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Active Raelur Fen'Shal


Settling in Altera
Artwork by adam_unavailable
Divine Profile [
Company [FCC] [

Raelur Fen'Shal
Full Titles: None
Nickname/Alias: None
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Moor Elf
Culture: Linlean
Social Status/Profession: Mol’Mar Clansman / Carpenter & Shipwright
Height: 6'1 ft.
Weight: 180 lb.
Date of Birth: Final Day, 25th of Truebirth, 2278
Homeland: Grafjell
Current Home:
A Moor Elf with a tireless gaze and emaciated visage, he appears with deep purple eyes matched with silvery white hair.
Figure/Build: Tall and limber, his body is marked with scrapes from work and past injuries across his frame.
Hair Color: Silvery-white
Hair Style: Parted down the middle at the front with the rest tied back in a ponytail.
Eye Color: Purple
Distinguishing Marks: Parts of his hands, face and chest are marked with searing burns, traced along the veins of each.
Illnesses: None
Injuries (Mental/Physical): Normal

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Settling in Altera
Reserved: Usually quiet, he prefers to let others do the talking first, however he's been working to become more active in affairs.

Dedicated: Once set on a task, he will do what he can to see it completed
Reliable: Much like his work, he intends to be viewed as someone who can provide support
Honest: Striving for truth amidst doubt, he wants to express his internal thoughts more
Methodical: A problem may have many solutions, and thus he considers them all

Cautious: Observant in nature, he is weary of dangers and mysterious that surround him, tending to overthink a problem.
Manipulative: His top priorities are to himself and his amenities, guiding events so that they be preserved at a reasonable cost.

Knowledge, as he's found, is a valuable resource to keep ahead of affairs and relevant topics.
Sailing: A voyage at sea is a tough, yet enjoyable activity for him, away from the world's problems.

Deception: He's come to learn that those who hide behind masks of ambiguity and lies are a dangerous and common occurrence.
Oppression: Forcing one's ideals and benevolence is an event that normally doesn't end well.
Undead: The creations of Skraag come in many forms, all are troublesome to him, sooner or later.
──Long-term Goals──
Expand upon the Fen'Shal Carpentry Company
Deal with the Vyre expansion in the land
──Short-term Goals──

Return to Linistel and continue the fight there against the Skraagites
Assist rebuilding the Tilted Whale & Anchor Taproom [Complete]
Consider the situation(s) in Storms Landing

Mok'yra: His native tongue, raised amongst his Moor Elf family and people, this dialect comes naturally to him
Common: Although not his preferred choice, he was also brought up to speak in this generally-used dialect, mostly using it outside of Linlea

He was raised to continue his family's primary profession of shipbuilding, managing construction and repairs of smaller vessels going in and out of the ports
Swordsmanship: Daily practice and learning from techniques have allowed his skill with the blade to improve beyond self-defense
Spiritblessed: Searching through research writings by Lana Wake, and through personal discussion, he is aware of the conditions of a Spiritblessed and its affects on people depending on the type
Herbalism: After a lecture on producing healing salves, and handed books on the matter, he's begun to read into medical flora to understand their medicinal properties, appearance, and implication into several types of treatment
Undead(Vyres): Drawn from discussions, writings and lectures, he has gained an everchanging insight on Vyres such as understanding their type, abilities and weaknesses
Undead(Spirits): From reading and personal experience, he's familiar with Spirits regarding their variations and how to deal with them
Bare-Fencing: After a lecture demonstrating the Kaltic swordstyle known as Bloßfechten, he's continued to practice and study this art of bare-fencing, mainly having learned of some of the basic stances.
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Settling in Altera
Experience: 90/90

[Body] 2
Ranged: 0
Fortitude: 1
Might: 2 |Focus(Blocking): 1
Evasion: 3 |Focus(Footwork): 1
Stealth: 0
Grappling: 1

Melee: 3|Focus(Longsword): 2

[Mind] 1
Awareness: 2
Medicine: 2
Survival: 1
Thievery: 0
Lore: 1

Crafting: 2

[Soul] 2
Handling: 0
Determination: 2 | Focus(Willpower): 1
Guile: 0
Intimidation: 0
Persuasion: 0

Working Attire: A set of simple, cloth-spun attire
Privateer's Boots: A pair of boots, made from fine leather
Gambeson: A custom quilted gambeson, made from chokevine
Cuirass: A Half-plate cuirass, made from Machanite
Helm: A sallet helm, made from Machanite

Amethyst Ring:
A silver ring, fitted with an amethyst, granted to him after a fight against undead
Veilbreaker: A silver circlet, fitted with an amethyst and etched in Mok’yra runes along the back; “Guk Embrak Zik”.
Silver Amulet: Worn around the neck, bearing a symbol of the Grey Lady, a scale held by a skeletal hand
Malen'Vek: His now-favored longsword, forged from blooded silver
Supply Pack: Carries a bag of items necessary for his travels, usually including medicinal plants, mortal & pestle, torches, and stakes

Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek [X]: "A guide and teacher amidst dark times, lead our people to salvation."
Lana Wake [X]: "An open-mind and academic, let us continue this common cause"
Ruvan Kegheart [X]: "Stubborn yet enduring, I remember the peaceful days so I can fight for them again, back at the tavern."
Milah Reehd Sicarus-Freyr [X]: "She dares to innovate, the creativity is welcomed as long as caution is taken."

Ventare Seymour [X]: "Another faithful and ally, always eager to provide and teach."
Thure Von Hardanger [X]: "An unlikely source of hope and support, let's see where this arrangement takes us."
Anwar Attia [X]: "A strange and flamboyant man for his kind, is it just a mask?."
Euclid [
X]: "An efficient machine and worker, perhaps the world's troubles will lessen with more of you."
Kaar [
X]: "A machine that grasps faith, a unique sight that ponders the mind."
Orro [
X]: "The bloated machine, strangest one of its kind to be seen, happy as a child would be."
──Unsure of──
Fronslin Menguar [X]: "A man, or perhaps a woman now, fallen far to return again, I worry for a changed mentality as well."
──Wary of──
Foxbells [X]: "Words will travel."
──Afraid of──


Illyrana Silveria [X]: "An old tutor who has abandoned their duty, just stay with your family, I've grown to shoulder the burden."
Hellmann Kegheart [X]: "A consistent name thrown beside murderers and the ill-minded, you've chosen to side with the dark gods."
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Settling in Altera
Update: After a considerably long time, I've finally managed to restructure the Character Sheet.