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[Public] The Lore Book

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The Lore Book

To the players of Altera for ease of access.

In which we gather all information that is official and published upon the forums relating to the Lore of HollowWorld. Gathered, written and credited to players that have contributed- core being the Lore Coordinators and Keepers of the past several years. Majority are to be tucked away into "Pages" here and accessed on a need-to-know basis.

In Roleplay- your characters would need to learn of many of this information on their own through teachers, scholars, or experiencing it first hand.

Table of Contents

I. Cosmology
A. Realms of the Universe (Simplified)​
B. Dissonance Event​
II. Magic of the World
A. Four Schools of the Arcane​
B. Divine Blessings​
C. Other Magics of the World​
III. Beings
A. Guide to Nomenculture​
B. Index of Beings​
i. Immortal Kings​
ii. Deities​
iii. Elementals​
iv. Dragons​
v. Sentient Mortal Races​
vi. Natural Beasts​
vii. Demonic Abominations​
viii. Other Beings​
IV. Physical Properties of the World
A. Earth's Biology in Altera​
B. Metals & Alloys​
C. Minerals​
i. Obsidian​
D. Stones​
E. Plants​
F. Nether Materials​
V. Death
A. Revival​
B. The Afterlife​
VI. Time
A. Passage of Time & Aging​
i. Techlock & Timelock​
VII. Extra Information

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The universe was born of the Primal Forces and shaped by the Immortal Kings. There are many worlds in the material plane, and just as many spheres within the Planar Infinity.

In the past, mortals were ferried to entirely new worlds in order to escape the corrupting forces of Queens Grief. They would trap her within the Void and flee before she could escape again. Since the fall of Queen Grief, mortals have spent longer on this world known as "Altera III" than any other. How much longer that will last is unknown.
I. Realms of the Universe
II. Dissonance Event

Realms of the Universe

==The Material Planes==

Beyond Altera: The Universe- Space. Stars, suns, moons, asteroids, galaxies all exist in the final frontier. This is where the Immortal Kings created their worlds, and died. This is where planets, other than Altera, are spread- as they are creations of the Immortal Kings of old. Some are empty, some inhabit creatures, landscapes, /things/ not yet seen by a mortal of Altera. Some planets are larger, some smaller. A few are spread around the stars, the rest are clustered together. These other material worlds share access to the same Planar and have the same threads running through them that Altera does.

Altera: A little blue planet in the mortal plane of the universe, a niche in a honey colored galaxy of stars and planets of ancient, ripe, timelines. 'Altera' has always been the name given to the world the mortal people inhabit and grow in. The current world is Altera III. Elementals have inhabited this world for many centuries- creatures of fire, wind, water, earth. Only in the past centuries, had the lands here begun to see life in forms of creatures and beasts, created by an Immortal King who held this world dear. These creatures still exist long after their creator had died.

As with the last Exodus, mortal life came upon this planet in waves of humans, caparii, elves, dwarves, halflings and others now endangered. Presence of the Gods in this world shifted along with them, fueled by the prayers and attention of people, but they officially reside in the Planar, a metaphysical realm.

The Mortals then raised kingdoms, countries, towns, families in the Eastern Continent. Some have the ability to wield Arcane Powers from the magic of the world- forma, vis, mens, anima. A few are granted abilities of Divine Power from the Planar's Gods. There comes a subtle conflict between the two magics, although some believe their origins are not so different.


==The Conjuncture==

Nether: The Nether was once part of the Planar Infinity, until it was corrupted by Grief and transformed into a hellish material plane only accessible by powerful portal magic. It is home to fierce but lesser elemental creatures and birthplace of a few demonic entities. This is a land mortals can tread to gather resources for themselves, but not reside in. The air is thick and contaminated and the landscape full of deadly obstacles. This is a realm that is still carrying remnants of the deceased Grief's fortresses and fires- the ashes of old wars.

==The Astral Plane==

The Planar: *This part of the page seems to be smudged.*

*smudge smudge*

There are, of course, more realms in this nearly infinite plane invisible to the mortal eye. Some say that there are as many entities found within the Planar that are found in the physical realms.

The Dissonance Event
A tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or unsuitable elements.

Dissonance was a phenomenon that created a split, or a tear, within the Planar Infinity and resulted in new realms being created. It is a splintering effect, where a realm birthed an offshoot as the ideals or entities within it take on drastic differences. Bubbles formed within a realm to create pockets, such as it occured with the Celestial Realms.

Dissonance generally occured when there was disharmony within the Planar realm. This phenomenon has hardly been observed in action, but the splitting, splintering, bubbling action is spurred by the denizens as well as the Primal Forces attempting to rectify the realm.

The Material Planes have less common examples of Dissonance thus far, but it would not be an impossible event. It would introduce a certain parallel or mirrored existence, with subtle changes to the original. Alternatively, it would create pockets, akin to what occurs within the Planar, where physical entities could cross barriers into other physical realms.

