also spread knowledge of The Guardians of Immortality and educate people on our role. Acolytes who achieve the rank of Missionary, are charged with the training and educating of an Acolyte(s) who will accompany them in their travels.

The rank of Acolyte is given to an Initiate who has shown appropriate levels of devotion in their tasks and basic education. Acolytes are given a Missionary mentor whom they will listen to, follow, and learn from throughout their journeys. Acolytes also begin their training in the combat role of their choice upon receiving the rank. This choice will play a large role in determining which Missionary they will study under.

The rank of Initiate is given to any who wish to join the Guardians of Immortality. They may come to the bastion of their own accord or they may accompany a traveling Missionary back to the bastion to begin their training. There are few tasks given to an Initiate. Mainly, they are asked to learn about Skraag and the Guardians of Immortality, as well as put thought into the combat role they wish to take on when they rank up. Initiates may spend a varying amount of time at their rank, as ranking up largely depends on their eagerness to begin training, traveling and whether or not there is a Missionary available to take them on as a pupil.

Relations with Deities:
(In descending order of most liked to least liked)
(Note: The organisation is not on the offensive toward any Deity)

Worshiped and followed.

Respected for his aspect of Permanence.

Respected for her aspect of Guarding.

Respected for his aspects of Determination and Unending Endeavor.

Respected for his aspects of Dedication, Equality and Loyalty.

Respected for her aspect of Survival.

Respected for her aspects of Family and Love.

Respected for his aspect of Mirth.

Respected for his aspect of Modesty.

Respected for her aspects of Growth and Regrowth. However she is also viewed as incompetent for her creations are born to die.


Disrespected for his aspects of Insanity, Plague and Despair. Also viewed as incompetent.

{Ignis Synnove}
Strongly disliked for the denouncement of the other Divines:
"Thou shalt not recognize any other Gods or Goddesses, for the Light is the one true Divine."

{The Grey Lady}
Viewed as incompetent and unnecessary. She is viewed as incompetent due to her failure to fulfill her self-proclaimed role in "Afterlife Management". Since souls can be stolen from her by Skraag, then they can be stolen by those less savory and with malicious intent. Therefore she is seen as unfit to handle souls. She is also viewed as a threat that must be guarded against, as she and her followers mean to kill and destroy those undead who choose their own fate, a fate entirely separate from her whims. That said, if anyone would choose to die and be sent to her in good conscious and of sound mind(thus the disrespect toward Jishrim and his insanity), our tongues would not quiver a word, nor would our hands lift a finger to stop them.

List of members:
Monk Dum'ni Plug (dUMMY)
Monk Geralt Llywe, Master Smith (Zombie3255)
Monk Mila Walterius (Monster_Dan)
Monk Vekus Jaichist (Herbs)
Monk Ghado (Glados)
Monk Syviil (Rossu)
Acolyte Halendar Alfaunt (Halendar)
Acolyte Tel'Delxus (Delta_61251)

Acolyte Cruc Degrue (hatybee)
Acolyte Nyx (SorceressAura)
Initiate Desalina (Desalina)
Initiate Toriss (Toriss_Lucar)

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I'm super reluctant to start up an organisation, because nearly every organisation that is created ends up like poor Chester here:


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I'm glad you tagged me. I'm very interested and I think it's time to start thinking of creating that character we talked about :3


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I'm super reluctant to start up an organisation, because nearly every organisation that is created ends up like poor Chester here:
Just got to get the key to population and success. So far, you look pretty good. It's not some group with a vague method and unknown system.