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{Makani} Rules, Roster & Application


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Please follow these links for all necessary information!
{Restricted Race} Makani
--- Welcome
--- Cheat Sheet
--- Physiology
--- Culture
--- The Great Disaster

{Makani} Rules, Roster & Application
--- Rules
--- Roster
--- Application

{Makani} The Yakai Language

{Makani} Frequently Asked Questions
The makani are a peculiar race, and offer an interesting addition to the dynamic of HollowWorld. But with all shiny new things, there are.... *drum roll* ...ground rules. Or, at the very least, things to consider. To quote Faelin and her Norvägen thread, these are the dos, don'ts, and other prerequisites.

1. Read the lore and pass the application process.
The downside of playing a restricted culture/race is that there are more things you have to keep up with. With makani, they have unusual physiology, abilities never before seen on HollowWorld, and they come from a place no one has ever seen before. You need to read the lore to be able to understand who, and what, your character is.

2. They can't fly. They GLIDE.
I know the temptation is to see their wings and to think makani are able to take off straight from the ground. They can't. Think of the makani as someone using a hang glider, or a wingsuit. They can flap to gain some altitude, but it's mostly just gliding. So don't use /fly to try and powergame something that shouldn't be possible. Flight mechanics should be, for all intents and purposes, limited to the Elytra wings.
Elytra Wings can be purchased at Storm's Landing. They are OOC for everyone, but IC for makani characters)

3. Groundlings are like demons in makani folklore.
Makani teachings say that the Groundlings and their Pantheon destroy everything that they touch. The groundlings are vilified as demons, and Manna saved the makani from their influence. But now, the makani people find themselves fallen from their imperfect heaven into the world of demons. Bear this in mind when considering how your character would react, and interact with Alterans. It is not going to be friendship and rainbows at first meeting, most likely.

4. They have good eyesight. Like.... Really good. Way good.
If you have Optifine installed, feel free to make use of the "Zoom" capability. It's not required that you have it, but it's good to get an idea of how detailed their vision can be.

5. They came from an island where famine was routine and caste systems were enforced by 'The Will of Manna,' as interpreted by the A'Keiyah. They're going to be surprised by life in Altera.
No more limited resources. No more hoarding and hiding food from other clans when there's a bad year for crops. Their entire societal structure, defining government, and religion has been forced into a shift upon setting foot on the ground once more. How will your character handle this change?

6. You have wings, but you're not superman. Your bones can be fragile, since they are quite porous.
If I catch someone not reacting properly to an injury, or not taking an injury when they should have, I'll wag a finger. Makani weapons are mostly good at a range, and this is for a reason. Getting into a close quarter altercation bears a higher risk of injury.

7. Makani can only carry an additional 40% of their body weight before gliding becomes compromised.
That means that a makani that naturally weighs 140lbs can only carry an additional 56lbs before they begin to experience wing strain, loss of altitude, sprains, exhaustion, and potentially a free fall. Or a makani who weighs 90lbs can only carry an additional 36 lbs. If any reports come in, I'll be looking at your profile's listed weight, so be sure you have it updated.

8. Don't go around teaching Yakai like it's nothing
Take a look at the Yakai thread specifically. Yakai isn't something to just go around teaching everyone. A makani would need A LOT of convincing, and a damn good reason, before they're teach a groundling their sacred tongue.

9. Very few A'keiyah applications will be accepted at this time.
There are reasons for this, but the biggest one from a story perspective is that they lived on the underside of the island, inside the cavernous gryphons nest areas. When the island came down, most did not make it out.

10. Have fun, guys.
Come on! It's BIRD PEOPLE!!! The sky's the limit. ;)
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These are all of that makani characters that have been approved.

Forum Name -- Character Name -- Profile

Warwolf -- Tevis -- [x]
Glados -- Talu -- [x]
Rygan -- Maui -- Not Yet Posted
RagingLunacy -- Sova -- [x]
Sizzix -- Manya -- [x]
Michcat -- Kekoa -- [x]
Catena -- Aihida -- [x]
Elt -- Tiki -- [x

BrianAT16 -- Vamei -- [x]
Niah -- Keema -- Not Yet Posted
Spooksy_ -- Evani -- [x]
Bobert -- Kol -- [x]
Ruukasu Lawliet -- Noe -- [x]
Ruulu -- Lilinoe -- [x]
mokwar -- Eiyahli -- [x]
Vincentius -- Lualatis -- [x]
ShaolinPunk -- Lelaki -- [x]
Charybdis -- Aia -- [x]
Elz -- Kida --Not Yet Posted
Arcana -- Kaya -- Not Yet Posted
Spirit -- Kapuko -- Not Yet Posted


Narvendel -- Tei -- [x]
The Living Ghost -- Latis -- Not Yet Posted

Colonelgames -- Vassi -- Not Yet Posted
Uncray -- Suva -- [x]
Legendary Fiction -- Parvani -- [x]
Niko -- Reivos -- [x]

BoredBrit -- Malo -- [x]
Lirakitty -- Mawei -- Not Yet Posted
Fishymatt -- Tika -- Not Yet Posted
Raykaystar -- Reyi -- Not Yet Posted

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So you want to have a makani character? You've finally read all the lore. You've read the rules. You're ready to go for it. Now what? Now comes the application. But don't worry, it's not nearly as frightening as you're thinking. Here's what you need to do:

-- Create a forum convo with Niah, Warwolf , and Solus
-- Send us a complete character profile of the makani you would like to make so we can determine how much of the lore you understand
-- Include a 400 word or more backstory with your character
-- There will likely be some questions we'll ask about your character
-- Once the character is accepted, we can discuss skin options. We can provide one to you, or we can let you alter the base and make one yourself. It needs to be approved in the convo before being used in game.
-- As soon as you post your makani profile in the public forums and have a skin, you're set!! I will add your character, IGN, and profile link to the makani roster.

PLEASE NOTE: This application process is for first generation makani, as well as offspring. If your makani has a bab, the player you want still has to go through the application process like everyone else. They must make an application, as if they were making their own character. I know it's impossible to write a 400 word backstory for a newborn, so that's why they're applying as if its a brand new character.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: So long as you show an understanding of the lore, it's unlikely that you're going to be denied. But if you're accepted and then break rules egregiously and ignore lore, I will ask that you refrain from RPing your makani until I feel confident you're able to revist the lore. If it's obvious it's just not working out and you're not able to stick to the lore, your makani character will be revoked. I really don't want to have to do that, so please just understand the makani before you try to RP as one. :(

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-- (7/29/17) Warwolf has been chosen as second-in-command for Makani lore. He will be helping me with applications, so any future applications should have myself, Solus and Warwolf.
-- (7/29/17) Added a recounting of The Great Disaster. Written by Solus
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