Altera III has sublty experienced such. The changes are apparent.. as this realm is no longer as it was known to be.
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Magic of the World
From Essentia - otherwise known as 'primal magic', comes two defined branches, rarely found in the mortal realm. The Arcane and the Divine. Certain mortals are able to unlock the potential of using these magics for one purpose or other. Vast majority of players do not understand Essentia, or know of it- therefor, do not metagame that knowledge! Name drops are easy to track.
I. Four Schools of the Arcane
II. Divine Blessings
III. Other Magics of the World

==Four Schools of the Arcane==
Arcane magic is a distinct sub form of Essentia. It is the ability of an in-tune Mortal to tap into the universe's magic and wield one of the main aspects of beings at one time - Anima, Vis, Forma, Mens. Arcane magic can range from parlor tricks to healing wounds to causing grand explosions.


==Divine Blessings==
Divine magic branches from creations of Essentia. It is strengthened and bound to Mortals with strong faiths in their patrons, who are creators and destroyers in their own right- beings of unimaginable power over mortals. The source of Divine magic stems from the Divines themselves and is earned and granted. A connection of divine magic with mortals can establish a bond to be formed with higher beings of power.


==Other Magics of the World==
Other magics of the world can vary from mixing and delving into sciences to enhance from the norm, or be embedded into tangible artifacts. Some figures are able to learn such Magics without a need for teacher or divine bieng, others aspects are more tough to comprehend and are considered part of the world. Here are some of the more defined ones:

b. Artifacts
e. Corruption
f. Leylines
Legacy Magic - is ‘Old magic’. As the world changed over centuries, so did magic and magical beings. Old Magic refers to the prior magic school that has managed to form and adapt to the magic of the world.. But are considered anomalies. A few such magics are: Mysticism, healing magic, and Cogitation, mind magic. They cannot be taught or learned, but can co-exist alongside other magic schools when not in conflict.​
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I. Guide to Nomenclature
II. Index of Beings
a. Immortal Kings​
b. Deities​
c. Elementals​
d. Dragons​
e. Sentient Mortal Races​
f. Natural Beasts​
g. Demonic Abominations​
h. Other Beings​

==Guide to Nomenclature==

To speak of the distinctions between the Altera’s many different peoples is to risk a descent into the murky depths of confused definitions and uncertain nomenclature. However- help is at hand. Upon the link below, you will find a guide to classifying Alteran life from the wisest and most mysterious creatures, to the smallest and humblest.

==Index of Beings==

In which we define additional to the known Nomenclature.

Immortal Kings - (The following is lost in time and only learnable through those who've characters that experienced their Lore in roleplay.)​
The Immortal Kings were birthed of The Primal Forces and inherited abilities beyond imaginable power to create and destroy. They were the first, and essentially able to guide the Primal Forces to aid them. The Immortal Kings could shape worlds and had limitless abilities and imagination. They shaped and made all that is known. From King Cherbert to Queen Grief. It is possible there were more Kings than Altera had known of, but such has not been confirmed. Regardless, they are effectively gone from this world.​
Deities -
Begotten with no conscious thought of their own, yet the worlds began to grow and they began to ponder that which was around them. The pondering grew to be individual consciousnesses, and as they came upon a mind of their own, they could no longer be one with the Primal Forces and were created into beings of their own. Cut off from the collective, these entities sprung from the Void and bonded to become gods. They each have realms within the Planar where they reside; growing or waning in strength in order to sustain the balance in the world that the Immortal Kings had left behind.​
Elementals -
Elementals are a unique form of being, created by the Immortal Kings and left to their own devices once they disappeared and died. They are spirits that inhabit a material medium or one of energy. Without the medium, they're spirits that float in the Planar, either seeking purpose to be or wandering. Their existence in other realms are projections of their chosen form, not tangible, through the Planar Infinity. Not much is currently known about Elementals to the average person. Perhaps more can be explored.​
Dragons -
They once existed in the First Realm, prior to Exodus I, however they disappeared so long ago that many doubt that they even existed, dismissing them as wives' tales and folklore. Other peoples have been known to see dragons as very real beings of old - venerating or despising them according to their beliefs. Some say they've seen one in the last continent.. But it is quite hard to believe such creatures exist in our realm.​
Sentient Mortal Races -
A vast array of sentient races have set their mark upon Altera the III. Some have taken up large mantles and gathered into nations, cultures, become nomadic, while a few have started to fade into extinction.​
a. Playable Races - New characters can be made.​
b. Endangered Races - New characters cannot be made unless an offspring from existing.​
Natural Beasts
Alterans have discovered a few dangerous beasts with roots in our world. A few have been identified.. A few have yet to be revealed. Who knows what awaits in the un-treaded lands?​
a. Beastiary - Dangerous creatures of the Eastern Continent​
Demonic Abominations -
Creatures of un-holy propoganda are labelled "Demons". There was a period in which all demons vanished, but then time passed. Soon after, new emerging abominations have been labelled the same in the Eastern Kingdoms, albeit they were not the same Race of Corruption as the beings of Queen Grief were. With a Rift to the Nether sprung open, it led way to such other-worldly monstrosities. Knights and scholars have tried to define their abilities to defeat them. Not many remain, if it at all, as mortal beings fought against them relentlessly over the following years.​
Other Beings -
There are things not fully cognizant to the world. Beings of Corruption, wisps, etc. For now, so shall they remain.​
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Physical Properties of Altera

Altera is the realm we live in, built before the sentient mortals first walked its lands. Here we list part of the physical non-living matter of our world.
B. Harvests
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Cold, dark and stricken..
I. Death
a. Revivals​
b. The Afterlife​

Death pierces one’s soul with a tight, clammy grasp as the last breath of life fades in the mortal flesh. A blinding flash of white light is seen as bright as the stars, before darkness encompasses the mind. To the majority of Alterans, death is the final resting place of the soul to the unknown.. Uncertain of where it would go, or even disappear.

What occurs next is beyond mortal comprehension, but fragments and pieces are always winded into storybooks of old. Upon the moment, the soul fades into the Planar, lured and beckoned by the Grey Lady to be judged in the Spectral Realms. Yet, first, the soul stays in a state of abeyance.. Drifting in Limbo where its last Will leads it to either find its way back to the realm of mortals, or continue forward to be judged for the life it lived.


As one's body begins to decompose, the soul has a time limit to return through Divine or Arcane magic. The state of limbo can feel like years or several seconds. The pull of one's will must be quick.. Or it becomes more difficult to return to life.

Divine: Upon the soul’s return to the realm of the living, through the pull of Shalherana's mystics, it finds itself glowering in a cave in a visual representation of what it last remembered as their body. Here, confused and dazed, it awaits the Sisterhood of Shalherana to heal its vessel and mend its soul to body. A successful revival is made and the returned figure is sent back into the closest thriving town, of Storm’s Landing, where they find themselves once more. Yet.. they recall none of the journey they took from the day of their death to the time they wake upon revival. And they live.​
Arcane: *smudge*​

When soul meets body more than once, it becomes taxing on the soul itself. The mortal would not be aware of this, unless by some magic. Each return, there is more of a risk of a soul rejecting to connect with a vessel. If there is a rejection, the soul weakens to the point of destruction, unable to return.

==The Afterlife==

Some believe that their gods have their own realms and those who die would find their way to whom they most favored. Others are steadfast in their beliefs that there is nothing in the afterlife- that the soul drifts in damnation for eternity. Petrified.. not hearing, nor believing, nor speaking.

The latter was once true.. But The Great Mother decided this would not be so, and brought forth a daughter to lead the souls that drifted in eternity to peace or inferno. This daughter created created realms for the wayward souls, where she judged them and sent them on their way to rest based on the lives they lived and cast them where they belonged. A soul may find bliss in peace, or torment in sinful punishments.. or be cast in other realms not yet known to mortals. Then she created a last realm where the souls that die can wait and choose to return to her mother, or find her.. The realm of abeyance, limbo. In this same realm, it is said that Skraag steals those who's fates lead them to damnation and uses them for his own deeds.

Some say the soul can be reincarnated.. That with favor or forgiveness from the Lady and her Mother, a new mortal is born that may resemble a former soul of Altera, just in the slightest.
But that.. that might just be a myth...
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"Time passes.. and yet it does not move as one. A day for me, a week for my neighbor.
Should I question it? .. Or is it just as the world works?"
I. Passage of Time & Aging
a. Techlock & Timelock​

==Passage of Time & Aging==

As the quote reflects, Alterans will have time pass differently than those around them. The major factor is out of character, as many roleplay when they login and not everyone consistently roleplays everyday. Instead, the average character should normally age along with their fellow group of roleplayers to stay consistent in time and setting. If you have a child character, you should naturally progress your older character along with them. However, if there's too quick an advancement in aging, then one can remove themselves from the speed - and for example- chalk it up to traveling and returning later for the difference in aging.

+The slowest pace a character can progress is one ooc day per one rp day.​
+The fastest one can pace is one ooc week to one year in rp. However, one cannot skim over progress in skills or advancement in learning.​
To explain all this in roleplay, it is easier to compare Races with long lifespans as advancing their pace in roleplay below average, while human characters and those with short lifespans pace normally or above average. It would not be so odd for an Elf to age a few years and see the lifespan or generation of a human family go by within several ooc months.

However, for those pacing slowly despite ones race's lifespan, the explanation is simple. Time and aging is a blur of memories that one cannot quite pinpoint. There are a few who want to be aware of time and how jarring it can be to see others age differently, but to those who do not experience it or hear of it, or choose to ignore it- they will remain blissfully unaware of the changes, no matter how odd.

The Setting of the server is about 14th Century Medieval Europe & around the Mediterranean coasts.​
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Extra Information
==Additional OOC Information==

i. Lore Submissions - Do we take them? When, how and why?
ii. Lore Research - How and to whom?
iii. Lore Log Updates - Just keep watch on this thread and you'll know of new additional lore publications or changes.
iv. Lore FAQ - In which you can ask questions and we'll answer.
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